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Children of a Lesser God

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This Tony-winning drama about the romance and marriage of a sensitive but spirited deaf girl and a devoted (and hearing) teacher returns to Broadway starring Joshua Jackson ('Dawson's Creek') and Lauren Ridloff.

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Sometimes, a fleeting glance or a subtle touch can speak volumes. In an age where texts and tweets make it seem like the whole world is talking at once, this timeless play about the art of communication explores what it's really like to not be heard or understood.

In addition to the winning the 1980 Tony Award for Best Play, 'Children of a Lesser God' was adapted into an Academy Award-winning film. Directed by Tony Award winner Kenny Leon ('A Raisin in the Sun'), this production marks the play's first ever Broadway revival.


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Off Script with Dan Dwyer

for a previous production “Leon is giving a master class in a splendid, poetic revitalization - beyond revival…Leon has elevated the Tony Award-winning play…into a spiritual testament for tolerance and understanding. Leon’s casting is impeccable, and holds a marvelous key to his fresh, vital conceptualization of the drama…Joshua and Ridloff bring a palpable, natural sexiness to James and Sarah.” Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

for a previous production “Ridloff and Jackson breathe new life into Medoff's ever relevant play…The production features Kenny Leon's most capable direction…The initial act is fully and tightly engrossing from its very first moment. After intermission, the scripting itself, through a secondary plot, is for a time somewhat less intriguing. Finally, though, the concluding segment is once again urgent and even piercing…Joshua Jackson proves to be a solid, disciplined stage actor.” Full Review

Berkshire Eagle

for a previous production “A passionate, vigorously played, insightful production...The performances around Jackson and Ridloff are strong and authentic…But ‘Children of a Lesser God’ belongs to James and Sarah. Leon's production is at its most compelling and incandescent when it is in the hands of either or both…Jackson handles the currents and eddies in James' emotional ride with uncommon skill…Ridloff's Sarah is as complex and layered as she is captivating.” Full Review

Times Union

for a previous production “Ridloff is spellbinding as Sarah, the deaf woman at the center of the powerful and handsome new production...The drama of the second act builds in intensity, but its full emotional power is never realized because Jackson isn't completely convincing...Given the strength of the rest of the cast Jackson's difficulties create problems of rhythm and continuity…For all the masterfulness of Leon's staging…the production still feels incompletely worked out…Finally, the age of the play shows.” Full Review

The Westfield News

for a previous production “Medoff’s play is still compelling almost forty years after its premiere…Leon stages ‘Children of a Lesser God’ with ingenuity and excitement...Baldassari’s lighting designs are brilliant. I found Ayite’s costumes superb…Jackson commands the stage…It’s a challenging role, and Jackson is riveting throughout the play. Lauren Ridloff…gives a tour-de-force performance that is a marvel to behold…This play offers a richness of comedy and drama with a theme people can understand.” Full Review

On Stage Blog

for a previous production “This production feels timeless…Deaf culture is respectfully and truthfully shown by Director Kenny Leon…Jackson nails the finer points of the play…Topics covered by the show are deep and emotional and Jackson delivers on every level…Amazing chemistry between Jackson and Ridloff…I would recommend this show to anyone who likes good powerful theatre, and wants to expand their world a little bit.” Full Review

Berkshire On Stage

for a previous production “McLane’s set is exceptional…Ridloff seems completely comfortable in her role…McGinty is fine as the firebrand Orin…Stephen Spinella plays the head of the school with such confidence and wry humor that we revel in every moment he is onstage. ‘Children of a Lesser God’ could have benefited from some judicious cutting…One wonders whether this play is primarily a love story or a polemic in favor of deaf rights. Can a play be successful as both?” Full Review


for a previous production “A stunning production…Heartfelt and immediate…Ridloff's Sarah is a commanding presence whose every gesture, eye movement and pose signals the depth of her soul…The seamless dialogue and action succeeds in combining and exploring all of the complexities underlying human expectations through speech…The supporting cast is excellent…Leon has staged the play with grace and insight…A challenging and touching play.” Full Review

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