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Kink Haus

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About the show

With a heady mix of music, dance, visual arts, lights, sounds and a maverick attitude, this new work depicts the raw, dark and sometimes outlandish sexual journey people travel, in search of identity and freedom. 

Philadelphia performance artist Gunnar Montana and his band of misfits ​will ​examine the impulses that make us vulnerable, ultimately allowing us to celebrate the expressions​ that make us powerful. Set in an underground nightclub, the young multi-faceted performance artist and his cast examine the impulses that excite us when fantasy, fetish, and carnal desire are at play.

Boy Culture

"Billed as fringe, but I came away thinking it was more mainstream than it realizes...It's an attention-grabbing, joyful gender-romp that is athletically choreographed and a visual smorgasbord...If you're not so concerned about what the show's message is, 'Kink Haüs' is impossible not to enjoy — the dancing is impeccable and unexpected, and there is a bacchanalian atmosphere so intense it's hard to believe the whole spectacle is over in under an hour." Full Review

Off Script with Dan Dwyer

"A gay fantasia that celebrates with outlandish dance and visual spectacle...from the apparently autobiographical experience of its creator Gunnar Montana...He's transformed La Mama into an underground disco, with the dance floor as performance space...Montana’s fantasia enfolds in a series of about a dozen vignettes of boldly athletic dances choreographed to a 1980s/90s soundtrack...'Kink Haus' never ceases being theatrical." Full Review

DC Metro Theater Arts

for a previous production "The unabashed multi-disciplinary artist recreates the decadent ambience and dissipated happenings in his company’s own immersive installation and performance...An ensemble of six daring dancers performs a masterful series of provocative segments that combine eroticism and risqué humor with an array of well-integrated genres...You won’t even need a safe word, just an open mind, and an appreciation for fierce dance and audacious design." Full Review


for a previous production "An hour of racy, beautiful movement and routines from six performers with industrial-strength bodies...If you think that means an iffy production, forget it — everything about 'Kink Haüs' is classy...'Kink Haüs' seems to be reaching for a new level of androgyny. In the end, none of that is key; the dancing itself is what’s so exciting...It’s a Fringe-defining show." Full Review


for a previous production "Dance numbers, including a fusion of nearly contortionistic prop and balletic dancing, are performed by an uber talented cast. A sweeping variety of outrageously creative and naughty haute costumes, a surreally detailed set...and preciously preposterous props, combine with phenomenal staging for a locomotive evening of entertainment you’ll never forget. Daring feats of dance, feisty fitness skits and fur, effervescent sound, spacey changelings...anything goes at 'Kink Haus.'" Full Review


for a previous production "The surprise is how charged with playful energy the show is...Montana notes the choreographic collaboration with the cast, and liberated dance was just as much on the front burner in 'Kink Haus' as Montana’s more freighted sexual themes in previous shows...The song mix and soundscape by Montana is trance-inducing and club transporting and tribe-trance-inducing." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

for a previous production "Montana’s 'Kink Haus' serves the queer fantasy of your dreams...It’s loud music, dildos, heels, and lubed-up dance floors from there forward. We all know what we’re here for: hot dancing with heaping portions of sex. Montana’s production delivers, if only in a tease. Structurally, it just starts to get good, and then it’s over. And for a title like 'Kink Haus' I expected to be shocked; instead, the erotica here is actually pretty tame." Full Review

Philadelphia Weekly

for a previous production "A relentless visual rollercoaster from start to finish...The show’s loose narrative succeeds in exploring the playfulness and joy and freedom of kink, while also providing commentary on identity issues. But the show’s numerous themes begin to pile up, and as a result the show starts to buckle under its own weight. The ending felt uncharacteristically abrupt, but 'Kink Haus' generates more than enough energy to compensate for its diffuseness." Full Review

Funny, Intense, Raunchy, Riveting, Fabulous

See it if you are looking for a highly-stylized, energizing, surprising production with excellent choreography, and brilliant lighting and set design.

Don't see it if you want to take you parents or children to the theatre, or if you're offended by nsfw content--otherwise, you should check it out!

Also I was worried that this production would be too reliant on raunch and ... Read more Read less

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Absorbing, Ambitious, Clever, Entertaining

See it if You want a magical night out submerged in queer fun and fantasy!

Don't see it if You do not like nudity or fringe performances.

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