Vintage Broadway Commercials (50)

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Sweeney Todd (1979 commercial)

WHAT?!?! This commercial is better than Tim Burton's movie. Angela Lansbury 4eva.
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The Rink (1984 commercial)

We need a drag queen remake of this commercial. Shot-for-shot and wig-for-wig.
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Jekyll and Hyde (four commercials, 1990s-2000s)

You think it can't get campier, and then you get a Baywatch joke. What a blessing!
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In the Heights (2008 commercial)

Back when Lin-Manuel Miranda was just a promising youngster and not a global sensation.
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Grease (1972 commercial)

From 1972!! Back when Grease was a new show that you had to explain to people via ads.
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Chicago (1975 commercial)

'Chicago' is a sexy show, but is this commercial? Maybe it was back then!
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Pippin (1975 commercial)

WHAT IS THIS? The plummy narration. The sexy dancing. Was everyone high?
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Hello, Dolly! (1978 commercial)

It's great how they make you wait to see Carol Channing. Don't touch that dial!
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Grease (1978 commercial)

This ad came out right after the film, and it clearly wants us to FORGET the film.
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On the Twentieth Century (1978 commercial)

Zippy and cute, and those furs are everything.
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Timbuktu (1978 commercial)

This show is forgotten, but clearly, it needs a revival with RuPaul in the Eartha Kitt role.
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Bob Fosse's Dancin' (1978 commercial)

Who is this smooth New York daddy doing the narration?
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A Chorus Line (three 70s commercials)

Honestly, these ads make the show seem pretty great.
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Shenandoah (three 1970s commercials)

These commercials are like a "Little House" marathon, and the singing is amazing. SOLD!
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They're Playing Our Song (1980 commercial)

The "mom-and-dad disco" vibe makes this commercial better than Beethoven.
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Evita (1980 commercial)

Why does the narrator hate on Evita at the end? She "only" seduced a country?!?! That's hard work!
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42nd Street (1980 commercial)

There was a golden time in America when TV would show a 90 second ad with Jerry Orbach and tap da...
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Dreamgirls (1981 commercial)

Fact: The wigs and dresses in this commercial launched several religions.
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Nine (1982 commercial)

WHY DOES SHE SAY 'EXCUSE ME' AT :23?!?! Was that a mistake? An in-joke? The mind reels!
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Doonesbury (1983 commercial)

Yes, the Pulitzer-winning comic strip was adapted into a musical filled with satire, songs, and M...
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Little Shop of Horrors (1983 commercial)

This show doesn't tell you anything about the show, but Ellen Greene is serving it.
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The Tap Dance Kid (1983 commercial)

Look, it's Alfonso Ribeiro, BEFORE he played Carlton on "The Fresh Prince"!
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Grind (1985 commercial)

Honestly, this show looks fabulous. Dancing, Gowns. A giant soup can. When's the revival comingl?!?!
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Starlight Express (1987 commercial)

Of all the roller skate musicals (The Rink, Xanadu, etc.), THIS one is the craziest. And that's s...
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Carrie the Musical (1988 commercial)

This commercial is amazing. We're not good enough for this show.
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Grand Hotel (1989 commercial)

This is awesome, because it includes credits that are longer than the commercial itself.
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Phantom of the Opera (late 80s commercial)

According to this vintage ad, you can FINALLY get tickets to "Phantom"!
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Nick and Nora (1991 commercial)

It's such a sexy ad that it's kind of surprising when they mention a murder. But that's the point...
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Jelly's Last Jam (1992 commercial)

Huh. You'd think Gregory Hines would've been in this commercial.
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Guys and Dolls (1992 commercial)

This ad is about how hard it is to get tickets, and then they don't show you a second of the show...
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The Who's Tommy (1993 commercial)

Without this musical, there would probably be no "Spring Awakening."
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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1993 commercial)

This ad seems generic until you get to Michael Damian's head bopping. Then it becomes legendary.
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Passion (1994 commercial)

The Harlequin Romance realness is astonishing.
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Big (1996 commercial)

If you didn't know the story, this ad would make you think Big is about a giant piano.
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The Lion King (1998 commercial)

This was on a VHS of "The Lion King II," and that little girl REALLY wants you to see the show. A...
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Titanic (1998 commercial)

This commercial LOVES a montage.
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The Full Monty (2000 commercial)

What a coy little ad! Peekaboo, we (almost) see you!
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Hairspray (2003 commercial)

We should all pray for lighting as good as Harvey Fierstein's lighting.
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August: Osage County (2007 commercial)

This may be the best use of the word "bitch" in any commercial.
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Spring Awakening (2007 commercial)

That narrator's voice is really gravelly, so you know he's cool.
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Young Frankenstein (2008 commercial)

This commercial is zippy and funny and rude, which is exactly right.
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Equus (2008 commercial)

The subtext in all this production's advertising was "See Daniel Radcliffe naked!"
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Race (2009 Broadway commercial)

This play was good practice for Kerry Washington's work on "Scandal."
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American Idiot (2010 commercial)

This is a reminder to watch the documentary film about this show. It's so good!
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The Scottsboro Boys (2010 commercial)

Man, this show was great. The ad is too -- stylish and a little dangerous.
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Lysistrata Jones (2011 commercial)

Patti Murin is serving you so much pep, and it's exactly right.
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Porgy and Bess (2012 commercial)

That opening note from Audra makes this the best commercial of all time.
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Once (2012 commercial)

In 30 seconds, this ad communicates the aesthetic style of an unusual show, which is not easy!
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Peter and the Starcatcher (2012 commercial)

You don't see ANY of the play, but this ad makes you understand the play's tone and story. Pretty...
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War Horse (2012 commercial)

Those puppets are so damned majestic!