Our Community

We’re a community of people who enjoy theater and want it to flourish. For that to happen, shows need to easily and quickly find audiences who will enjoy them – if there are too many empty seats, the show literally can’t go on.

Reviews by professional critics help with that process, since they can highlight the “best” shows. The problem, of course, is that “best” means different things to different people. In addition, professional reviews aren’t published until the show is well into its run, with only limited performances remaining after opening night. Finally, the number of professional theater critics is dwindling as the media landscape evolves – many great shows only get one professional review (or none at all).

That’s where our community comes in. Collectively, we see lots of theater. If even a small number of us review a show, we can help everyone find shows they will like.

To make that work, our community abides by four simple guidelines:

  • It’s all about who would like the show, even if one of us doesn’t. If you hated it, say so and explain why. But then take the extra minute to explain who WOULD like it. Conversely, if you loved a show, take a minute to explain who would NOT like it. It’s art. Nothing is to everyone’s taste. We embrace that, and help others find shows they will like.
  • Be constructively critical. Creating theater takes guts. Not everything works. Be kind and constructive, even when it’s not to your taste.
  • Be respectful. Theater is a universal art form, which means that it attracts extraordinary diversity. That’s a wonderful thing. But it also means that Book of Mormon, for example, will simultaneously delight some people and offend others. Wherever we are on whatever spectrum we hold dear, we respect those who are somewhere else. We’re united in our love of theater.
  • Be honest with yourself and the community. Fundamentally, we at Show-Score believe in the value of criticism. However, for criticism to work, it needs to come from a truthful place. If you’re involved in a production, or have a relationship with people who are that prevents you from reviewing it objectively, we ask that you do not review it.

These guidelines don’t limit debate. They encourage it.

Theater is meant to provoke a response. So get started! Find a show you’ve seen, click “Score”, and help others decide if it’s something they’ll like.