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Head Over Heels (San Francisco)

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Tony Award winner Micheal Mayer directs this new musical comedy set to the songs of the iconic rock act The Go-Go's in its pre-Broadway run. More…

An mash-up of posh and punk, 'Head over Heels' is an unpredictable Elizabethan romp about a royal family that must prevent an oracle's prophecy of doom. In order to save their beloved kingdom, the family embarks on an extravagant journey where they are faced with mistaken identities, love triangles, sexual awakening, and self-discovery. 'Head Over Heels' features the classic tracks "We Got The Beat," "Our Lips Are Sealed," "Vacation," and many more.

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Entertaining, Disappointing, Delightful, Fluffy, Funny
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Disappointing, A waste of talent

See it if you like sophomoric humor, making fun of women who are overweight, and not funny bawdy humor.

Don't see it if you have any taste at all. Seriously, what a waste of talent. The costumes and scenery are the best part of the show.

Also Rachel York, Peppermint, Taylor Iman Jones, and Jeremy Kushnier are th... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Hilarious, Great singing, Great dancing, Must see

See it if You like a humorous musical with an outstanding, talented cast, that's a little raunchy. I loved it.

Don't see it if You are offended by profanity or are homophobic.

Delightful, Edgy, Refreshing, Profound, Great staging

See it if you want to seek some laughter​

Don't see it if expect something serious

Clever, Entertaining, Edgy, Cliched

See it if Whether you're a fan of the Go Go's music or not you should this lively fairy tale with a contemporary twist on romance.

Don't see it if If your uncomfortable with same sex romance and actor's speaking in faux old english dialect you might have a tricky time keeping up.


See it if love music by The Go-Gos

Don't see it if you're expecting a play about the The Go-Gos

Delightful, Entertaining, Funny

See it if If you enjoy music by he Go Go’s, and just want an entertaining musical.

Don't see it if You prefer dramatic, serious and thought provoking shows.

Fluffy, Insipid, Disappointing, Delightful

See it if You got good deals on the ticket and you’re just deperarate to see a show in NY just for the sake of theatre experience

Don't see it if You’re looking for something intense and thought provoking. It was quite insipidly boring for my taste, like a cheap comedy rerun

Campy, Colorful

See it if you like the music of the Go-Go’s and would be entertained hearing the songs performed in the setting of a musical

Don't see it if you are expecting a show that is more than just fun or entertaining or hope to see a show with a strong story or characters

Also I thought overall the cast was strong and I enjoyed the comic performa... Read more Read less

Disappointing, Fluffy, Slow, Relevant, Funny

See it if you love the go-gos.

Don't see it if you don't enjoy sub-par story lines and minimalist staging and sets. This show was very disappointing in all layers - book, music, sets...

April 23rd, 2018
"Every bit as ridiculous as it sounds, and that’s a good thing, for the most part...The action is spread out enough among the ensemble that audiences may spend some time trying to figure out who the protagonist is, but that proves to be a fool’s errand...It’s a treat to see how speedily Mayer can...
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April 23rd, 2018
"Often hilarious, sometimes silly, always sumptuously designed, featuring selected hits of The Go-Go’s, the show deserves to be seen...The show has the feel has the feel of a Shakespearean comedy, iambic pentameter verse and song (except for those by The Go-Go’s), gender switching and confused id...
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April 19th, 2018
"This disjointed period romp is part jukebox musical, part picaresque fantasy and often thoroughly bizarre...This is a hot mess shot through with moments of guilty pleasure, glitter and nostalgia for the tubular days of yore...That cheesy state of bliss is soon interrupted by a narrative that doe...
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April 19th, 2018
"Needs some tweaks to rise into the cream puff it wants to be...The characters might be silly, eyeballs darting wildly back and forth, but paradoxically, that silliness needs to be grounded in watertight logic to register...Bookwriter James Magruder fails to launch the show with a clear focus...M...
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