Sextant Productions

Sextant is theatre with lift, allowing us to rise above the tumult and find our way, though the source of light may seem mysterious and distant.

Sextant gains its sight through a double mirror that allows us to see the world as it is and tap into universal themes that remain constant in human experience. This is a theatre that rediscovers lost plays, harnesses the power of undiscovered talent, combines a sense of grounding with a feeling of wonder, and moves us (deeper into the world and our understanding of our lives).

Sextant is driven by core values that emphasize creativity, community, talent development, and sound business management. We strive to be:
• A creative home where artists can do their best work in a supportive environment
• A center of community where people can engage with performers and each other in dialogue and exchange ideas
• An incubator and developer of new talent that helps aspiring and emerging artists get the support and training they need to establish careers in the arts
• An educational resource that promotes lifelong learning through audience participation in mainstage and touring productions
• A place of diversity and inclusion where people can work across boundaries to come to new understandings
• An accessible avenue to compelling theatrical productions at affordable prices that engages patrons of all ages, cultural backgrounds, economic groups, and physical ability
• An engine of innovation across all aspects of the organization
• A fiscally responsible, well-managed arts organization that recognizes the importance of financial health and stability in fulfilling our mission

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NYC: West Village

Sextant Productions presents this stage adaptation of Kafka's classic novel, a strange, comic, and poignant