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Frozen the Musical (Broadway)

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Members say: Entertaining, Great singing, Enchanting, Delightful, Great staging

About the show

Disney brings its blockbuster animated movie musical to Broadway. This is the timeless tale of two sisters, pulled apart by a mysterious secret. Both are searching for love. They just don’t know where to find it. More…

'Frozen' features music and lyrics by the creators of the film score Kristen Anderson-Lopez and EGOT winner Robert Lopez, and a book by Jennifer Lee ('Zootopia,' 'Wreck-It Ralph'). 'Frozen' won 2014 Oscars for Best Song ("Let It Go") and Best Animated Feature.

The Reviews Hub

"This is a stunning adaptation from screen to stage and under Michael Grandage’s assured and slick direction, 'Frozen' will certainly run for years to come, especially if they continue to cast the production with the same calibre they have imbibed into the original cast...Grandage has brought 'Frozen' to life with sensitivity and verve showcasing what true family entertainment is about – big spectacle with truthful, honest and endearing performances that really envelop you in its magic spell." Full Review

Front Row Center

"A perfect confection...It is a fairy tale come to live in the present, physical world...A whole lot of Disney, a little Lloyd-Webber, a little John Williams, a ton of spectacle, and a boat load of that magic elixir, l-o-v-e...A timely show for the #MeToo and the #TimesUp era...This audience was in full throat at every calamity, each special effect (BRILLIANT!), and every blazing song (Levy and Murin have some serious pipes). They roared their approval at every triumph." Full Review

The Stage (UK)

"It’s a musical about female empowerment as two women battle innate powers to find their own strength in each other. Director Michael Grandage takes this seriously and finds Shakespearean echoes in the material. There’s also plenty of wit on display in the songs of husband and wife team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Grandage is incredibly well-served by a cast of terrific actors and singers...It has a clear narrative drive and is full of heartache." Full Review

Limelight Magazine (AU)

"Disney sails a steady course where humanity succeeds over mere effect and good old-fashioned theatricality triumphs over any temptation to overdo the technology. Oh, and it has a pretty flawless cast to boot...Grandage’s skill lies in recognising that in order to finesse some fairly subtle and weighty points...He is aided by Lee’s shapely book and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez’s feel-good music and lyrics...Worth every penny of its ticket price." Full Review


"Ashford and Grandage have transformed a 41-member cast into a smoothly coordinated theatrical organism...'Frozen' is an eye-popping illustration of what contemporary stage technology can achieve...But the physical production never overshadows the performances of an impressive company...This visually rich, wonderfully paced, aurally thrilling production keeps us wide-eyed and on tenterhooks for more than two hours, even when we know how things are going to end." Full Review

Broadway Blog

"For those who have approached past Disney musicals with subtle skepticism, 'Frozen''s sweeping theatricality, diverse casting, and message of female empowerment is a blast of crisp, wintry air...Once the spell is cast and the adventure begins, things lighten up significantly in the reflective sunshine of frozen Arendelle. Audiences can expect magical flourishes throughout...'Frozen' works hard to keep balance on its theatrical ice...Its message of sisterly love is refreshingly heartwarming." Full Review


"Though familiar, it comes across just as groundbreaking here as an audience full of kids and parents cheers on two strong female leads...Lee has fleshed out some of the story’s key plot points...But really, 'Frozen' comes down to two sparkling performances by Murin and Levy. Each actress seems born to play her role...Grandage does a respectable job of landing the massive property on its feet...It’s hard not to feel like you’ve just witnessed something very special." Full Review


"Grandage make magic happen on the Broadway stage once again...Levy may have found her perfect role as Elsa. She is stunning and radiant on the stage and she sings as if the music was made for her...Murin is equally impressive as the free spirited Anna with a powerful voice...Talented ensemble...There are some wonderful new additions to the score and the blockbuster anchor song 'Let It Go' gets a whole new life on a set of magical illusion created with beautiful lighting and projections." Full Review

