Members say: Funny, Great acting, Entertaining, Clever, Hilarious

About the show

Becky Mode's comedy takes a sharp skewer to the backside of the restaurant biz, with five-time Emmy nominee Jesse Tyler Ferguson (of 'Modern Family' fame) playing all 40 characters.

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You think you’re having a bad day at work? Meet Sam. He covers the red-hot reservation line at one of New York’s most exclusive restaurants, juggling desperate diners, scheming socialites, name-dropping wannabes, celebrity divas, panicked waiters and a fame-hungry chef.

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The New York Times

"Mr. Ferguson brings such warmth and variety to his performance that you may not notice that in the more than 15 years since the play opened Off Broadway, it has acquired a slightly sour aftertaste. Back in 1999, the words 'income inequality' were not on the lips of every economist, pundit and politician...Lively as Mr. Ferguson is, and as frequently hilarious as ‘Fully Committed’ can be, it feels shrunken in a Broadway theater." Full Review

New York Post

"Jesse Tyler Ferguson is very good at playing one type of character — frazzled, excitable, fussy...The problem is that in the solo show 'Fully Committed,' Ferguson must bring to life about 40 people...As charming as Ferguson is, impersonation isn’t among his strengths and he comes up short…The endeavor feels like an acting stunt, and the writing isn’t sharp enough to make up for it. As satire, 'Fully Committed' has the fiery bite of lukewarm oatmeal." Full Review


“Without bringing anything special to the role...Ferguson’s performance should remind the industry why this clever trifle is among the ten most-produced plays in the country...The funny voices and comic poses Ferguson adopts to play all these characters are no more amusing than they need to be. But he shines as one character: Sam. Not only does he bring a sense of true if battered humanity to the role, he also gives Sam all the satisfaction he deserves." Full Review


"Above all else, 'Fully Committed' is a performance showcase...Ferguson, despite being an appealing clown who is empathetic as Sam, doesn't show the same kind of skill at crisply differentiating between his characters. He fares much better during Sam's sincere moments talking with his dad...Without an expert mimic taking charge, 'Fully Committed' is little more than pleasantly amusing with a sweet finish." Full Review

Time Out New York

“Before he became a household name, Jesse Tyler Ferguson was one of New York’s most inventive comic character actors. You can sense his delight at stretching those muscles in the revival of ‘Fully Committed’...Ferguson's performance is necessarily broad, and not always precise: a half-British accent creeps into several voices. But it hardly matters. The actor’s likability glazes his hamminess with sugar, and the play, while not very filling, can be enjoyed with few reservations.” Full Review

New York Magazine / Vulture

"Ferguson is not a television star for nothing. He gradually builds the performance from a base of detailed realism...Still, it’s an inversion of the 'Fully Committed' of 1999...Asking a play that is basically a clever stunt to support the weight of this more complex interpretation is asking for trouble, which here takes the form of a strange pall. As a result, 'Fully Committed' never quite reaches the pitch of mania you may be hoping for, as if it were on beta-blockers." Full Review


“Modest downtown houses may have been a better fit for the piece, which is light on both plot and jokes. Its character switcharoos are the primary source of entertainment, and even in one of Broadway's smallest houses, the comic effect of Ferguson's rapid-fire metamorphoses dissipates over the first five rows of the theater...He is clearly among the rare breed of performers built for this demanding genre...however, this may not be the right vehicle to win return customers.” Full Review

The Huffington Post

“Jesse Tyler Ferguson is giving a master class in hysteria...This is a true, theatrical, palate-cleansing delight...The only questionable aspect of the production is the set…’Fully Committed’ is a laugh riot, and a thoroughly satisfying one. The star is as busy as one of those plate-spinners from vaudeville days, keeping things airborne as they throw more and more at him. Ferguson is a joy to behold, and — needless to say — fully committed to your hilarity.” Full Review

The Guardian (UK)

