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The Black History Museum…According to the United States of America

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This world premiere employs satirical visual art, performance, sound installation, and dance to explore the American notion of ‘Blackness.' More…

From the show:

Part installation, part performance, and completely mesmerizing, The Black History Museum…According to the United States of America invites audiences to experience life as a Black American throughout history. This world premiere employs powerful and satirical visual art, performance, sound installation and dance, to transform HERE’s entire building into a theatrical museum. An experience unlike any other, The Black History Museum… entreats audiences to see the American notion of ‘Blackness’ through new lenses, on this, the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery.

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Ambitious, Relevant, Must see, Profound, Resonant
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Informative, Creative, Vehement, Disturbing, Thought-provoking

See it if Immersive mixed media history of black oppression in the USA. Biting live skits, dance & exhibits.

Don't see it if You don't want to be on your feet. Shouting, angry segments are less effective than the quieter ones.

Also Heart wrenching exhibit of love letters from slaves separated from the... Read more Read less


See it if Black American history through current lens of social, cultural, political consciousness with sassy commentary.

Don't see it if More critical race talk or mockery of online or light activism makes you uncomfortable. Some down time between some immersive parts.

Also Diversity: all Black cast! Unapologetically, empowered, and aware. ... Read more Read less

Must see, Thought-provoking, Unique, Ambitious, Immersive

See it if you are ready, willing and able to be swept into an all-encompassing, profound, truthful & riveting history of black people in America

Don't see it if you cannot stand for 2 hours; not open to unusual theatrical experience, do not care to participate & get personal with ugly American truths

Also This is one WOW of a show that can be both satirical & educational, se... Read more Read less

Quirky, Resonant, Great staging, Entertaining, Ambitious

See it if You like great creative installations that deal with serious subjects of race and history in an innovative and well executed manner

Don't see it if It can be a bit heavy handed but clever nonetheless but you have to be prepared to stand for 2 hrs It is not a passive experience

Masterful, Great writing, Clever

See it if If you really want to know about the difficulties Black people have felt and still feel living in America.It is done through song,dance and

Don't see it if If you don't want to know about the history of Blacks in America.If you are not open-minded.If you don't want to know our contributions.

Also narrative.This is really quite different as the actors play both Black... Read more Read less

Resonant, Relevant, Profound, Intense, Ambitious

See it if you want to experience a genuinely transformational production that's equal parts moving, funny, challenging and thought provoking.

Don't see it if you don't like theater to challenge you. This show makes great efforts to never shame audience members but might make some uncomfortable.

Also This is a brilliant heady mix of installation, art, dance, sketch come... Read more Read less

Must see, Ambitious, Great acting, Great writing, Profound

See it if This is the most important piece of immersive theatre I have seen. You are forced to participate in history and it will resonate.

Don't see it if There may be a few kinks to work’s still in previews, but I can’t wait to see this again. Should be mandatory for everyone to go.

Also Wow, I really hope this work goes far and reaches many.

Exquisite, Must see, Relevant, Intense, Absorbing

See it if You want to see the best of what downtown theater has to offer. A beautifully executed, thought provoking piece of immersive theater.

Don't see it if You don't want to see immersive theater (or you don't want to stand for over 45 minutes at a time)

Educational, Great staging, Cultural, Ambitious

See it if you want an excellent multi cultural immersive experience that uses many mediums

Don't see it if you want a more fictional approach to your entertainment

November 14th, 2019
"Learn. Laugh. Suffer. Move Along.: An immersive play crossed with an art installation offers sharp angles on race and white supremacy, but is dampened by didactism."
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November 14th, 2019
"The production team may want to consider tightening the show...Some portions also become so didactic and aggressive in tone that it begins to feel like a work of propaganda. Nevertheless, 'The Black Museum' makes for a freewheeling, intelligent and provocative piece of theater."
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November 12th, 2019
"Overambitious, overlong, and sometimes awkwardly staged, 'The Black History Museum' is, nevertheless, packed with moments of revelation. At the very least, it reminds one of the richness and complexity of its subject; there's enough material here for hundreds of good plays."
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November 10th, 2019
Every inch of HERE Arts Center has been transformed in… an impressively ambitious collaborative effort ..Illuminating, depressing, enraging, amusing, inspiring…overwhelming….In its effort to be exhaustive, 'The Black History Museum' threatens to feel exhausting."
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