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My broadway kitchen 12:05

Two Goofballs Cook a Sound of Music Meal

Peter Brown shows us how to make "schnitzel with noodles," inspired by The Sound of Music. Plus: ...
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Which "American Idiot" Star Got a Tattoo from Billie Joe Armstrong?

Broadway Day Off host Max King talks to Broadway star Gerard Canonico about Green Day, Spring Awa...
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He (Almost) Met His Husband at Medea-Macbeth-Cinderella

Swoon! This is a stick-figure love story about theater geeks finding romance.
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The Secrets of a "Rock of Ages" Super-Fan

He saw "Rock of Ages" 140 times... and here's why. Plus, check his rad souvenirs!
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Jay Armstrong Johnson brings all the feelings in "Waving Through a Window"

This whole video is basically worth it for the acting beat at the very end of the song.
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"Come From Away" and Real-Life Stories of Kindness

In this moving "review 2.0," New Yorkers remember when strangers helped them. Inspired by Come Fr...
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She Lost Her Husband. The Theater Helps Her Heal.

A beautiful animation about how the theater helps a woman stay close to her late husband.
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A Fan's Advice on Winning the 'Hamilton' Lottery

These super fans give you the inside scoop on winning 'Hamilton' tickets. GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!
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"Because," a Beatles cover by "Great Comet" cast members

Pearl Rhein and Mary Elizabeth Knapp do a haunting duet of "Because" by the Beatles. Made by Show...
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"Easy to Be Hard," a "Hair" Cover by Lindsay Mendez

Lindsay Mendez tears the roof off on this one. Made by Show-Score and 54 Below for the Sing For t...