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American Psycho

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The musical 'American Psycho' is based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel about a Wall Street banker set in the excess of 1980s Manhattan, and features music by Duncan Sheik. More…

'American Psycho' follows 26-year-old Patrick Bateman: a sophisticated, rich and devastatingly handsome Wall Street banker in 1980s New York City. He’s got a sculpted body, a model-gorgeous girlfriend and a to-die-for apartment. Patrick and his elite group of friends spend their days in exclusive restaurants, hot clubs and luxury labels. But at night, Patrick takes part in a more sinful indulgence, and his mask of sanity is starting to slip.

2h 40m | Already closed | Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre (Midtown W)

USA Today

“Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's razor-sharp libretto, looms larger and sparks more debate than ever...The triumph of this ‘American Psycho,’ directed with gale force and fabulous style by Rupert Goold, is that it doesn't get lost in the details informing its brilliant, brutal satire...There is human pain and soulful beauty in Sheik's score...But for all its sobering, scathing elements, ‘American Psycho's’ ingenuity and sheer vivacity will leave you as invigorated as you are spooked.” Full Review

DC Metro Theater Arts

"A dazzling and original musical theatre piece...Startling and entertaining throughout...The role of Patrick Bateman in this daring musical puts Walker center stage with the kind of performance that turned Hugh Jackman into a major musical theatre star in 'The Boy From Oz'…This is a beautifully crafted example of how gifted writers and directors can transform a successful novel into something seemingly brand new." Full Review


“Based on the Brett Easton Ellis novel which led to the equally controversial movie, this ‘American Psycho’ has been given a sensational high-concept production by Rupert Goold. The story of a Wall Street investment banker who moonlights as a serial killer by night is a high-camp satire of the conspicuous consumption, greed and excesses of the late 1980’s. As anti-hero Patrick Bateman, charismatic Benjamin Walker returns to Broadway for the first time since ‘Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson’.” Full Review


"A slickly thrilling production, even as impressive as its hunky leading man - amply endowed with a set of pipes and acting chops to die for…Walker perfectly captures the novel's cynical view of Wall Street's narcissistic consumer culture...Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa does a fine job balancing the story's dark humor with its deadly serious overtones…Goold's stylized staging provides us with a uniquely compelling vision…And the performances - all spot on." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"For those who will undoubtedly see a reflection of the very same shallow New York they still inhabit, the show will be the most terrifying experience they’ve had on Broadway...The show becomes a provocative character study, rather than have the audience study, judge and dissect Patrick and company, we are invited to develop empathy for them, something which proves to be challenging, discomforting and ultimately quite moving." Full Review

Out Magazine

"Benjamin Walker is terrific as the increasingly haunted Patrick...Act One is sardonic and kicky—a new kind of slickly cynical. Act Two loses a little steam...but it’s still innovatively presented while re-proving the old adage that sex and violence sell. I loved the show, finding it way more fascinating than the kitschy, more heartwarming musicals made out of old films.” Full Review

The Associated Press

“The gloriously gory, sleek, over-the-top musical is a darkly wonderful adaptation of the once-controversial novel by Bret Easton Ellis...The creators haven't held back...Graphic sex acts, torturing, stabbing, slashing, axe-wielding, snorting coke off toilets, unsexy orgies and bones cracking are just part of the horrors...Sheik's electronic-and choral-based score is marvelously varied...‘Selling Out,’ the musical's standout track, is infectious...Come, but bring an umbrella.” Full Review

Peconic Public Broadcasting

"'American Psycho' is so overwhelming that you will remain overwhelmed for most of its lurid two acts. It is a brilliant piece of stagecraft with some terrific performances and musical numbers...The first act is probably the finest on Broadway today and when you head for intermission minus an axe, you really will be shaking your head or just shaking. The mayhem slows down near the end of the second act as a silly love affair goes on way too long." Full Review

