Shakespeare, Short and Snappy (19)

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Macbeth, But as a Crazy Cartoon

This cartoon version of 'Macbeth' is hilarious and gross, but also gets the story right!
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Tom Hiddleston Seduces With a Sonnet

The images in this video don't really fit the sonnet, but Tom Hiddleston's reading is perfect.
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Romeo and Juliet, the Thug Notes version

Thug Notes make 'R &J' even better. They're hilarious and really quite insightful.
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Shakespeare Gets Heartbreaking in a Broadway Theater

Sonnet 23 transforms into a story of unrequited love. SWOON!
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Shakespeare in Harlem, With Political Power

This moving film of Sonnet 85 was made in Harlem
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'The Queen Mother' Performs Sonnet 64

It's Victoria Hamilton, the Queen Mother from 'The Crown', delivering Shakespeare!
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Doctor Who Performs Sonnet 18

David Tenant, a former Doctor Who, gets Shakespearean!
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Shakespearean Romance at the Strand Bookstore

Sonnet 82 becomes a moody romance in the Strand Bookstore in NYC.
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How 'Hamlet' Originally Sounded(??)

This actor is supposedly reading 'Hamlet' with original pronunciation. Even if it's not accurate,...
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Bill Magnussen Performs Shakespeare in the Heights

Tony nominee Bill Magnussen performs Sonnet 108 in Washington Heights.
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Hamlet In Just One Minute!

We're cracking up! In this video, MTV forces actors to cut 'Hamlet' to 60 seconds.
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Ralph Fiennes Performs Shakespeare on the News

You gotta love the BBC: They closed a news program with Ralph Fiennes performing a sonnet.
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Hamlet, the Thug Notes version

Thug Notes is hilarious AND very sharp about what happens in 'Hamlet'
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Carrie Preston Performs Shakespeare on the Verrazano Bridge

The 'True Blood' and 'Claws' star performs Sonnet 27 at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
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Is This the Perfect Performance of Sonnet 130?

'Homeland' star David Harewood delivers an amazing performance of Shakespeare's Sonnet 130
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Michael York Compares Thee to a Summer's Day

Michael York is a great Shakespearean actor, and he's performing one of the most famous sonnets.
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Matthew Macfadyen Does Sad and Sexy Shakespeare

Matthew Mcfadyen's performance of Sonnet 29 is sad and sexy in a London cafe.
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Macbeth, the Thug Notes version

Is 'Macbeth' perfected by Thug Notes? Possibly! And the analysis is spot-on!
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Staten Island Shakespeare, Dreamy and Lovely

This bewitching film of Sonnet 21 was made on Staten Island