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I am producing "A Life In The Rye" at the Theater For The New City this November. Directed by Joe Batista. The play is about J. D. Salin... read more
My degrees are in playwriting, from CalArts & UC. After a stint as playwright for a troupe in residence at UMBC, I came to the East Vill... read more
"Unless comedy touches me as well as amuses me, it leaves me with a sense of having wasted my evening. I go to the theatre to be moved t... read more
What do you do with old playbills? Mine are in a pile as high as Mt Everest...and threaten an avalanche!
I love seeing darker risky non musicals. Check out my bands new video on YouTube we are called big gorgeous and the song is puddles ... read more
Grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa. and moved to New York in the mid-70s. My life partner and husband of 30+ years live in upper... read more
I love live performance. I appreciate good theater whether it be Broadway or a very small venue. I will try to give helpful opinions and... read more
My husband and I enjoy theater in NYC and in recent years have taken to the off Broadway shows. They can be quite special and a gem in t... read more
Been involved in theater for years -- writing, composing, performing and producing. Currently, I enjoy sharing my opinions with anyone ... read more
Thank you Mom for introducing me to theater when I was just a little tot. It has become my passion and my obsession.
I saw a performance of "Die Mommy Die" at a local arts center. Now it's 4 years later and I'm obsessed! I'm seeing 200+ shows a year.
Likes: small & experimental to big & commercial shows alike. Dislikes: Audience participation, the first day of previews, topknots.