NY Theatre Guide

"A high-octane nightclub musical that you leave still feeling the reverb of the evening in your chest...Directed by Rupert Goold, 'American Psycho' doesn’t give you a moment to breath...Oft times it was unclear of the true tone of the show, one half pulling toward the absurd, and the other wanting to explore Bateman’s earnest drops of needy humanity. It is this extraordinary sense of disconnect that works...A darkly funny romp into a decade not yet forgotten." Full Review

Harper's Bazaar

"The entire production reads like one long MTV video inspired by Lady Gaga. With music by Duncan Sheik, this is a performance that's equal parts weird and wonderful…The songs are more lyrically ironic and nostalgic than melodic, and they take a stab at the big themes of a decade defined by capitalism and greed..In the lineup of musicals this season, of one conviction you can be certain: 'American Psycho' slays. " Full Review

Entertainment Hour Blog

"Goold’s direction makes the production self-aware and satirical, continually poking fun at itself. Sheik’s electro-pop score is so catchy, I’m not-so-patiently waiting for the Broadway cast recording. It is truly a production that has to be experienced live; the new 'Sweeney Todd' for millennials...If you're like us, and eat this type of theater up, it is a sight to behold." Full Review

Shock Till You Drop

"The unpredictable careen and stark tonal shifts make for a spin on Ellis’ 25-five-year-old source material/novel that is, well, psychotic. In the absolute best way possible—a real cackling Grand Guignol possessing an unhinged wacky streak that is both hilarious and disquieting...The chic barbarism foundation has been laid, and all that is left is for Goold, Aguirre-Sacasa, Sheik, and a ridiculously hot/on-point cast to revel in it. And the the whole crew does so with panache." Full Review


"This distinctively modern show offers an uncomfortable mix of hilarity and horror…Under the masterfully precise direction of Rupert Goold, this roller-coaster ride will have you peering over your shoulder at the well-dressed patrons behind you…Everyone in the cast excels in this vocally and physically challenging show…Unfortunately, the dragging second act is wrapped up by a sung conclusion that tells us what to think about what we have just seen." Full Review

Entertainment Weekly

"Did he or didn’t he? That’s the question at the soulless heart of the Broadway musical centered on everyone’s favorite fictional ax-wielding ’80s antihero (Benjamin Walker, staggeringly good)...If you can resign yourself to the story’s innate ambiguity, you’re in for a perversely enjoyable experience. The script captures , and deftly skewers, all of the 1980s’ most over-the-top obsessions...Sheik’s bizarrely catchy, entirely electronic score plays like something blaring at Tunnel in 1989." Full Review

The Stage (UK)

"Rupert Goold's staging has gained in confidence and élan since London. Bustling, bristling and brilliant, it perfectly captures the queasy, restless energy of a New Yorker hurtling rapidly out of control. Ellis' portrait of a late 1980s New York species of entitled, Harvard-educated investment banker facing existential emptiness is perfectly pitched as a glossy Broadway musical, and the preening and swagger of the characters is matched by that of the production." Full Review

There Ought To Be Clowns

"Aguirre-Sacasa has adapted Ellis’ novel of amorality into a tautly entertaining tale that both mocks the period but also subversively questions the whole narrative…Underpinning the story is the glossily electronica-heavy score from Duncan Sheik of which I have to say I am a big fan…Yes, the show feels a bit like empty calories, it hasn’t much depth to it in the final analysis but like candy floss, it is hugely, hugely satisfying in the consumption." Full Review

Broadway Blog

"One problem is the story’s essential plotlessness...Lynne Page’s choreography makes excellent use of the 80s’ electro-pop club music that informs much of Sheik’s beat-heavy score, fun to hear but little of it more than momentarily memorable...Benjamin Walker walks the walk, talks the talk, looks the look, sings the songs, and dances the dances. Resistance to him, I’m afraid, is futile. This guy kills it." Full Review

