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New York | 1h 0m | Opens Dec 11


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About the show

Autojeu Theatre presents a comic riff on one of history’s most famous tales. See Beowulf stride, swim, fight, and flounder in this physical, musical performance. More…

Part of Soho Playhouse's 2018 Fringe Encore Series.

Fringe Review (UK)

for a previous production "Sam Gibbs taps into his playful, physical style of storytelling. Moving seamlessly between direct storytelling and making character, he creates a cast of comedic and ridiculous caricatures, which are believable in their failings...Overall this is a great piece of theatre. The diversions from the story and ‘nods’ to the audience were engaging. A wealth of theatrical and musical talent coupled with a sense of playfulness on the stage makes this performance immensely entertaining." Full Review


for a previous production "It might bear the same name as the great poem, but that is where the similarities begin and end...Part improvisation, part slick comedy routine, part pantomime, part musical, part physical theatre, part arrant nonsense, this Beowulf is an imaginative comic romp...It defies categorisation, and not in a bad way...The piece is slightly too long and for too much of the performance Buffery has nothing to do. But it is undeniably inventive and there are many laughs created." Full Review

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