Broadway, Animated (17)

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'Defying Gravity' Like a Disney Movie

Heidi Gilbert is a Disney animator, and she drew this thrilling, detailed take on 'Defying Gravity.'
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A Sinister Animatic of "Candy Store" from "Heathers"

This interpretation is so theatrical! It's like an evil carnival, which totally matches the song.
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He (Almost) Met His Husband at Medea-Macbeth-Cinderella

Swoon! This is a stick-figure love story about theater geeks finding romance.
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Jaw-Dropping, Betty-Boop-Style Animation for Chicago's "Cell Block Tango"

Everyone take notes! This animation is clever, richly detailed, and perfectly suited to the mater...
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Charming Animatic of "The Negative" From Waitress

All three of these characters have distinct, charming personalities, which is really fun to watch.
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Illustrated Storyboard for "Satisfied" from Hamilton

There aren't a ton of drawings here, compared to other videos, but each one is really good.
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Really Unique Animatic of "No Good Deed" from Wicked

This artist's style is really unique, with fuller, rounded figures. It stands out in a good way.
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Sleek Animatic of "Beautiful" From Heathers

This has a cool, kind-of-edgy quality that's perfect for the story.
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Line-Drawing Animation of "Sincerely, Me" From Dear Evan Hansen

These characters are really expressive. Their bodies tell the story as much as their faces.
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She Lost Her Husband. The Theater Helps Her Heal.

A beautiful animation about how the theater helps a woman stay close to her late husband.
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Poignant Animation of "For Forever" From Dear Evan Hansen

This really captures the yearning for friendship and love in the lyrics.
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All-Animal Animatic of "Feed Me" From Little Shop of Horrors

Seymour is played by a nervous puppy! That's both appropriate AND adorable.
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Lifelike Animation of "The Duel" From "Great Comet"

This clearly based on the show's Broadway run, which is awesome.
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A Heartbreaking Track from "Legally Blonde," Animated

It's something about the way the eyes are drawn. Devastating.
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Legit Hilarious Animatic of "Turn It Off" from The Book of Mormon

You guy: It has a FULL tap break. And a quick change into glittery vests. [crying with laughter e...
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Super-Professional Animation of "One Day More" From Les Miserables

This is a really complex song, and the animator nails every nuance.
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Sly and Funny Animatic of "The Schuyler Sisters" from Hamilton

The saucy captions really make this a winner.