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Regina Robbins' "Quicksand," tracks the journey of Helga Crane, daughter of a Danish white mother and West Indian black father, as she searches for a community of her own. More…

Crane's travels take her through black, white, and predominantly male-dominated populations of the deep South, Denmark, and New York, eventually returning her to the same place she started still other, still alien, still unfulfilled. Dynamic staging and an electric ensemble reflect the constant motion and deep unrest that comes from trying to find ones place in the world.

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Great staging, Absorbing, Ambitious, Slow, Great acting
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Ambitious, Great singing, Slow, Entertaining, Great staging

See it if you enjoy a good story by a fine, large cast making the most of a small stage in non-stop action with good props and mostly acapella songs.

Don't see it if you are not ready to sit through the complete story - it runs long with a 10 minute intermission.Multiple roles by cast can be confusing.

Ambitious, Great acting, Great staging, Indulgent, Overrated

See it if You know someone in the play. You want to see some great staying for a small theater, and actors playing multiple roles

Don't see it if There was no story. We watch the main character just float along as things happen TO her. At the end of act 1 I wondered what the story was

Absorbing, Great writing, Great acting, Slow, Resonant

See it if You want to know more of the Jazz Age and the social politics of the time here and abroad. There is some very interesting choreography.

Don't see it if You are looking for a happy musical.

Absorbing, Epic, Resonant, Great staging, Dizzying

See it if You like epic dramas that span continents. You're interested in 1920s Harlem (or Copenhagen, etc.)

Don't see it if It's quite long, so if you don't like sitting through long plays, skip it. Also there are a lot of characters--could be confusing.

Great acting, Ambitious, Slow, Intelligent

See it if you want to see a work in progress. There is some very fine acting on that stage some of the cast is not as strong as the lead who is great

Don't see it if you are not up for a three hour play. It really needs to be trimmed.

Interesting story idea, poorly written, Poor direction and staging, Game cast, Disappointing

See it if you're interested in new work.

Don't see it if you want good writing and good direction

Absorbing, Entertaining, Great singing, Resonant, Confusing

See it if You like historical plays deal with racism, culture, education. It follows the main character from deep south to Chicago, Harlem, Copenhagen

Don't see it if You are into classic play, this was a bit experimental.

Also What an amazing ensemble! I loved every minute of it, except for misle... Read more Read less

Great directing, Story of the jazz age & harlem renaissance, Ambitious, Clever, Explores bi-racial identity

See it if you enjoy stories about bi-racial identity; you're a Harlem Renaissance fan; you like to see a strong female protagonist battle racism

Don't see it if you don't like indie theatre; you only go to Broadway shows; you prefer buddy stories; you look down on miscegenation; you like musicals

Also The stage drama by Regina Robbins is based on an obscure novel "Quicks... Read more Read less

Great acting, Great staging, Entertaining, Slow, Absorbing

See it if you are interested in the life of a bi-racial, intelligent, well-educated woman in the 1920s in the South, Chicago, Harlem and Copenhagen.

Don't see it if you don't care about racial issues, women or life in the 1920s.

Also I love the story, the amazing actors and their incredible singing and ... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Great staging, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Intense

See it if You are interested in following a young woman find herself, and her future while confronting her past

Don't see it if If you dont like 1920"s based plays with a mix of drama, race, song and movement

Great acting, Great staging, Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if you love relevant historic drama that is beautifully staged and thought provoking.

Don't see it if you are looking for simple entertainment.

Ambitious, Slow, Relevant, Intelligent, Disappointing

See it if interested in nuances of multi-racial experiences, historical dramas, and true-to-text adaptations of classic works.

Don't see it if looking for a short, concise evening, or dislike "indicated" set pieces. Expect full orchestra with music.

Also Saw a performance early in the run. Great ensemble work (though needed... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Great staging, Great singing, Confusing, Intelligent

See it if you like music in plays, dancing, adaptations of books, interesting arratives about race in early 20th c America & Europe, good staging

Don't see it if you prefer short shows (2 hr 45 mins when I saw it) and satisfying endings; you don't like actors in multiple roles or music on stage

Absorbing, Masterful, Resonant, Thought-provoking

See it if you like a good plot taken from a Harlem renaissance novel. See if if you like interesting staging on a small intimate stage

Don't see it if you dont like to venture away from the lights of Broadway. If you need fancy sets and effects, this is not the play for you.

Absorbing, Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Slow

See it if You appreciate clever staging m, talented young actors, and a work in progress.

Don't see it if You want a polished piece. And if you get cold easily (theater and hallways can use some heat)

Absorbing, Clever, Intelligent, Great staging

See it if you like personal journey stories and seeing theatrical scene changes.

Don't see it if you are a fan of sheer realism or can't follow multiple character changes.

Also This is a lovely story from a forgotten novelist and I'm glad it has b... Read more Read less

Delightful, Great writing, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if I found it engaging. Characters well played. Story needs to be told. Fascinating story. Kudos to all...

Don't see it if What's not to like? It's rather long... But where to make cuts? None

Great singing, Entertaining, Clever, Resonant, Slow

See it if you want to see a unique play with nontraditional stagecraft about a biracial woman in Copenhagen and Harlem in Jazz age.

Don't see it if you like traditional musicals, it is pretty experimental. Great ensemble work. Long play, lasted almost 3 hrs, despite announced 2h15m.

Great singing, Great acting, Great staging, Great writing, Must see

See it if you want to see a wonderfully entertaining play infused with jazz, gospel, live music, dance, amazing performances, direction and staging

Don't see it if you have absolutely no imagination at all.

Also This was one of the best plays that I've experienced this year! This p... Read more Read less

Confusing, Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Intense, Great acting

See it if You enjoy new adaptations/works

Don't see it if You can't handle longer plays

Absorbing, Ambitious, Thought provoking, Great staging, Great writing

See it if You like thought provoking theater with great writing, acting and movement.

Don't see it if Don't like to think!

December 5th, 2018
"'Quicksand,' Nella Larsen's 1928 award-winning first novel, has been given an ambitious, epical stage adaptation by Everyday Inferno Theatre Company working out of the IRT Theater. While Regina Robbins' script for this Harlem Renaissance literary work basically is an assigning of the text of the...
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December 5th, 2018
"The ensemble cast was uneven, excelling in some roles and remaining flat in others...'Quicksand' is undoubtedly an interesting story, with many themes still incredibly relevant today...That being said, too much of the novel has been laid out on the stage, which has created an unnecessarily long ...
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December 4th, 2018
“’Quicksand’ is an apt name for the ambitious world premiere...It chronicles the story of Helga, a woman of both mixed ancestry and mixed race...Interesting though Helga’s story may be, Koivisto’s production is too long. It’s laden with layers of exposition...Weighed down by...historical, social,...
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