Entertainment Weekly

"The film’s original creative team face the unenviable task of turning a family movie into something a little sleeker, a little deeper, and a little more sophisticated, all without losing its most beloved elements...They’ve certainly built a better 'Frozen'...Grandage refines the tale by putting the focus on the emotion first...Fans of the movie will be pleased to find Anna and Elsa safe in Levy and Murin’s gloved hands, and doubters may just find their hearts thawed." Full Review

JK's Theatre Scene

“An entertaining and delightfully grown-up affair...The music is much expanded, and is pretty seamlessly added throughout the show...Lee has crafted a surprisingly straight forward, traditional musical book...Rather plain, not extra magical...The second seems a bit off balance...There isn't much creativity in the staging...Overall...the creative team did a great job of crafting a more mature story, while retaining the familiar and beloved film elements for the stage.” Full Review


"As a musical, the plotting remains weak, but there is a special magic that only live theatre can produce, and it’s working a charming spell on the Broadway stage...Nothing comes close to that mega show-stopper 'Let It Go.' And happily, Caissie Levy does not disappoint...The technical stagecraft, impressive as it is, doesn’t overpower the human drama...But it really does all come down to the two lead performances...perfect role models in this age of female empowerment." Full Review

The Telegraph (UK)

"This is not a daring reinvention of the material, but a repackaging of the film for the stage...Brisk and entertaining for most of its two hours and 20 minutes, with the same characters that won the hearts of filmgoers brought to three-dimensional life...Occasionally demonstrates a more openly feminist outlook...Much of the musical’s appeal can be found in the enchanting pairing of Murin and Levy: they make the sisters relatable, endearing and fun." Full Review

Labor Press

"The show may not be the best by Broadway’s standards, but it creates a magic and enchantment that catches the imagination of children and adults who aren’t Disneyphobes. The score, by the prolific writing team of Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez, is as catchy as ever...Michael Grandage directs it with aplomb." Full Review

Inside the Magic

"A lavish celebration of family, love, and the magic of theater...Of course, there’s the showstopping 'Let It Go,' which is realized on stage with some very cool tricks...If you’re a fan of 'Frozen,' you will no doubt love this show. It stays true to the movie and brings Elsa’s powers to life on stage in ways that will make you believe in the magic of theater...This is really a show about family and unconditional love, so it’s a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones." Full Review


"British director Michael Grandage seems a strange choice for this musical, originally inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen,' as his forte has been contemporary plays like 'Frost/Nixon,' 'Red,' 'The Cripple of Inishmaan' and such classics as 'Hamlet,' 'Mary Stuart' and 'Hughie.' His staging is rather heavy in the style of a 19th century operetta; although Rob Ashford's lively choreography goes a long way to animating the musical numbers." Full Review

Chicago Tribune

"Vastly improved from its rocky Denver tryout...replete with richer storytelling, less extraneous comedy and with its crucial pair of sisters...finally letting go enough emotionally to thaw the center of their mutually dependent story...Truly, these both are very admirable and well-matched performances...And when it matters, you now feel them come together...The physical production remains a weird Nordic-Goth "Frozen" never feels aesthetically or confidently unified." Full Review

New York Magazine / Vulture

"The ensemble is bright and buoyant, with the regal Caissie Levy belting her heart out as Elsa and the adorable Patti Murin charming the lederhosen off everyone as Anna...There are real thrills and chills in many of the musical’s magical moments...There’s also a general feeling of padding to the show...The majority of Lopez and Anderson-Lopez’s new songs are, while serviceable and sweet, a bit generic...'Frozen' has its ups and downs...It may not be brilliant, but it’s certainly hygge." Full Review

Exeunt Magazine

"'Frozen' manages to be neither a carbon copy of the movie, nor an entirely novel product...Its most immediately apparent success is its evocation of setting...The enthusiasm for cultural authenticity does, in some respects, get a bit out of hand...There’s plenty of energy to go around on stage, and plenty of magic...Ultimately, the show is neither the riskiest nor the safest adaptation one can imagine, but it’s a solid one, a product that skillfully toes the Disney line." Full Review

