There’s a baby in the bathroom, troops on the ground in Iraq, and Christina Aguilera blaring from the speakers. It’s 2003 and the night of the senior prom in 'Okay,' a play by Obie Award-winning playwright Taylor Mac.

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Inspired by true events, 'Okay' is the story of a teenage girl giving birth in a bathroom during her senior prom. Friends and enemies pass through, hyped from the party and unaware of the life-altering circumstances in the next stall. Coming-of-age in a post-9/11 world isn’t easy, and these seven teenagers have a lot of decisions to make...but tonight, they just want to dance. Though 'Okay' was originally performed as a one-man show by playwright Taylor Mac, UglyRhino reconceives it for an ensemble of actors, with the audience immersed in a 2003 prom, complete with drama, drinks, and dancing.


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Stage Buddy

"A subversively brilliant production...Each of the seven characters that appear onstage contain archetypal qualities that are beautifully humanized by the layered work of the ensemble. Most of them deliver cleverly written monologues in which they comment about the state of America in the aftermath of 9/11...It’s the end of the world as they knew it...Mac’s writing perfectly encompasses the heartbreak, disillusionment, but also the undefeatable lust for life they feel." Full Review

New York Theatre Review

"A rare ensemble drama with distinctly developed characters whose journeys complicate, rather than compete with, one another's...Witnessing the prom-goers confront the burdens of confinement, intimacy, and the impatience of waiting for their lives to begin, we are reminded that these intricacies of personal connection never disappear...'Okay' is full of attitude and a lot of fun, and a gentle reminder that there is life on the other side of high school and September 11, 2001." Full Review

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