Broadway Men, Bringing the House Down (20)

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Steven Pasquale Changes Your Spirit With "It All Fades Away"

He didn't get a Tony nomination for "The Bridges of Madison County," and that's the moment justic...
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Michael Jeter is a Dance and Comedy Genius

This performance from "Grand Hotel" is one of the greatest dance routines you'll ever see. RIP Mi...
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Joshua Henry Takes Us to Paradise With a "Violet" Solo

This performance of "Let It Sing" is basically the human embodiment of church.
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John Raitt Teaches Us How "Carousel" Is Done

He makes "If I Love You" sound so effortless and beautiful!
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Danny Burstein Is Astonishing in "Follies"

The mix of comedy and fury makes this performance of "Buddy's Blues" unmissable.
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Chuck Cooper's "Lost in the Stars" Will Tear Your Heart Out

Kurt Weill didn't actually write this song for Chuck Cooper, but he might as well have.
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Norm Lewis Is Bewitching on "No One Is Alone"

Just wrap yourself up in this performance, because it's velvet smooth.
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Michael Crawford Holds a 17-Second High Note in "Gethsemane"

This is not the subtlest performance, but "Jesus Christ Superstar" is not a subtle show. And it's...
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Ben Vereen Messes With Your Head in "Pippin"

This is the performance of The Leading Player that everyone will always be chasing.
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Ben Platt's Concert Version of "Waving Through a Window" Is Just Right

This is going to be one of the defining musical theater songs of the decade.
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Leslie Odom Jr. Finds Restrained Beauty in "Rent"

"Without You" sounds really great in this arrangement.
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Jerry Orbach Reminds You That He Was In 'The Fantasticks' First

Never forget that Lennie Briscoe could also do THIS.
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Douglas Hodge Serves Glory With "I Am What I Am"

This is the definitive version of the "La Cage aux Folles" classic. Learn it and learn it well.
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Nathan Lane Wants You to Have "Comedy Tonight"

He's so impish! Which is what you want in the star of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the F...
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Dan Fogler Has Nerdy Soul in "... Spelling Bee"

He makes William Barfee the coolest dork in the room.
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Mandy Patinkin Tells an Entire Story in "Putting It Together"

This is some genius-level work in "Sunday in the Park With George": The pacing, the move between ...
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Michael Cerveris Will Rock Your Face in "Tommy"

The jacket! The hair! And the shredding vocals! He is, indeed, a Pinball Wizard.
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Neil Patrick Harris Looks for a Very Special 'Sugar Daddy'

When he heads out into the audience? YES PLEASE ALL DAY.
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Billy Porter Has the 'Lowdown Blues'

This number from "Shuffle Along" deserves a Noble Prize. Seriously.
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Gregory Hines Dances Like Magic in "Jelly's Last Jam"

Gregory and his brother Maurice were and are legends. And they always will be.