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The New Natives and FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade present this new dark comedy about almost love, definite loss, and marijuana. More…

In a small town in suburban America, a town in Virginia, a town with no quarry, Gus Steinem is experiencing loss for the very first time. It's been a week since his long estranged high school love, Louie, was found dead and even though he hasn't seen her for years, suddenly she's everywhere.

The Huffington Post

"'Camel' is a wonderful new play written by Charly Clive, directed by Michael Bradshaw Flynn. It is a mysterious yet deeply funny take on friendship, lost love, memory and marijuana...'Camel' is a dark comedy largely because there is a mysterious air of lost love—'Louie,' played with complex opaqueness by the show’s producer, Jill Geurts—hovering over the entire play...Questions abound throughout the hugely enjoyable play. " Full Review

Pop Dust

"Director Michael Bradshaw Flynn has made excellent use of his cast...Where the play falls into trouble is length and pacing. The first act feels unnecessarily padded...In contrast, the play's climax and denouement all seem to happen at once...It never becomes overly problematic, but it is occasionally distracting...The New Natives have put together something special here. The cast are strong, the writing is funny, the direction is excellent, and the final product an edible delight." Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

"Playwright Charly Clive and The New Natives are to be commended for their commitment to exploring individuals who are trapped in lives of quiet desperation.' This is not necessarily the stuff of high drama, however...'Camel' is further weighed down by insufficient dramatic tension and its deliberate pacing...It would be worth the effort to further rework this play as Ms. Clive continues to develop her growing skills as a writer on the rise." Full Review

Great acting, Relevant, Great writing, Entertaining

See it if You want to be taken back to simpler times where what you thought were huge problems, really weren't.

Don't see it if You hate being entertained by ambitious independent theatre

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