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How I score: 90s: Must see! 80s: Most should see. 70s: Good show but not for everyone. 60s: I enjoyed something in it but wouldn't recom... read more
Newbie to Broadway, learning and expanding as I go. Grateful to all the super knowledgeable reviewers on this site. So happy to live in ... read more
I am a theater junkie who is always looking for a bargain so I can see as many shows as possible. You will find me entering lotteries or... read more
I love theatre and cats. But, strangely, don't like the musical Cats. If you want to reach me you can email SamTheTheatreCat@gmail.com
Thank you Mom for introducing me to theater when I was just a little tot. It has become my passion and my obsession.
I've seen over 1500 productions in NYC and throughout the world and am great at recommending shows for people of all ages. I never give... read more
I seek theater that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up or makes me see something in a completely new way. I'll let you know... read more
I average around 50 shows per year, on Broadway and off. In the real world, I write travel guides about Disney World and Disney Cruise L... read more
If I could see a play or musical or some sort of theater piece every night of the week, I would. Some weeks I do. I write theater revi... read more