Getting Ready for "The Greatest Showman" (25)

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MEET THE SHOWMEN: Pasek and Paul on Writing Barnum-Style

Composers Pasek and Paul reveal how they crafted a soaring score for "The Greatest Showman" that ...
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The workshop where Hugh didn't sing...?

Find out why Hugh could NOT sing at the "Greatest Showman" workshop. Goosebump alert!
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MEET THE SHOWMEN: Keala Settle on Bringing Her Character to Life

Check out how Keala Settle turned to the stories of real people when building her character for "...
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MEET THE SHOWMEN: Pasek and Paul Talk Collaboration

In which Zendaya saves the day.
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The Greatest Trailer

This. is. going. to. be. so. great. (Also, Zendaya in a millennial pink wig? We're here for it.)
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Corden and "The Greatest Showman" cast Crosswalk "On the Town" and more

James and his famous friends are at it again, doing Broadway ON 53rd St. and Broadway! How meta!
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MEET THE SHOWMEN: Zendaya on Growing Up a Theater Kid

Zendaya's story about how she got into theater is pretty awesome, in our humble opinion.
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MEET THE SHOWMEN: Hugh Jackman Talks the Heart of "The Greatest Showman"

Hugh Jackman almost wasn't a performer...but luckily, he listened to his heart.
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MEET THE SHOWMEN: Zac Efron on Being a Musical Theater-Lover

...what do you mean Zac Efron was in "Gypsy"? Now we're even more obsessed.
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MEET THE SHOWMEN: Keala Settle on Meeting Hugh Jackman

Even Broadway powerhouses get a little starstruck sometimes.
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MEET THE SHOWMEN: The Cast Talk Rehearsals

How do you get a blockbuster movie musical set in a three-ring circus just right? With lots and l...
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MEET THE SHOWMEN: The Cast on Singing Live

"You have to give them opening night of a Broadway show every single take." - Keala Settle
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Pasek and Paul discuss the musical inspiration for "The Greatest Showman"

Ah ha. So THAT'S how you write a blockbuster musical.
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How Zac Efron is "rewriting the stars" in "The Greatest Showman"

Zac is back and he is better than ever.
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FIRST LISTEN: "Rewrite the Stars" from "The Greatest Showman"

We're a little embarrassed to admit how many times we listen to this song on a daily basis...
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Getting "The Greatest Showman" right

How do make a blockbuster movie musical perfect? With lots and lots of rehearsal.
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FIRST LISTEN: "This Is Me" from "The Greatest Showman"

Now, that's an anthem.
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FIRST LISTEN: "Greatest Show" from "The Greatest Showman"

Well, we've found our new pump up jam.
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Red light, yellow light?

Even star-studded movie musicals have to get a studio green light.
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A Theater Lover's Guide to Keala Settle

If you don't already know Keala Settle...well, you should.
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Theater Lover's Guide to Zac Efron

Troy Bolton is all grown up.
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A Theater Lover's Guide to Hugh Jackman

From X-Men to Showman.
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Theater Lover's Guide to Michelle Williams

Did you know Michelle Williams was (and still is) a theater kid?
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Keala Settle: Queen of Belting

All hail Keala Settle: Queen of High C's
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Hugh Jackman (2004) Best Actor in a Musical

Hugh Jackman accepts the 2004 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for Peter Allen in "The Boy ...