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Members say: Confusing, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Slow, Intense

About the show

This intimate new drama pits two women against the world: not to conquer it but to survive it. But what chance do they have to decide the terms of their survival? More…

September 1987. The edge of town. Gloria opens her door to the woman she hasn't seen since she disappeared from home ten years ago. Mary sees the face that has haunted her memories of childhood and dreams of womanhood. But the reflection that the women seek in each other is dimmed by the years of silence and distorted by the struggle for survival. How did they get here? Did one of them take a wrong turn, or were they driven apart?

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"Fascinating and deeply moving...Incredibly relatable and captivating, right from the start...An emotional experience, both for the supremely talented actresses, and for the audience...Heartfelt and provocative, 'Sheila' furthers the conversation about happiness, friendship, honesty, choice, and the roles that women play, or are conditioned to play...It lingers, requiring time for full absorption. Indeed, the more time passes, the more intricate and beautiful the story becomes." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"A devastating play that encompasses core concepts from both the #MeToo and Time's Up movements...A play about how we are all shaped by our parents. Kudos to Abdunnasir for clean direction which allowed the spectators to enjoy the work of this fine company through what could have been a difficult dark journey; he keeps the proceedings light and airy...If you want to experience a truly magnificent young company in possession of a terrific script, see 'Sheila.'" Full Review


“Intriguing, suspenseful, beautifully written and brilliantly acted...Though now and then we may get impatient...the fine writing and the high-strung, sharply tuned performances keep us leaning in. And the tale that’s slowly revealed is original and fascinating, borne on a sharpening conflict that raises universal, unanswerable questions...A slow but almost continuous momentum...The play acknowledges the complexity of relationships, and of individuals.” Full Review


"Murky, glacial, and hypnotic...It comes across as a collaboration with a feminist slant rather than an organic play. Still, its 70 minutes have an enigmatic appeal... LaRocca as Gloria and Heard as Mary are each exquisite, intense and have a tremendous rapport with each other...In addition to achieving such strong performances director Jamal Abdunnasir’s staging has a suitably deliberate pace for emphasizing the piece’s mystery and eeriness...Rewarding and haunting." Full Review

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"The ensemble clearly shares a resonant vocabulary, but the central question or driving force seems to have been muddied along the way. One is left with more questions than answers...The staging is smart and clean, leaning into focused specificity and a sophisticated conversation with kinesthetic response. This show is worth a conversation with The Associates. The work is rigorous, and it would be a delight to see even more risk; they certainly have the chops for it." Full Review

Great acting, Intense, Thought-provoking, Profound, Riveting

See it if You’re into small stage theater, great dialogue and thought provoking storytelling

Don't see it if You’re looking for a big show, an action driven plot before character development, or have issue with lots being left up to interpretation

Absorbing, Great acting, Confusing, Slow

See it if you like small, intimate theater with something to say.

Don't see it if you want to see a large, fully staged and realized production.

Also I had a lot of questions at the end but still it was an interesting ex... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Clever, Intense, Resonant

See it if Something new and strange

Don't see it if You want to see a huge production

Great acting, Intelligent, Confusing

See it if You want an experience in a small venue and can appreciate two wonderful female leads. This definitely more than passes the Bechdel test.

Don't see it if You want a simple storyline. Are not able to use your imagination to figure out what is not explained.

Absorbing, Intense, Thought-provoking, Short (75 minutes)

See it if You appreciate good acting and the opportunity to see a strange new play.

Don't see it if You want big production values. This is very simple but it works very well.

Also I walked in to see the intimate theater and saw the simple but perfect... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Great acting, Intelligent

See it if You like well acted, well scripted shows.

Don't see it if If you have problems with talk about child sexual abuse.

Also The show, about two old friends who haven't seen each other in two yea... Read more Read less

Great acting, Intense, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Slow

See it if You enjoy plays about complicated female friendships-two woman reunite to recapture fun and happy days of their Youth but find resentment.

Don't see it if You like neat plots and happily ever after stories. You don’t appreciate the surreal Of life.

