Theatre Dictionary (Greatest Hits) (25)

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Stage Left/Stage Right

Here's how to get around!
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11 O'Clock Number

Starring the cast of 'Avenue Q'!
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Dramatic Irony

Do you know what you THINK you know?
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Special Skills

Can you do this? Or THIS?
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10 out of 12

Just keep rehearsing!
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Walk this way... or that way!
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Cattle Call

Try to stand out from the herd!
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Hey kitty... don't step there!
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Character Shoe

Don't dance without 'em!
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Cheating Out

Look over here! (Sort of!)
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Commedia dell'Arte

With drag superstar Jinkx Monsoon!
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It's the theater's greatest profession!
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Environmental Theatre

Are you AT the show or OF the show?
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Experimental Theatre

Who needs rules?
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Fourth Wall

They can see you!
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Ghost Light

The spookiest light of all!
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The peanut gallery speaks!
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Don't stop stopping!
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Kitchen Sink Realism

This play is so gritty, it'll blow your mind.
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Missed Cue

Psst! You're on!
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Performance Art

Is this sentence performance art? (Maybe!)
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The Scottish Play

This play is cursed, but not this video!
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Hide in plain sight! This video features Broadway star Alexandra Silber.
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Say a little speech for me!
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It's almost showtime, y'all!