Top-Notch Docs (20)

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Character Study: Eva Noblezada of "Miss Saigon"

While preparing to be Kim in "Miss Saigon," learn about Eva's complicated relationship to mirrors!
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Character Study: Christy Altomare of "Anastasia"

Preparing for Anya in "Anastasia." Bonus cameo: a cotton candy machine?! Cool!
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Which "American Idiot" Star Got a Tattoo from Billie Joe Armstrong?

Broadway Day Off host Max King talks to Broadway star Gerard Canonico about Green Day, Spring Awa...
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The Story of 'Rent' and Jonathan Larson

If you've ever cared about 'Rent,' you have to watch this in-depth story about the show.
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What Do Swings, Standbys, and Understudies Actually Do?

A fascinating look at these crucial, high-stress acting jobs. See more at http://americantheatrew...
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"Come From Away" and Real-Life Stories of Kindness

In this moving "review 2.0," New Yorkers remember when strangers helped them. Inspired by Come Fr...
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The Secrets of Theater Makeup Artists

Learn the tricks of theater make-up professionals! See more at
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How 'Wicked' Got to Broadway (Part 1)

Part 1 of a great doc on how 'Wicked' got to Broadway. (We've also got Part 2!!)
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How 'Wicked' Got to Broadway (Part 2)

Part 2 of a great doc about how 'Wicked' got to Broadway. (We've also got Part 1!!)
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Why Thornton Wilder's 'Our Town' Really Matters

This doc looks at the history of the classic play. Directed by Show-Score's own Mark Blankenship!
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See "Annie" Come to Life on Broadway

This flawless PBS doc follows the Broadway revival of 'Annie' staging the 'Hard-Knock Life' number.
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The Unknown Life of a Props Master

Most people don't know what a Props Master does, but this doc will tell you! See more at http://a...
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How Do Theaters Choose Their Plays?

The American Theatre Wing looks at what it takes to actually get plays on stage. See more at http...
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The Life of a Costume Designer

Brilliant costumer William Ivey Long takes us inside the designer's life. See more at http://amer...
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Making Theater When You're Broke

Great perspective! This film follows theater artists with no money and asks why they do it.
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Life as a Professional Clown

Here's what it actually takes to be a circus clown. See more at
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When 'Ragtime' Came to Ellis Island

A beautiful doc about the immigrant-themed musical playing at Ellis Island.
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Who Invented British Musicals?

Part 1 of a great doc on the rise of British musicals and the West End.
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You've Got to Know the Group Theatre

This film tells the story of the historic Group Theatre and how it changed American art forever.
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What Do Actors Do Before a Show?

An incredibly revealing look at the pre-show rituals of Tony winners Patina Miller and Billy Port...