The Wrap

“Sheik’s music gives Bateman a soul...Walker emerges as far more tortured than Bale...Musicals need more narrative drive than movies, and Walker (with help from Aguirre-Sacasa) supplies it...Es Devlin’s set design also provides a marvelous journey...Depending on how you look at it, it’s either horrifying or a hoot that audiences applaud when a musical number ends in mayhem. Goold and his book writer sometimes scrape the bottom, especially with the too easy references." Full Review

The Hollywood Reporter

“Is it a first-rate musical? Not quite...But the show is a very sharp, distinctly theatrical treatment of its source material, in many ways improving on Mary Harron's movie version from 2000...Walker is charismatic and commanding, but it's the broken, corrosively conflicted aspects of his characterization that make the performance so hypnotic...Even with its flaws, the musical is a bloody good time.” Full Review


"There’s no heart but lots of blood in Duncan Sheik and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s witty musical treatment of the scandalous novel...Director Goold serves up the greedy ’80s vibe with knife-edge tech design and razor-sharp musical choices…The staging is consistently stylish, and the well-drilled ensemble work is consistently impressive. Nevertheless, the second act is disappointing. The humor is less manic, the songs less cutting, and, more critically, the violence is not violent enough." Full Review

New York Post

“How do you adapt a sadistically violent book for the stage? Tone down the gore and dial up the satire. And that’s how Broadway’s ‘American Psycho: The Musical’ ended up less about a serial killer than about late-’80s excess and synth-pop tunes...The second act flags but the score is strong...Duncan Sheik’s synthesizer-heavy music...delivers a worthy follow-up to his ‘Spring Awakening'...A comic 'American Psycho' you can dance to? Somehow, it works.” Full Review

New York Daily News

“With its wicked wit, catchy ear candy and sexy cast, 'American Psycho' gives you a killer buzz—for a while...Director Rupert Goold’s staging boasts signature flash and style...The pace and interest slacken in the second act, when Bateman goes on a killing tear. The rampage generates as much terror as Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Minus a keen sense of danger, the show’s point is blunted...Through it all, handsome, hardbodied Walker hits all the right notes, seemingly without effort.” Full Review

Bob's Theater Blog

“"A triumph of style over substance...The soullessness of consumerist capitalism in the Reagan era is well-captured...The whirling sets, hyperactive videos, bright lights and gaudy costumes eventually produced a feeling of sensory overload and a diminishing conviction that the story was worth all the effort involved. The second act loses some of the early energy. Nevertheless, as its best moments, the show’s style overcomes its flaws and makes for edgy entertainment.” Full Review

Los Angeles Times

"The emptiness at the heart of 'American Psycho' is the source of both its originality and its eventual tediousness. What succeeds as satiric comedy falters when the mood turns more serious. But when the show works, it does so with tremendous flair. This isn't another 'Sweeney Todd,' but its sharp style lifts it above the mercenary rung of most musicals spun from pop cultural ephemera." Full Review

DC Theatre Scene

“‘American Psycho’, a musical about a fashion-conscious serial killer, is not the most misbegotten show ever on Broadway. It only feels that way for a couple of moments...The surface of the show is, admittedly, a triumph, visually striking from its first moments…Slickly directed by Rupert Goold...the musical showcases the work of its design team…‘American Psycho’ is well executed – entertaining even – but what exactly is the idea?” Full Review

Entertaining, Hilarious, Quirky, Clever

See it if You love 80s music & have an open- mind to something very different. We laughed throughout the show. What a hoot this show was!

Don't see it if You're not open to the quirkiness of this show.

Edgy, Ambitious, Masterful, Profound, Riveting

See it if Well, it has closed on Broadway, but it was a sheer genius. A thought-provoking critique on American capitalism. Great music & choreography.

Don't see it if You don't like '80s music, blood/violence, or shirtless men.

Refreshing, Riveting, Masterful, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if you enjoy new takes on the source material. It's an awesome callback, definitely worth the watch just to listen to the songs.

Don't see it if you don't like horror/thriller shows. It's American Psycho after all.

