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Jimmy Titanic

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Irish Rep presents this one-man comedy starring Colin Hamell as a Belfast shipyard worker named Jimmy Boylan, as well as more than 20 other characters whose lives were connected to the doomed ocean liner.

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From his new home in a humorously rendered heaven, Boylan remembers and relives events surrounding the voyage every day, consumed by its legacy. God is a Dublin gangster. Angel Gabriel is the plucky keeper at the gates of heaven and Titanic’s legacy isn’t the first class passengers, it is 700 crewmen enjoying newfound stardom in heaven. Having gone down with the ship, Jimmy has rock star status and boy does he milk it. Flirting with angels, rewriting history with a direct line to an unlikely God – 'Jimmy Titanic' is a unique comic take on the story of the most famous ship ever built.

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for a previous production "A decidedly different point of view...Through a variety of accents, tones of voice, mannerisms, and postures, Hamell clearly differentiates the characters...'Jimmy Titanic' sinks or swims on the talents of the solo performer. Hamell has both comedic and dramatic acting chops...However, his greatest asset for this role is his storytelling ability and the connection he makes with the audience." Full Review

Theatre Mirror

for a previous production "A new, entertaining vehicle...Throughout the play’s narrative, without changing his clothes or using props, Hamell rapidly changes into several characters...Hamell hysterically, outrageously, and uncharacteristically paints an unprecedented bird’s-eye view of the beyond...Their joy in being part of the proud shipbuilding minions and loyal crew dominates. McMullan, O’Reilly, and Hamell capture that, and more, captivating the audience." Full Review

The Reviews Hub

for a previous production "Hamell parodies the characters in his story, hamming up accents and postures for laughs. At the start, this is forgivable, even charming, but it all becomes a little too much like a Brendan Carroll pantomime...The campiness of the performance just doesn’t work with the subject matter...The frame just wasn’t strong enough to hold the weight of the story...Effective as an easy to digest comedy, 'Jimmy Titanic' has the potential for a more effective staging." Full Review

Metro (US)

for a previous production "Simple storytelling, dry Irish humor, and an incredibly talented creative team are all you really need...Hamell effortlessly morphs from mortal characters...into celestial beings...Hamell’s characters are all consistently masterful storytellers. Be prepared to laugh out loud one minute while choking back tears the next...O’Reilly leaves no stone unturned in her tender and intermittently quirky interpretation of the tale that’s been told many times before — but never quite like this." Full Review

Boston Globe

for a previous production "God and Gabriel are just two of some 20 delightfully outrageous characters in McMullan’s darkly funny 'Jimmy Titanic'...The play...starts out in heaven but flashes back to Belfast, where R.M.S. Titanic was built, and to the ship itself...A reminder that most of the nearly 1,500 passengers who went down with the ship were not Astors and Guggenheims but crew members and poor emigrants...As quirkily engaging as McMullan’s heaven is, Belfast and Titanic are more moving." Full Review

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