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Doctors Jane and Alexander

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A new play about the playwright’s grandfather, Alexander S. Wiener, who discovered the Rh Factor in blood.  More…

From the show:

Told through the lens of interviews between the playwright and his mother, Jane Einhorn, a PhD psychologist and visual artist who had recently experienced a stroke at the time of the interviews. The play uses a mixture of verbatim/found text and invented dialogue to examine Wiener’s legacy, both scientific and familial. How does it change your life to have a world famous father…or grandfather? How does that legacy continue through the generations?

1h 20m | Already closed | HERE Arts Center (Soho/Tribeca)

February 7th, 2020
"Blood Runs Too Thick in ‘Doctors Jane and Alexander’: Edward Einhorn’s playful play takes on a lot: his scientist grandfather, his aging mother and his own doubts about putting their lives onstage."
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February 3rd, 2020
"At times, Doctors Jane and Alexander comes across a pileup of interesting data points in search of dramatic expression, but the mother-son scenes are written with real tenderness and regret; Jane's terse answers are suffused with a Pinterian melancholy."
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February 4th, 2020
"Fortunately, the piece is about more than RH factors, even if it doesn't completely spare its audience some of the dry, lid-lowering facts about the red stuff..."
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January 29th, 2020
"Comes off as less about either of these two potentially fascinating people -- their work, their relationship -- than as the theatrical equivalent of Edward Einhorn's family album….painfully self-conscious…It does contain some rich material...It's poignant to see the infirm Jane."
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