“Some of the jokes could be is often strangely polite...But Ferguson is an actor of such irrepressible amiability...Under Jason Moore’s direction, a few of the actorly shifts could occur more quickly and not all the personae have a gestural specificity to match the vocal one. But moving back and forth among 40 distinct characters still represents a tour de force, which Ferguson wears lightly, even humbly, though with obvious enjoyment." Full Review

Lighting & Sound America

"In some ways a 'New Yorker' cartoon brought to life, thanks to its breezily incisive view of modern Manhattan manners, 'Fully Committed' is a sly exercise in one-man farce…Ferguson's touch remains infinitely light; he never, ever presses for a laugh. He also has a faultless ear for the absurdity hidden in his many characters' dialogue…The fleet and funny 'Fully Committed' proves to be an ideal vehicle for Ferguson, letting him display his full range of comic skills." Full Review

DC Theatre Scene

"A soufflé of a show being sold as a full expensive meal...I wonder whether there is a better choice of vehicle out there to deliver Ferguson’s talents to a Broadway audience...The satire is amusing, albeit mild and familiar...A gift for vocal impersonations is not, as it turns out, in Ferguson’s wheelhouse...But, if too many of the characters are indistinct and too few are all that interesting, one stands out. Ferguson is a terrific Sam." Full Review

Front Row Center

"Ferguson makes it fast and funny. This is not a particularly great or even good play. It is, however, a sort of grand audition. Ferguson goes from zero to 60 in a nano-second...No one leaves the theatre talking about Sam. They leave talking about Ferguson who delivers the goods. This is an actor of some talent and discipline. He is not just a funny red headed guy. He has the chops, and I look forward to seeing him cast in a show that lets him shine." Full Review

Theatre's Leiter Side

"Keeping all these balls in the air as he shifts from role to role is an admirable technical feat but the material bogs down in repetitiousness and lack of dramatic tension. Ferguson is likable but, with the characters being so cartoonish and the need to differentiate them requiring such obvious choices, his enterprise becomes more a technical than an artistic feat. Even for a performance lasting but an hour and 20 minutes, it occasionally becomes as tiring for the audience as for the star." Full Review

The Hollywood Reporter

“Somehow doesn't add up to much more than a string of sometimes-funny jokes...The play doesn't lend itself to bloated Broadway treatment, no matter who is starring...It's impossible to escape the nagging feeling that this flippant satirical comedy is being swallowed up by its outsize production...Within those limitations, Ferguson excels, bouncing among 40-plus distinct characters without ever tripping up.” Full Review

The Wall Street Journal

“The immensely likable Mr. Ferguson doesn’t quite have the vocal flexibility necessary to impersonate so widely varied a gallery of characters, and so the tour-de-force aspect isn’t fully realized. Even so, his acting crackles with physical energy and comic life, and it won’t take long for you to shelve your doubts and buy into his performance. The play itself is a piece of very well-made fluff...The laughter is pretty close to nonstop. If it’s light entertainment you crave, you’re in luck.” Full Review

AM New York

“For the most part, it is an empty, overextended actor showcase. By the end, it has become a whirling blur of silly voices and high-strung personalities...If it was being staged at a smaller space, it may very well have been captivating. But on the Lyceum Theatre stage, it looks naked. The overly elaborate set (full of pipes, file cabinets and chairs that ascend to the heavens) also takes attention away from Ferguson’s performance.” Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

“It's no small challenge to play this many people...but Ferguson does it with effortless style...Ferguson could, however, stand to up the volume a notch. As distinctive and delicious as all these creations are, they're not yet up to full Broadway size...There's still something for everyone on this menu, which makes ‘Fully Committed’ the rare nutrition-free amuse-bouche that genuinely, unapologetically amuses.” Full Review


“Tyler Ferguson navigates these human mountains and valleys, major torrents and tricky rivulets, with precision and even empathy; it’s a virtuosic performance and the audience, you should pardon the expression, eats it up. Derek McLane’s just-squalid-enough spot-on. At barely 70 minutes, ‘Fully Committed’ is not so much a meal as an amuse-bouche, that clever little thingy the chef sends out before your meal to tickle your palate...A gulp and it’s gone.” Full Review