Clever, Ambitious, Edgy

See it if Love cutting edge theater with amazing sets and lighting

Don't see it if You have a weak stomach for violence and blood

Entertaining, Exquisite, Clever

See it if You like different

Don't see it if You don't like blood

Absorbing, Clever, Refreshing, Riveting, Must see


Don't see it if YOURE UNDER THE AGE OF 14

Intense, Original, Riveting, Great staging, Great acting

See it if You want a unique original show. Such a power house that resonated once you left the theatre. Strong actors, great choreography and staging.

Don't see it if Take the rated R rating highly. No appropriate for children or family's.

Original, Riveting, Great staging, Great acting, Masterful

See it if not if but because of Benjamin Walker!!!!

Don't see it if (I don't want to know why)

Ambitious, Clever, Entertaining

See it if You love set design and lighting

Don't see it if You are not a fan of violence, modern musicals, or loud sounds

Absorbing, Hilarious, Intense, Relevant, Great staging

See it if You want to see something visually stimulating, and if you like the film - in my opinion, it's much better than the film.

Don't see it if You don't like blood.

Ambitious, Cliched, Entertaining, Edgy, Raunchy

See it if you enjoyed the movie

Don't see it if you're not into blood and killing

Clever, Entertaining, Masterful, Great writing, Great acting

See it if This show will especially appeal to anyone that grew up in the 80's! The writing is clever & original and the acting is superb!

Don't see it if If you are bothered by sex or blood! The show has adult themes and is not good for a younger audience.

Clever, Edgy, Sexy slick

See it if you are a fan of the movie or you want to see something you NEVER see on Broadway

Don't see it if you're squeamish or do not like hip, sexy, slick theater

Absorbing, Great staging, Edgy, Epic, Intense

See it if You love art on stage, satire, and you want to hear the best song about fashion ever written

Don't see it if You are against blood and sex

Absorbing, Raunchy, Intense, Original, Edgy

See it if You enjoy very edgy, off beat theater.

Don't see it if Blood bothers you!

Ambitious, Great staging, Riveting, Must see, Dizzying

See it if You want something ambitious. Unlike anything I've ever seen

Don't see it if You can only accept a classic musical and hate original theatre

Clever, Exquisite, Great staging, Great acting, Must see

See it if You love Duncan Sheik's music, and something that is very different from most other Broadway shows. See it if you want a great night out!!

Don't see it if you are a young kid

Clever, Great staging, Must see, Original, Edgy

See it if You were a fan of the book/film. This production is unique, smart & very sharp! Benjamin Walker commands the stage. Staging is brilliant.

Don't see it if You aren't a fan of foul language, sex and half naked men.

Entertaining, Great acting, Great staging, Must see, Clever

See it if You want so see somthing totally different from your normal Broadway experience be immersed in the world of Mr.Bateman withstunning visuals

Don't see it if not for kids also if your not a fan of sexual situations or blood and if you don't want to see Walker in his tighty whiteys 😜

Entertaining, Edgy, Epic, Great acting, Intelligent

See it if You want to see a visually stunning masterpiece with absorbing music and inspired acting.

Don't see it if You are afraid of blood, sex, or axe murderers.

Edgy, Great staging, Intelligent, Profound, Great acting

See it if you loved the book or movie or have ever wanted to stop what you're doing in the middle of the day, run out into the street naked and scream

Don't see it if you are a prude, have a weak stomach or worship the almighty dollar.

Edgy, Great staging, Intense, Thought-provoking, Resonant

See it if you enjoy dark comedy. If you want an interesting look into someone's mind, all with amazing effects & great performances, this is for you.

Don't see it if you want a lighter show. This is heavy and intense right from the opening. This show is not kid friendly either.

Clever, Riveting, Intense

See it if You enjoy a fun scary new musical that takes you through it all

Don't see it if you can't stand blood

Ambitious, Clever, Edgy, Original, Intelligent

See it if You want to see a commentary on American excess

Don't see it if You want something traditional

Clever, Delightful, Entertaining, Great acting

See it if Very original exquisite taste and performance wonderful design great acting

Don't see it if De see it

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