Fan Videos and Covers (20)

My broadway kitchen 12:05

Two Goofballs Cook a Sound of Music Meal

Peter Brown shows us how to make "schnitzel with noodles," inspired by The Sound of Music. Plus: ...
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Fan Comes Out By Covering Fun Home's "Ring of Keys"

This is incredible. It's both a performance and an act of beautiful courage.
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Mind-Melting "Lion King" Medley

Georgia Merry's vocals are great, but it's the make-up that really makes this amazing.
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Hamilton's "Burn," With a Huge Group of Folks

This group of singers sounds great, and when the drums kick in... chills!
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Life-Changing Cover of "I'm Here" from The Color Purple

This woman is an acting student. She'd better be famous really soon.
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'Wicked' Medley With Grade-A Costumes

Bailey Rushlow is serving you great costumes, make-up, and acting along with her vocals.
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Gorgeous cover of "It All Fades Away" from The Bridges of Madison County

This guy's voice! It's breathtaking.
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The Secrets of a "Rock of Ages" Super-Fan

He saw "Rock of Ages" 140 times... and here's why. Plus, check his rad souvenirs!
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Delightful French people stage 'Waitress' in Switzerland

This charming cover of "Bad Idea" was filmed in Lausanne, which is fancy. Plus, you gotta love th...
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Dear Evan Hansen in 4 minutes!

Tyler Conroy and Chloe Castro-Santos are charming and funny AND they know their "DEH"!
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One-Man A Cappella Version of 'Hello' from The Book of Mormon

This one dude (David Fowler) sings everything in "Mormon"'s opening number.
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Spring Awakening + Prince = Fierce Medley

Brilliant: "Song of Purple Summer" + "Purple Rain" becomes "Song of Purple Rain"
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High-Tech A Cappella Boys Sing "Dear Evan Hansen"

These vocals are great, and the video looks like it cost $4 million.
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Tear-Jerking Cover of Rare William Finn Songs

These two college students will break your heart with these William Finn songs about grief and lo...
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Flawless Acoustic-Rock Broadway Medley

This woman just ROCKS on her acoustic covers of "Mamma Mia!", "Book of Mormon," and "Beauty and t...
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Hamilton in 7 minutes

If you don't have 2.5 hours, why not get your entire Hamilton fix in seven minutes?
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"Let It Go" + "Defying Gravity" = Diva Power

All these Idina Menzel songs go really well together!
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All-Male, A Cappella 'Wicked' Medley

These two gents sound great (and their hair is really good, too, for what it's worth).
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Hamilton's 'Burn', Great Cover by Malinda Kathleen Reese

No wonder she's got so many YouTube fans!
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Sweet, Guitar-Only Mash-Up of Hamilton

Moses Lin's guitar skills are really impressive, y'all.