Catholic Transcript

"The music is by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who wrote seven brilliant songs for the movie and added 12 ordinary new ones to the stage version...Offers plenty of entertainment, but it doesn’t have any of the unique genius that Taymor brought to 'The Lion King' or the creativity we enjoyed in other Disney ventures...What it does sport is something a bit different: a serious stirring story of a strong sister relationship...The story's creativity gets weakened." Full Review

Front Mezz Junkies

"Invention and dynamic wonderment isn’t going to be found under the standardized snowy landscapes of director Michael Grandage’s creation...All the main ingredients are present though...In Murin’s portrayal, the piece finds its connection and attachment, falling in love with her goofiness and sense of wonder...A purely serviceable Disney adaptation of the most successful animated movie of all time." Full Review

Theatre's Leiter Side

"The score is generally tuneful but often generic…Levy is ideal as the ice princess and Murin outstanding as her estranged, but valiant sister, each ringing a bell of sorts for female empowerment…Not on my list of favorites is the show's hokey, heavy-footed, overlong book...True love thaws icy hearts and everyone lives happily ever after…Even with its darker, adult-oriented psychological hues, and an unexpected character turnaround, too much of 'Frozen' remains icebound." Full Review


"A perfectly lovely Broadway musical by the standards of every other producer, but we go into a Disney show wishing upon a star for more...Jennifer Lee smartly adapts the story for the stage...None of these songs have quite the impact of the surefire showstopper 'Let It Go'...There's nothing groundbreaking about 'Frozen'...Stage snow, glory notes, and an unforgettable quick change. What more could you want from a Broadway show? Perhaps it really is dangerous to dream for more." Full Review

The Guardian (UK)

"Want to know the real star of 'Frozen'? That would be Sven, the reindeer...He is pure theatre and pure magic...'Frozen' is a good show. With its music, its dance, its flurry of likable offers most of the pleasures that we count on Broadway musicals to provide...It rarely feels like more than the movie and sometimes it feels like less...'Frozen' could be more inventive, more imaginative, more vital, more necessary. But as those little girls would almost certainly say, let it go." Full Review


"All the requisites for a major Disney spectacle have been checked off: amazing special effects, eye-popping costumes, incredible performances...Does the show lack the emotional wallop and grandeur of 'The Lion King,' the humanity and sophisticated wit of 'Aladdin'? Yes. Does it matter? Probably not...Mostly director Michael Grandage rests the tale on the shoulders of the two actresses playing Elsa and Anna, and they come through with loving, heartfelt performances." Full Review


"Much of the quirky charm of the film is missing, which can make the musical feel lumbering at times. There are, however, some delightful additions...Most of the 12 new songs written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez are introspective and dark, and meant to deepen our understanding of the characters...A work that captures a lot of what was delightful about the film, while giving us a bit more to think about." Full Review

Entertaining, Great staging, Great singing, Delightful, Enchanting

See it if you are a Disney fan. This musical is magical; taking you into a whimsical story of love triumphs over all. Sweet adventure! A must see!!!

Don't see it if you are not a Disney fan. But how can you not be. Disney is life!!!!

Entertaining, Great acting, Great singing, Must see, Exquisite

See it if You love the magic that Disney brings to everything! You want to be engrossed by the set, costume, and music design. You want to be echanted

Don't see it if You aren’t into the movie or into song you can sing too. You are just gonna compare it to the movie. You aren’t into magic

Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining, Great staging, Great singing

See it if You love Disney magic!!

Don't see it if You cant let it go.


See it if you liked the movie and want to see it brought to life with stellar performances

Don't see it if you don't like fairytales

Enchanting, Delightful, Great singing, Must see, Masterful

See it if you love Frozen the movie and magical shows - this one does the trick. The special effects are great, as is the singing / original cast!

Don't see it if you're not into kid-friendly shows.

Intelligent, Intense, Riveting

See it if You LOVE Frozen and want to sing along!

Don't see it if You don't want to see a live action version of a played out movie.

Also Absolutely loved the stage effects...

Breathtaking, Entertaining, Great staging, Funny, Absorbing

See it if you love the movie Frozen and a fan of Disney. It’s another home run for them in my book.

