Music Videos You Need (22)

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"First Burn" with 5 Elizas

Five different Elizas sing an early incarnation of "Burn" and tear it UP. Goosebumps!
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"Hard to be the Bard", Something Rotten (with Christian Borle in top form)

Christian Borle is on point in this uncommonly funny music video. The visual gags are really clever!
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"Beautiful", Invisible Thread (literally soul-stirring!)

Y'all, this is basically an Oscar-worthy short film. It's soul-stirring. Invisible Thread deserve...
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Jake Gyllenhaal is Finishing the Hat!

Jake Gyllenhaal sings from "Sunday in the Park With George" in the coolest music video!
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Jay Armstrong Johnson brings all the feelings in "Waving Through a Window"

This whole video is basically worth it for the acting beat at the very end of the song.
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"Bustle Fluffah", The "Drood" Cast Breaks Off Some Hip-Hop

Andy Karl goes full rap superstar with this hip-hop ode to the big bustles in "The Mystery of Edw...
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"Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)", The Hamilton Mixtape

Killer video for one of the best songs on The Hamilton Mixtape
Oz medley 10:01

Aca-Amazing Medley of Your Fave Oz Songs

This a cappella group mashes up your favorite songs from Wicked, The Wiz, and The Wizard of Oz. I...
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"Wrote My Way Out" from the Hamilton Mixtape

A second music video drops from the super-cool Hamilton Mixtape album!
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"Asheville", Bright Star (with mind-blowing visuals)

Six versions of Hannah Elless become a whole band in this amazing video for a great song.
Porter 04:21

Swoon-inducing acoustic video from "Kinky Boots"

Y'all! Billy Porter and Stark Sands reunited to make a beautiful video for their acoustic cover o...
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"Bitch of Living", Spring Awakening

Music video for Bitch of Living from "Spring Awakening".
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"Sonya Alone", The Great Comet

Brittain Ashford is heartbreaking in this simple, beautiful video for "Sonya Alone."
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"Because," a Beatles cover by "Great Comet" cast members

Pearl Rhein and Mary Elizabeth Knapp do a haunting duet of "Because" by the Beatles. Made by Show...
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"Easy to Be Hard," a "Hair" Cover by Lindsay Mendez

Lindsay Mendez tears the roof off on this one. Made by Show-Score and 54 Below for the Sing For t...
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'Aaron Burr, Sir' from Hamilton (excellent fan video)

This music video puts the 'Hamilton' song into real-world locations. Nice!
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Leslie Odom, Jr. and Sara Bareilles Channel Barack Obama's Secret Thoughts

Bareilles wrote this song, which imagine Obama's reaction to the 2016 presidential election. Odom...
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"Charming", The Great Comet

Amber Gray was one of the highlights of "Great Comet." This video shows why.
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"Dust and Ashes", The Great Comet

This video really captures what Josh Groban's performance was like in "Great Comet"
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"What You Mean to Me", Finding Neverland (reimagined!)

Pianist Lang Lang reinterprets What You Mean to Me, with Matthew Morrison & Laura Michelle Kelly
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'You'll Be Back' from Hamilton (excellent fan video)

This video puts the 'Hamilton' song into real-world locations. Awesome!
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'The Schuyler Sisters' from Hamilton (excellent fan video)

This music video puts the 'Hamilton' song into real-world locations. Sweet!