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New Victory Theater presents this riotous performance of hypnotic juggling from the three-man troupe Plastic Boom.

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The jugglers of 'Water on Mars' hit the stage flinging rings, balls, and clubs in hypnotic streaks of glowing neon. Striving to one-up themselves with every act, these pros keep rhythm with an electro-pop soundtrack as they add bottles of water, bags of candy, and rolls of toilet paper to the list of airborne objects.

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Motherhood Later

"To say this is just juggling is to underestimate the art, creativity, and humor of the performance...Fresh and hip–electro-pop music plays in the background and pairs nicely with the on-stage action...Sometimes things fall, but they fall with intention, and this adds to the group’s trademark quality: their humor...Each time you think you’ve 'seen it all,' something new and unexpected happens...It will leave you mesmerized. Plastic Boom amazes in their creativity, athleticism, and synchronicity. Full Review

The Scotsman

for a previous production "It’s not hyperbole to say that 'Water on Mars' is the most enjoyable juggling show I’ve ever seen…At times, when their implements of choice are whizzing through the air, genuine moments of beauty are created. Other times you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing, so fiendishly tricky does it look. Pezzo, Peden and Elmnert are also funny and hugely likable, with none of the pomp and applause-baiting that comes with some companies." Full Review

The List

for a previous production "From the opening–a spectacular firework display of neon teardrops and stained-glass kaleidoscopes...to the seamless way they shift either implement or juggler mid-throw, the choreography is exhilarating. But as virtuosic as the skills are, it's the swagger and the chaos that make this show so riotously fabulous…By the end you believe they could pull anything out of their little leopard print bag and juggle with it–and they do. There's a superstar quality to these three." Full Review

The Times (UK)

for a previous production "A wondrously entertaining hour of juggling…’Water on Mars’ is full of fleet joy and unpretentious cool. This amazingly adept threesome makes juggling fun and refreshingly sexy…What comes across unmistakably is that these fellows know exactly what they’re doing. Their unflustered dexterity, speed and wit are simply dazzling…Nothing is off-limits to Plastic Boom, including loo rolls or bags of sweets. The net effect? Reckless, confident and completely uplifting." Full Review

The Times (UK)

for a previous production "Six hands make thousands of throws, catches and kicks, all while pulling off mind-bogglingly complex passing patterns...Rings are projected with reckless abandon as balls are bounced off objects in a dizzying display of skill...'Water on Mars' sees an astronomical number of props and tricks thrown into an hour-long show. It is a freakishly frenzied performance with high-powered horseplay and top-drawer juggling, where the two mingle spectacularly." Full Review

The Circus Diaries

for a previous production "This colorful celebration is a pure display of extraordinary skill, presented in novel and entertaining ways…Their exquisite technical juggling talents are supplemented by a clear understanding of what looks impressive, and ‘Water on Mars’ offers sequences of pure aesthetic joy, interspersed with scenes of comedy or chaos…The ‘Water on Mars’ experience is a visual rush of sugared adrenaline with a happy awareness of its own frivolity." Full Review

Herald Scotland

for a previous production "It’s not just the interventions by cheekily poaching hands, niftily disrupting and re-ordering the orbital flow of things, that dazzles and delights. It’s also the trio’s appetite for dicing with improbability...This gleeful 'what if?' derring-do turns the stage into a big lads’ den, awash with the fall-out of props that got away in the pursuit of new gambits. At the heart of this seeming chaos, however, there is beauty, elegance and control–all at the fingertips of six very talented hands." Full Review

The Stage (UK)

for a previous production "A trio from the Gandini stable create glorious mayhem by keeping it simple and audience-focused…The show they launch into is a roller coaster for all ages thanks to their ability to sidestep flashy gimmickry in favor of the infectious innovation to be found in team work. They also have the confidence to take routines to where we least expect them to go, and make it all look so easy." Full Review

The Upcoming (UK)

for a previous production "A masterful three-man juggling act…One hour of pure spectacle with no filler…This isn’t your average circus act: Plastic Boom show us a meticulously crafted art through innovative and constantly varying choreography. There’s an effortlessness and a gentle humor throughout…Mesmerizing, bass-heavy music and bold colored lighting sync perfectly with the action…’Water on Mars’ is full of fresh and eye-popping skills that will keep audiences entranced." Full Review

The Circus Diaries

for a previous production "They juggle anything...Each object flaunts a pattern that’s integral to juggling itself...It is truly a show built on teamwork and the pleasant surprise here is they seem genuinely happy about that...It's infectious...With time, I imagine the integration of magic cards and piñatas will blend far more seamlessly into the juggling, and blame the fact they are recent additions…The piece is not only full of great tricks, but they build in the same organic way that juggling itself does." Full Review

Stage Buddy

for a previous production “The three men did juggling tricks I’d never seen before...They infused their performance with humor and playfulness, evinced by their juggling rolls of toilet paper, open bottles of water, and bags of candy, which they promptly flung into the audience. But nothing tickled the funny bone quite like their deliberately anti-climactic final trick, a domino effect in which the end result was to silence the incessant yodeling on a media player.” Full Review

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