Don't see it if not a fan of Disney or the movie

Also Frozen on Broadway at the St James Theater was pretty amazing. This sh... Read more Read less

Clever, Funny, Great staging, Great singing, Great writing

See it if cassey leavy is in it

Don't see it if she isnt in it

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if this show is staged beautifully A great show for children and adults will enjoy it

Don't see it if no reason

Must see, Great staging, Exquisite, Delightful, Enchanting

See it if Magical, delightful, facinating, all ages but truly adults would truly appreciate staging and acting and that amazing reindeer all the more!

Don't see it if Anyone who doesn't appreciate a good story and a Disney production

Delightful, Enchanting, Exquisite, Great acting, Funny

See it if if you want to see a great Broadway productions with an outstanding cast, scenery,vocals and all around fun show for the whole family

Don't see it if you do not like full embodied musicals.

Great staging, Great singing, Great acting, Fluffy, Fun

See it if you love the movie and Disney on Broadway. There are a few new songs added too!

Don't see it if you are looking for a thought-provoking drama. The story is what it is and follows the movie well.

Also SO CONFUSED WHY THE AVERAGE SCORE IS 77?!?!?! I gave this 100 because ... Read more Read less

Enchanting, Entertaining, Delightful, Great staging

See it if You want another amazing DISNEY experience with incredible special effects!!

Don't see it if You don't enjoy high budget DISNEY shows.

Ambitious, Enchanting, Delightful, Great staging, Must see

See it if You love the movie and you want to see it with deeper resonance

Don't see it if If you're looking for big and splashy. Disney did a great job with simplicity. Most if the effects are done with lighting and are amazing

Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if if you love the movie you will love the live show

Don't see it if you don't like to be around a lot of kids

Delightful, Entertaining, Funny, Great staging, Great singing

See it if you love a show with great singing and dancing and some unexpected humor. Very funny!

Don't see it if You are anti-Disney. It is Disney, but stands on its own as a broadway show.

Delightful, Enchanting, Great singing, Great staging

See it if Went with grandchildren. They loved it. They sang the songs. Loved the staginif they liked the movie will love the show

Don't see it if If your not a Disney fan don’t go

Delightful, Great singing, Must see

See it if So enchanting! the special effects were awesome to watch from the balcony. Singing is excellent, cute jokes, and a few new songs! Awesome!

Don't see it if You don't like Disney, cute fairy tales or happy endings.

Absorbing, Enchanting, Entertaining, Funny

See it if you love Disney and Broadway

Don't see it if don't like Disney and/or musicals

Enchanting, Great singing, Great staging, Entertaining, Fun

See it if Great effects. Nice story between about two sisters. Show is great that adults could enjoy it as much as kids can.

Don't see it if You have to like musicals. And you know there's going to be some kids in the audience

Also One thing I have to say I thought I would have alot of kids near me. B... Read more Read less

Delightful, Enchanting, Great acting, Great singing, Great staging

See it if You loved the movie, you love Disney, and you love to see an excellent movie become more excellent on stage.

Don't see it if For some reason you don't like really good entertaining theater

Fun, Enchanting, Entertaining, Delightful, Must see

See it if You are familiar with the film, You have kids, You remember the songs and the plot, and You like Disney Musicals.

Don't see it if You have kids that don't understand it, It is too loud, It is boring and long, and You are sick of the songs.

Delightful, Entertaining, Enchanting

See it if High energy!! Wonderful score!

Don't see it if Did not enjoy Disney productions

Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Refreshing, Entertaining

See it if you like heartfelt, funny musicals with beautiful music and impressive effects, as well as excellent singers and actors.

Don't see it if you have a prejudice against the major money involved in the Disney franchise.

Enchanting, Exquisite, Masterful, Relevant, Riveting

See it if You are expecting it to be just like the movie, because it is so much more. Just as relevant for adults as for kids

Don't see it if You absolutely cannot stand to hear "Let It Go"

Also Best Disney musical on Broadway right now. The actors give a spectacle... Read more Read less

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