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The Good Girl

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About the show

59E59 Theaters and Joyseekers Theatre presents a darkly comedic sci-fi play that examines the boundaries of consciousness and the moral grey area of exploitation. More…

Anjali works her routine government-issued job as a madam to a sexbot, when maintenance man Ven arrives to find the robot exhibiting unusual - and illegal - human-like behavior. This leads to an uneasy partnership between Anjali and Ven, who must eventually decide how far they are willing to push their own moral boundaries.

NY Theatre Guide

"With a script that demands engagement from its audience and limited space to convey a sense of non-linear time sequences, both Gabriel and Baessato do an outstanding job. Adam Fitzgerald earns high marks for inventive staging that effectively creates the sense of passing time in critical scenes...For the theater aficionado with an appetite for a drama that’s something short on length, intellectually challenging and flawlessly executed, 'The Good Girl' is an ideal choice." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"The acting in 'The Good Girl' is often frustratingly projected slightly away from the audience and the staging is slightly unbalanced at times. It is worth making that the first line of this review, and getting it out of the way, elsewise it would be a few paragraphs of annoyingly shameless fawning, for the current production of Emilie Collyer’s play, directed by Adam Fitzgerald, is, in all other respects, a fairly flawless and wholly compelling dramatic experience." Full Review

Australian Women in New York

"'The Good Girl' is an entertaining, laugh-out-loud play that has you feeling the full range of relationship emotions...59E59 Theatre is an intimate space that is perfect for this production, as you are carried along the journey with these actors." Full Review

Theater In The Now

"'The Good Girl' is fantastically absurd. Or is it absurdly fantastic? Either way, 'The Good Girl' is unique. Clocking in under an hour, Collyer doesn’t offer fluff, getting to the point and never straying. For those looking for something consistent stylistically, this is not a play for you. Spanning from something in the realm of sitcom to noir thriller, 'The Good Girl' covers it all." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"Fine characterizations, cagey plot developments that sport surprising twists, and crisp, humorous dialogue...With the ironic selection of music, stark lighting effects, fine use of space, and the homely designation of set, 'The Good Girl' will not easily leave you. Its thematic elements strike at the heart of modern culture and social behavior even to the signature song which accompanies one out the door of the theater." Full Review


"Emilie Collyer’s new sci-fi play presents a provocative and complex dilemma...The chemistry between Gabriel and Baessato is fierce and electrifying...Under Adam Fitzgerald’s precise and thoughtful direction, 'The Good Girl' challenges audiences to take a long, hard look at their moral compass...When it comes to plays that hit the right mix of material that is out of the box, interesting and contemplative, 'The Good Girl' delivers." Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

"Within its brief running time, the play packs in quite a mixture of satire, sexual situations, and even a nod to a famous movie musical. Solid performances, Adam Fitzgerald's direction, the compact set design by Dan Daly, and the lighting design by Zach Blane all contribute to the overall science fiction feel. Applause, too, to Tamara Sevunts, who provides the voice of the unseen but very much present robot." Full Review


"Jumping headfirst into a complex plot and unfamiliar dystopian setting, 'The Good Girl' could use a bit more time to set everything up, but the constant surprises and engaging characters will have you forgetting about the lack of exposition before long... Collyer's short play is jam-packed full of intriguing thematic considerations and thrilling action, bringing to life a place in which fantasy becomes reality." Full Review


"This completely original and provocative play is written by Emilie Collyer and directed by Adam Fitzgerald. The two-hander has an intriguing plot that will make you think about human behavior in an increasingly automated world…Be prepared. ‘The Good Girl’ has shocking moments that are essential to conveying play's subject matter.... The actors portray their roles precisely with tense confrontations, intimate encounters and unexpected humor." Full Review

Woman Around Town

"It’s an interesting concept with particulars that will chill. Unfortunately, Playwright Emilie Collyer includes scenes she’s explained in her own mind, but not in narrative…The ending is terrific, but there’s too much ambiguous writing between intriguing premise and imaginative resolution to make the play work...Both actors take some time to warm up and then, through no fault of their own (Director-Adam Fitzgerald) scream their way through a good part of the proceedings." Full Review

The New York Times

"Too much of what’s in Ms. Collyer’s provocative script fails to ignite. At a mere 50 minutes, Adam Fitzgerald’s production moves too fast for clarity. There’s no time for us to see Anjali and Ven develop a connection, and we don’t get any real sense of soulless oppression in the world...Ms. Collyer has written a clever examination of sex, longing, memory, gender roles and violence. But like the characters in her play, this brisk and chilly production is desperate for a little human touch." Full Review

Thought-provoking, Slow, Overrated, Cliched, Banal

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