New York Daily News

“Mode doesn’t chase stinging satire, just laughs—and snags a few good ones. Director Jason Moore keeps things moving briskly and as dynamically as possible...Ferguson has proven himself a likable clown...But that’s not the same as being a chameleon capable of shifting instantaneously from one vivid character to another…People on the other end of the phone line are rarely remarkable. The actor is fully committed, yes, but the production isn’t totally satisfying.” Full Review


“The problem is that though the venue is not overwhelmingly big and Ferguson brings enormous charm and energy to this demanding role, ‘Fully Committed’ hasn't aged all that well...Given Ferguson's big fan base and our appetite for fun entertainment, ‘Fully Committed’ remains enjoyable, even if more an appetizer than a really full meal...If his characters are sometimes a bit hard to tell apart, he does enough of them with amazing smoothness.” Full Review

The Associated Press

“A triumph of voices and athleticism from Ferguson, who sweats up a storm...The amount of concentration required by Ferguson is impressive and director Jason Moore runs a tight ship. One stray ring or bobbled cue could set the whole thing off, but Ferguson runs through ‘Fully Committed’ surefooted like an Olympian on an obstacle course. The premise loses steam about halfway through, but that's when the playwright wisely turns to Sam's personal life.” Full Review

The Wrap

“A one-person play for theatergoers who hate one-person plays....Fans of this restaurant-reservationist comedy will not be disappointed...Under Jason Moore‘s otherwise spot-on direction, a few of Ferguson’s haughtier female callers get blurred. He’s better with the men...The two characters that emerge as most distinctive are Sam’s recently widowed father and his baby-carrying brother...There’s nothing funny about them, and they give the show real heart.” Full Review


“Ferguson, despite exhausting commitment to this demanding 80-minute comic showcase, is totally wrong for ‘Fully Committed’...Becky Mode’s invention requires...40-odd customers...Ferguson, alas, appears to have five, maybe six voices at his command...There are pleasures to be had...Every so often, Ferguson gets to burst into physical freedom and away from the nonstop demands of quick-change voices. In those moments, it feels good to welcome him back.” Full Review


"Becky Mode’s hilarious satirical look at haute cuisine and the wacky and often short-tempered people who populate that world…Ferguson is a gifted physical comedian, and as he bounces around the stage in director Jason Moore’s production, he works a lot of empathy into his performance.…While it’s not cutting-edge cuisine, Ferguson makes sure it’s delicious." Full Review


"He's not the world's greatest impersonator, and, especially at the beginning of the 80-minute show, some of the characters blur together...But the show soon settles down, and, despite not being a virtuoso of voices, Ferguson uses his performing skill and endearing personality to create a very engaging evening…But what most broadens Mode's satire of contemporary restaurant culture into a very human story, as well, is Ferguson's extremely appealing performance." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews

Funny, Clever, Entertaining

See it if you like this comedian and one man shows. It is a monologue.

Don't see it if you don't like monologues, or want to see a spectacular show.

Also Well acted. He is funny. It is a parody of different characters and li... Read more Read less

Funny, Dizzying, Great acting, Great staging

See it if you want an ambitious one man show and love Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Very creative but gets to be a bit much by the end

Don't see it if you dont like one man shows, and dont want to feel kind of exhausted when you leave the theater

Funny, Clever, Masterful, Refreshing, Entertaining

See it if one-man shows are cool with you. JT Ferguson was amazing: funny, precise, consistent, fully-committed (I swear, no pun). It was masterful.

Don't see it if one-man shows & NO INTERMISSION aren't cool w/you. The experience was a master class in theater. Wasn't much of a JT Ferguson fan until now.

Funny, Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Hilarious

See it if You like engaging one-actor shows.

Don't see it if You need more people on stage.

Delightful, Dizzying, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if you enjoy rapid-fire one-man shows with a calvalcade of characters to keep track of.

Don't see it if you're in the restaurant biz and have no sense of humor.

Delightful, Great acting, Masterful, Great writing, Hilarious

See it if You want to see a tour de force performance and be falling over with laughter.

