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Ain't Too Proud – The Life and Times of The Temptations (NYC)

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The Temptations' extraordinary journey from the streets of Detroit to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

With their signature dance moves and unmistakable harmonies, they rose to the top of the charts, creating an amazing 42 Top Ten Hits with 14 reaching number one. The rest is history — how they met, the groundbreaking heights they hit, and how personal and political conflicts threatened to tear the group apart as the United States fell into civil unrest. This story of brotherhood, family, loyalty, and betrayal is set to the beat of the group's treasured hits, including “My Girl,” “Just My Imagination,” “Get Ready,” “Papa Was a Rolling Stone,” and so many more.

2h 45m | Open run | Imperial Theatre (Midtown W)

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Entertaining, Great singing, Delightful, Great staging, Absorbing
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Delightful, Absorbing, Great singing, Great dancing, Entertaining

See it if You want a high energy, entertaining way to learn about The Temptations. If you liked Jersey Boys you’ll probably like this.

Don't see it if You hate jukebox musicals, this is about as typical as they come...”First we did this...sing a song...then we did that...sing another song”.

Also I went in with VERY LOW EXPECTATIONS and was pleasantly surprised. The... Read more Read less

Overrated, Fluffy, Disappointing, Banal, Ambitious

See it if Another ho hum jukebox musical . Great sets some great singing and dancing.

Don't see it if Story plot is weak and banal. Costant motion that stands still.

Great singing & dancing, Disappointing, Indulgent, Entertaining, Formulaic

See it if you like the Motown sound & want to see spectacular performers recreate the sounds & moves of The Temps (& to a lesser degree The Supremes).

Don't see it if u hope for a musical w/heart, depth or an unbiased POV; u might get motion sickness from the set pieces & projections that NEVER STOP MOVING

Also This is a true "jukebox musical" in the sense that you might as well h... Read more Read less

Relevant, Must see, Great staging, Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if So so good. The dancing is even better than the singing. A fabulous tale re: the music industry. Huge amount of talent. ALSO

Don't see it if Sorry that we missed Jeremy Pope.

Also When do we see a large orchestra these days? And so good. The size of ... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Compelling book, Great music, Great dancing, Ambitious

See it if You like the Temptations, Motown, history of R&B, great dance moves, inner workings of a music group, dynamic presentation, true stories

Don't see it if You’re not a fan of the Temptations, R&B music, Motown music, loud sound & bright moving lights, superficial historical plots

Fluffy, Great staging, Great singing, Delightful, Entertaining

See it if Jukebox bio musical of '60s R&B group. Familiar lively renditions of Detroiter favourites w/ pathos sprinkled throughout.Great choreography.

Don't see it if Unlike jukebox of Tina, Donna, Gloria & Cher with one single thread focus; the narrative here is clogged by five. Unfamiliar Temp featured.

Also Not begging for more.

If you'd like to see a nostalgic, highly skilled concert of the "temptations" greatest hits, this is for you; otherwise ...

See it if 2 see super-slick, high energy choreography mated to the Temp's iconic hits; appreciate how racial environment affected group

Don't see it if biopicish: conventional story of group's rise/fall; tho performers are strong singers, there's no way you'll confuse them w the originals

Also This show, more or less, faithfully tells the triumphant but ultimatel... Read more Read less

Nostalgic, Energetic, Brisk, Great staging, Great singing

See it if You love the Temps, or would like to see a well-done jukebox musical that tells an interesting story briskly and with great music/dancing.

Don't see it if You’re sick of jukebox musicals, especially those about Motown sensations.

Absorbing, Moving, Great staging, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if you would like an entertaining and often moving story of the group The Temptations. I knew their music and now I know more about them.

Don't see it if you do not like The Temptations or their music or any Motown music.

Also I liked the telling of how the group formed and evolved. The music was... Read more Read less

Great staging, Great acting, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if Polished professional production. Very talented actors who can dance & sing, and seem like they're having a great time. Storyline too.

Don't see it if You're not in the mood for a feel-good pick-me-up musical.

Not sugarcoated, Clever, Delightful, Exquisite

See it if You are hoping to get a real insightful look as to what it was like for the Temptations as they rose to fame

Don't see it if You are expecting a light and fluffy musical. This is very much a drama with some really sad moments

Also I don’t see many musicals so it’s probably not that big of a surprise ... Read more Read less

Great orchestra, Enthusiastic, Interesting story, Very good singing, Entertaining

See it if You love Motown music and the Temptations. This songs are nostalgic & the choreography is wonderful. Pace could be faster.

Don't see it if You expect an elaborate musical and set. Or a great storyline acted out by the singers. One Temptation is the main narrator.

Also If you were alive in the Motown era, this is a must see. The audience ... Read more Read less

Broadway sound system makes the songs pop, Lively choreography on treadmill and double revolve, Tragic backstory, Great crossover hits

See it if Otis Williams is the last man standing of the original five and the foundation for 24 singers who have performed as the Temptations.