Edgy, Thought-provoking, Confusing, Disappointing, Slow

See it if Your like intimate thought provoking theater

Don't see it if You want a fully developed plot and are annoyed by writing that distracts as it pads the story w irrelevant material

Thought-provoking, Relevant, Confusing, Slow, Intriguing

See it if you enjoy living in the mystery of a play.

Don't see it if you're frustrated if the mystery of a play isn't fully resolved. This play ends with a lot of unanswered questions, for better and worse.

Clever, Intelligent, Slow

See it if you enjoy table dramas, and want to chew on the multifaceted nature of womanhood for 70 minutes with sprinkles of surrealism.

Don't see it if you dislike table dramas.

Also This show has a lot to say and it does it well. Sheila is a particular... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Great acting, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Great writing

See it if you enjoy a play which has something to say and yet leaves a lot unsaid. The enigmatic "Sheila" is never quite explained.

Don't see it if you want a straight forward play with plot and action; this is mainly all dialogue in an intimate setting.

Dizzying, Confusing, Excruciating

See it if A story about a woman who has escaped from a cult.

Don't see it if I had such trouble following what was going on, seemed like sort of pretentious but also goofy staging.

Strange, Glacierlike, Much unexplained

See it if You don't mind a very slow reveal to the story of two women and their complicated relationship. Like plays that aren't easy to understand.

Don't see it if You'd hate to spend 70 minutes wondering what it was all about.

Absorbing, Great acting, Intense, Confusing, Slow

See it if You like plays where something terrible is lurking just underneath the surface and you can tell something bad's going to happen.

Don't see it if You need a play where everything is spelled out for you. This is very opaque.

Also It's only 70 minutes and it takes 35 minutes of that to get going, but... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Confusing

See it if you're interested in an ambitious show about women and agency, despite a script that isn't fully successful in realizing its ambitions.

Don't see it if you're unwilling to use your brain (this show doesn't fully explain itself, and you'll get out of it what you put into it).

Great acting, Intense, Thought-provoking, Great staging

See it if you like small intimate theatres/stages, minimal cast size and a drama/mystery that leaves you with more questions than when you started

Don't see it if You like over the top production value, plays that answer all the questions you have and you dont like to be a little creeped out

Edgy, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Confusing, Slow

See it if you like psychological dramas, you like unconventional storytelling

Don't see it if you like straightforward narratives, you like quickly paced shows, you like comedies

It makes you think and that’s ok

See it if You are not afraid to be challenged. If you like when things are not handed to you and you have to form your own opinion

Don't see it if You need the author to hand you the ending of a play on a SilverPlatter.

Also Not sure if you’re supposed to give out your email address but mine is... Read more Read less

Talky, Forgettable

See it if Nicely written naturalistic dialogue. Good acting.

Don't see it if More of a short play stretched out too long. The Sheila thing was unnecessary but at least it woke up some of the sleeping audience members.

Also The first five minutes are just frustratingly boring, then it (very) s... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Great acting, Confusing, Disappointing, Slow

See it if you enjoy strong female characters and strong female actors. You know someone in the cast

Don't see it if You need to understand the plot. This would have been good WITHOUT the weird "sheila" thing going on that made very little sense.

Also While I can appreciate what I think they were trying to do here, I fou... Read more Read less

Interesting and almost very good

See it if Are adventurous and like new provocative theatre

Don't see it if You want a story that is tradional and easy to figure out.

Great acting, Intense, Thought-provoking, Quirky, Slow

See it if You enjoy minimalistic sets, intimate settings, thought provoking themes which may leave you with more questions than answers.

Don't see it if Don't like small budget plays, which seem experimental in nature. Don't have an open mind.


See it if you appreciate silence and a slow moving plot; you like a short show

Don't see it if you hate it when characters announce the thesis of the show in dialogue

Also sheila running out of the fridge was a peak theater moment

Ambitious, Indulgent, Confusing, Slow, Poorly directed

See it if You like themes that are thought provoking

Don't see it if You’d like to understand what a play is about.... :(


See it if You have a friend in the show. You’re interested in seeing two approaches to life in debate.

Don't see it if You want answers or resolution.

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