Late Night Broadway (15)

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The Deaf West 'Spring Awakening' Performs on Seth Myers

If you didn't see this revival, then this performance gives you a good sense of why it was so mov...
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Audra McDonald Sings Yahoo Answers for Fallon

Okay, when Audra's singing them, these answers don't seem so dumb.
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Broadway Stars and Carpool Karaoke ('Nuff Said)

Imagine being this close to these voices. Now THAT'S paradise by the dashboard light.
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Jimmy Kimmel's Security Guard Gets Cast in Aladdin

It's possibly the last time he'll ever be on Broadway. {Possibly.}
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The Crucible Cast Party (from SNL) is Basically a Documentary

This is basically every high school cast party, but this one has Lin-Manuel Miranda.
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The Play That Goes Wrong Goes (Ahem) Wrong on Fallon

This is some incredibly meta comedy, and it really works. Well played, ladies and gents.
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James Corden and Famous Friends Give You 'The Lion King' in a Crosswalk

Rose Byrne clearly thinks this whole thing is crazy, which is awesome.
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James Corden and Famous Folks Give You "Beauty and the Beast" in a Crosswalk

Dan Stevens is really rocking that Beast outfit!
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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Amazing Freestyles on Fallon

Before he was famous, he was improvising rhymes with Freestyle Love Supreme. Never forget!
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Daveed Diggs is Super-Charming on Fallon

He seems genuinely stoked to be so famous all of a sudden!
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Emma Stone Makes Avant Garde Theater on SNL

Seriously, though... this play is probably happening right now.
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James Corden Sneaks into the Cast of 'Phantom'

They didn't want him, but he didn't care!
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Conan Gives Rappers Their Own Musicals

Remember when it used to seem weird that people would rap on Broadway? Still, this is a funny ske...
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The Oh, Hello Guys Get Crazy With Seth Myers

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney (in character) make some great "Bernard Sanders" jokes.
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Jonathan Groff Struts For Colbert, King George Style

He's got all the royal moves!