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Luna Stage presents a magical new play about family, grace, and the consequences of defending an American Empire. More…

A young mathematician carrying a copy of "The Old Man and the Sea" travels from Afghanistan to Omaha, and arrives on the doorstep of retired literature professor Dr. Harold Banks. Across the world in Maidan Shar, Harold's adopted daughter teaches "The Diary of Anne Frank" and finds herself unexpectedly in love.

1h 30m | Ends Apr 28 | Luna Stage (Mainstage) (NJ)


“In a world where war is rampant and people take no prisoners, concepts like absolution and compassion seem far-fetched. But in 'Heartland', there are no grudges held or swords to bear or language barrier insurmountable. Only love. In Dean's endearing play 'Heartland', Kreith directs this heartfelt masterpiece rife with comedic brilliance and the triumph of the human spirit...The story is loosely based on true events." Full Review


"Under the direction of Ari Laura Kreith, the play features strong performances of considerable range...'Heartland' is a two-hour family drama that is also a two-hour political critique, and a two-hour lesson in religious awareness and diversity. That’s a lot. But the Luna team succeeds in guiding Dean’s ambition into a warm, provocative production." Full Review

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