Why I created Show-Score

I love theater. As a kid, when everyone else was playing sports, I did community theater. Much later, as a tech entrepreneur working in Silicon Valley, I was a regular at the Berkeley Rep and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. After that, when our family lived overseas, we’d go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to see ~60 shows in 10 days. Most recently, when my wife Sharon and I became empty-nesters, we moved to NYC and saw over 250 shows in our first year here!

While it was great to see so many shows, it was also increasingly frustrating. I couldn’t find a centralized list of everything running in NYC, especially far off Broadway. It took hours of Googling to track down reviews. And of course, finding discounts was like being in a Kafka novel. Meanwhile, I was drowning in emails from the theater companies I liked, and couldn’t find a simple way to know what my favorite artists were doing next.

I kept hearing similar frustrations from other theater fans: “I’d go to more shows if it weren’t so hard to figure out what to see.”

One recent show is a great example of this dynamic. Sharon and I loved an amazing solo show “Every Brilliant Thing” at the Barrow Street Theater. We went on a Sunday night, about two weeks after a rave review from The New York Times. Tickets were affordable. Yet the house was half empty!

In the world capital for theater, I am amazed that theater companies and audiences have such a hard time finding each other. It breaks my heart to see so many good productions struggle to fill seats.

As a tech geek and theater fan, I realized that technology could help, just as it has for movies and travel. I imagined a website that organizes critic and consumer reviews, easily compares discounts, and sends alerts about upcoming shows from artists and companies -- a Rotten Tomatoes or TripAdvisor for theater.

Remarkably, this didn’t exist.

So I decided to build it.

Show-Score is built by theater fans, for theater fans. Show-Score simply and clearly organizes the information you need to discover shows you’ll love, from people you trust, at the right price for you. Best of all, we make it fun for you to share what you think about the shows you’ve seen.

When we started, Show-Score’s original members were our theater-going friends. Now we want to expand the community to include everyone who loves theater. Together we can help each other find shows we’ll love, while expanding audiences for this amazing art form that we hold so dear.

Welcome to Show-Score!

Tom Melcher
Founder and Chairman