Essential 'Hamilton' Videos (21)

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"First Burn" with 5 Elizas

Five different Elizas sing an early incarnation of "Burn" and tear it UP. Goosebumps!
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"Found Tonight" by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Ben Platt

The moving mash-up of "Hamilton" and "Dear Evan Hansen" you didn't know you needed!
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The Beguiled Cast and Crew Do a Perfect "Schuyler Sisters"

When Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Sofia Coppola make their cameos, it's over. Life is perfect.
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'Hamilton' Turns into 'Hamiltrump'

If Lin-Manuel wrote a contemporary musical, it'd have to be about Trump, right?
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Irish People (Hilariously) React to 'Hamilton'

These Irish folks are hilarious as they see 'Hamilton' for the first time. One guy doesn't like it!
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"Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)", The Hamilton Mixtape

Killer video for one of the best songs on The Hamilton Mixtape
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"Wrote My Way Out" from the Hamilton Mixtape

A second music video drops from the super-cool Hamilton Mixtape album!
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The Original Schuyler Sisters Cover Billy Joel (Flawlessly)

Before their last performance together, these ladies rocked an a cappella "For the Longest Time."
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Jonothan Groff Romances Lin-Manuel Miranda With 'Satisfied'

Oh these boys! Am I right?!?! Anyway: They're very charming when they sing to each other.
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Hamilton Becomes Sweeney Todd

Spooky! Watch the cast of "Hamilton" transform their opening number into an homage to "Sweeney To...
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A Fan's Advice on Winning the 'Hamilton' Lottery

These super fans give you the inside scoop on winning 'Hamilton' tickets. GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!
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Lea Michele Sings a Beautiful 'Dear Theodosia'

Y'all! Lea Michele's version of this song gives us CHILLS.
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Waitress Rewrites 'Wait For It' From Hamilton

Their parody lyrics are good, but their rock-star attitudes are even better!
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Sara Bareilles Sings 'Satisfied' And Is Also Hilarious

Coming for her amazing vocal, but stay for her sassy intro!
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Elders Are Amazing as They Watch 'Hamilton'

These older folks are incredibly cool, and their thoughts on 'Hamilton' are great.
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Dear Evan Hansen Slays "Alexander Hamilton"!

When they joined #ham4all, the Dear Evan Hansen cast SLAYED with an unlikely choice!
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Brittain Ashford Does a Heartbreaking 'It's Quiet Uptown'

This song is already devastating, and it's perfect for Brittain Ashford's style.
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Sly and Funny Animatic of "The Schuyler Sisters" from Hamilton

The saucy captions really make this a winner.
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Hamilton (2016) Best Musical

We knew it was gonna win, but it was still cool to see.
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'You'll Be Back' from Hamilton (excellent fan video)

This video puts the 'Hamilton' song into real-world locations. Awesome!
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'The Schuyler Sisters' from Hamilton (excellent fan video)

This music video puts the 'Hamilton' song into real-world locations. Sweet!