Don't see it if You don’t like the Temptations Motown crossover songs. Front mezzanine provides the best overall view.

Another bio pic that whitewashes the story, Indulgent, Excruciating, Cliched

See it if you want to see a Temptations tribute group do an impersonation.Choreo isn't as sharp as it should be.They frequently aren't in sync.

Don't see it if you don't want 1 more bio show written by the person involved so that they are the hero and/or victim of every event.No admission of error.

Great staging, Crowd pleaser, Great dancing, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if you’re up for flawlessly executed song and dance and panache. I teared up on cue.

Don't see it if Similar to other “how we became famous/nearly destroyed ourselves at the expense of everyone around us but hey what a legacy” true stories.

Also I’m not really into destructive celebrity culture and usually pass on ... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Great choreography, Great staging, Great singing

See it if You love the Temptations.

Don't see it if You are looking for high brow entertainment, good story

Great orchestra, Entertaining, Formulaic book, Great choreo & dancing, Great singing

See it if you're a fan of Motown music. When the excellent cast is singing & dancing, the show soars..

Don't see it if when the music stops so does the momentum. The show is based on the remembrances of Otis Williams.

Engaging, Entertaining, Great music, Great singing

See it if you remember The Temptations and like their music, if you like R&B & enjoy good singing & would enjoy background stories about the band.

Don't see it if You do not care for this band or their music and do not enjoy stories about bands and their members.

Great writing, Great choreography, Great staging, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if jukebox musical about the group with its multiple members over time; story reflecting the different times in which they performed*

Don't see it if Want the individual songs longer; don't want a story narrated

Also * (such as Detroit Riots, segregation,etc.) Also shows some of the fam... Read more Read less

Best jukebox musical since jersey boys, Entertaining, Great acting, Great singing, Ambitious

See it if you want a great story, great acting, singing, and dancing, and a great time!

Don't see it if you are dead inside. Actually, see it especially then - this will revive you!

Fluffy, Great staging, Entertaining, Lots of fun

See it if Did you like Motown? It’s nearly impossible not to have fun. Are the Temptations reincarnated? No, but the facsimiles are better dancers!

Don't see it if Please remember this is a Broadway show, not a rock concert. There’s no need to shout David Ruffin’s name - you’re watching an actor.

Stark set design and so-so book, Entertaining, Nostalgia-infused, Slick, Excellent singing and music

See it if a fan of The Temptations (or not), Motown music, or biographical musicals that keep the light bright and mostly away from the darker stuff.

Don't see it if expecting a super-realistic look at the creation and legacy of The Temptations and their contemporary world, with sociopolitical honesty.

Also Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Temptations is a jukebox-/b... Read more Read less

Great singing

See it if Saw this before Broadway. It's another musical bio show (like Jersey Boys, Beautiful etc) I'm particularly fond of the music, and fun choreo

Don't see it if Seeing another bio show doesn't interest you.

Also Saw this 9/08/18 in LA

Fast, Great singing

See it if Amazing singing and dancing — so on point! "Bio pic" of the institution of The Temptations and its members (sadly, many die young).

Don't see it if Motown or R&B aren't your jam. Had elements of racism, but would've liked more social commentary, esp. on the premature deaths of black men.

Also Ticket from online lottery for $42. Seat on side orchestra.

Overrated, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if like Temptations music told is a standard, seen-before format. Like Jersey Boys this is for you though what's the difference?

Don't see it if want more than "this is what happened" kind of show. Better biopics out there. Too much just facing forward and telling the story.

March 21st, 2019
"Shrewd direction of Des McAnuff, with sensational choreography by Sergio Trujillo...While honoring all the expected biomusical clichés, which include rolling out its subjects’ greatest hits in brisk and sometimes too fragmented succession, this production refreshingly emphasizes the improbable t...
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March 21st, 2019
"No matter how much you may chafe at the clunky machinery of Broadway’s latest jukebox biomusical, 'Ain’t Too Proud,' the hits just keep coming, distracting your critical faculties with zaps of R&B greatness...The problem with telling the story of the Temptations is that there isn’t a clear centr...
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March 21st, 2019
"While the tunes themselves are predictably wonderful and the cast’s voices ravishing, 'Ain’t Too Proud' itself has no real arc or engine...Dominique Morisseau’s book has moments of wit, but it’s also got plenty of corny clunkers and ultimately feels like a scroll through the band’s Wikipedia pag...
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March 21st, 2019
"Sure, there are craft issues with a show that's more narrated than dramatized...But as a fan experience, this high-energy tribute delivers big time...Propulsively directed by bio-musical specialist Des McAnuff...The briskly paced production frequently generates the excitement of a terrific conce...
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