Don't see it if You have no funny bone.

Funny, Ambitious, Great acting, Entertaining, One-man show

See it if You like funny one-man shows. You enjoy the talents of Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. You want to see 1 man play many characters.

Don't see it if You dislike 1-person shows in a large theater. You can't buy into 1 man playing multiple roles. You're not into stories taking place in NYC.

Funny, Ambitious, Clever, Confusing, Disappointing

See it if you are a Modern Family fan, enjoy one man shows, you can pay close attention for 90 min, work in the service industry

Don't see it if you don't enjoy one man shows

Disappointing, Slow, Fluffy

See it if you're a big fan of Jesse.

Don't see it if you don't care for one man shows.

Ambitious, Great acting, Quirky, Refreshing, Hilarious

See it if If you like the idea of Jesse Tyler Ferguson playing forty characters at once.

Don't see it if If you don't like one man shows.

Funny, Ambitious, Clever, Hilarious

See it if You want to laugh a lot. This is a one man show and Jesse Tyler Ferguson was masterful!

Don't see it if You are looking for a full Broadway experience with lots of scene changes and broadway glitz

Funny, Quirky, Cliched, Entertaining, Great staging

See it if You enjoy Jesse Tyler Ferguson's acting because it's just him. Also if you work with customer service you will GET this show.

Don't see it if You don't like one-man shows without any spectacle. It's funny but definitely quirky.

Funny, Absorbing, Clever, Quirky, Entertaining

See it if you enjoy Jesse Tyler Ferguson's antics and appreciate, on some level, food and the hospitality industry.

Don't see it if you dislike one-man shows, have no interest in food, or dislike Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Banal, Disappointing, Cliched

See it if you are a huge fan of Jesse Tyler Ferguson, still enjoy plays where the dialogue, action, and scenes are repetitive

Don't see it if you are expecting good writing and to laugh hysterically, you don't like one-man shows, you don't want to waste your time and money

Original, Dizzying, Quirky

See it if you enjoy one man shows and particularly like Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Don't see it if you want a show you can follow and do not particularly enjoy one man shows or if you want a truly hiarious comedy.

Funny, Absorbing, Clever, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if you are a fan of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and want to see a great one-man performance

Don't see it if you are looking for an intense drama or huge spectacle

Clever, Delightful, Great acting, Hilarious, Great staging

See it if you love Jesse Tyler Ferguson and never want him to leave the stage, love quirky, multi-character acting binges.

Don't see it if you want a long or deep play

Funny, Clever, Delightful, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if You want a theater experience that is purely fun without sacrificing tremendous acting.

Don't see it if You prefer your non-musicals to be profound dramas; you're not a fan of one actor playing multiple roles.

Funny, Clever, Great acting, Quirky, Entertaining

See it if you love Jesse Tyler Ferguson or Modern Family. Cute show, great characterizations in a piece that could fall flat in the wrong hands.

Don't see it if off-beat humor or adult themes are not your bag.

Funny, Absorbing, Clever, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if You are a fan of Tyler Ferguson, love comedies, or love one man shows.

Don't see it if You do not like one man shows at all or are looking for a standard set up for the show youre seeing

Funny, Great acting, Confusing, Entertaining, Fluffy

See it if You call to the hot-line and want to see that from the side

Don't see it if You don't want something lite

Funny, Clever, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if you like masterful acting

Don't see it if you have a personal vendetta against Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Clever, Intelligent, Masterful, Must see, Hilarious

See it if You love a funny, clever, one -person tour d' force, with heart and soul - staring a wonderful actor who also does TV!

Don't see it if You don't like to listen or pay attention to enjoy a night at the theater.

Funny, Clever, Delightful, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if you're a fan of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and want to be entertained for an hour and a half.

Don't see it if you're looking for a more elaborate, thought-provoking production.

Great acting, Overrated, Pleasant

See it if despite a stellar one man performance, the play is amusing, but not great. OK situations move along, but never really got me.

Don't see it if don't like one-man shows.

Cast & Creatives (10)