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Jagged Little Pill (NYC)

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Members say: Great singing, Relevant, Entertaining, Absorbing, Great staging

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Inspired by the themes and raw emotions laid bare in Alanis Morissette’s Grammy Award-winning album, this new Broadway musical tells an original story about pain, healing, and empowerment. More…

From the show:

“Redemptive, rousing, and real, JAGGED LITTLE PILL stands alongside the original musicals that have sustained the best hopes of Broadway." (The New York Times, Critic’s Pick)

Inspired by Alanis Morissette’s Grammy Award-winning masterpiece, JAGGED LITTLE PILL brings to the stage the “humanly recognizable and magnificently staged story” (The Daily Beast) of the Healys, a suburban family whose serene Connecticut lives collide head-on with some of the most burning issues of today.  

Through explosive choreography and the raw power of an onstage band, JAGGED LITTLE PILL creates a spellbinding musical experience that lifts its audience from moments of quiet, tender intimacy to pure rock ‘n’ roll release. The result is an electric, fearless look at what it means to be alive in 21st century America and an urgent call for us to come together even as the world pushes us apart. 

“JAGGED LITTLE PILL is a show you want to shout about,” writes Variety, “a galvanic production that feels very much of the moment — this moment.”

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Great singing, Relevant, Entertaining, Absorbing, Great staging
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Great singing, Great staging, Profound, Riveting, Relevant

See it if You want to see a powerful, energetic, imaginative interpretation of our super charged social climate with kick ass dance moves that rock!

Don't see it if You’re a misogynist...supported Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court or the Orange Turd in the White House. You need to but you’ll hate it.

Also I LOVED THIS SHOW! It was so in your face and unapologetic about what ... Read more Read less

Masterful, Great singing, Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if If you like a story set to music . Really great singing in this show. If you like alainis Morsettes music.

Don't see it if If you do not like Morsettes music which can be an acquired taste. Some deep topics in the story line.

Great music & singing, Energetic, Relevant, Heartfelt, Clever

See it if Salad of current issues tossed into a dysfunctional family drama. Loved the music. Powerful songs & performances amplified the intensity.

Don't see it if “Too many” issues (#metoo, gender, opiods, etc). Melodramatic & preachy. Characters defined by their issues.

Also The music swept me away. I wasn’t familiar with the album, and enjoyed... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Great staging, Great singing, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if you would like a musical with great choreography and important messages wonderfully presented to people of all ages by a talented cast.

Don't see it if you want a musical where you hum every song and everything is always happy. Here you are faced with current concerns and their difficulties

Loud, Multipal issues, Untraditional dancing, Excessive orchestration, Notable computerized sets

See it if you're interested in new on stage technology, dark themed musicals, acrobatic dance or the music of Alanis Morissette.

Don't see it if you're hopping for light entertainment not rape, drug abuse & racism. Its difficult to hear lyrics accompanied by overproduced orchestration

Overrated, Indulgent, Disappointing, Ambitious, Relevant

See it if you enjoy Alanis Morissette’s music, and you don’t care who’s singing it.

Don't see it if you enjoy Alanis Morissette’s music, and you do care who’s singing it.

Also Jagged Little Pill was a seminal album for me when it was released. I ... Read more Read less

Relevant, Intense, Ambitious, Absorbing

See it if you want to see 2 fine performances by Stanley & Patten. Also, this is one of the best juke box musicals as there is a cohesive book.

Don't see it if you do not like the music of Morissette. Also, if don't like musicals that are "downers". Many serious themes are explored in this show.

Thought-provoking, Great writing, Great staging, Great singing, Clever

See it if you liked Next to Normal, Dear Evan.This isn't quite as good,but it's one of those rare musicals that has an important point to make.

Don't see it if you are looking for The Producers.I didn't know any of her music, & I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the show is.It is a gem.

Absorbing, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Great staging, Great singing

See it if you love Morissettes music, great "jukebox" musical choice ,relevant on multiple levels, contemporary themes. The plot is successful

Don't see it if gay, drug, sexual issue related shows upset or offend you.

Cliched, Overrated, Great staging

See it if you like listening to Alanis Morissette songs sung theatrically with great angst. And if you like plots worthy of the Hallmark network.

Don't see it if you like Alanis Morissette songs and don't want to see them trivialized to support cardboard characters and a mish mash of themes.

Relevant, Great music, Absorbing, Entertaining

See it if you want a high energy jukebox musical that deals with many, many social problems* with great music & some very powerful songs

Don't see it if you would be annoyed by an overly energetic repetitive choreography; want to hear all the lyrics (over amplification), seeing twirling**

Also *opioid addiction, rape culture, gender issues, sexual issues, racism,... Read more Read less

Heartfelt performances, Slightly-disappointing writing and staging, Nostalgia-inducing music, Dark and deep topics, Edgy

See it if a fan of Alanis Morissette’s music, like or unbothered by “jukebox musicals,” or a fan of one of the actors (who are doing their darnedest).

Don't see it if you can forgive some clichéd tropes, imperfect characters, uneven singing, and some songs that feel uncomfortably shoe-horned into moments.

Also In Jagged Little Pill, angsty 1990s sounds prove timelessly riveting. ... Read more Read less


See it if You oughta know that it unironically squeezes a lot of current social issues with touching renditions of Alanis songs.

Don't see it if Current issues (opioid epidemic, rape/culture, #MeToo, Like culture, checking White privilege, etc.) are too depressing / feels too packed.

Also Diversity: main characters are all White except for the adopted Black ... Read more Read less

Intelligent, Relevant, Great acting, Great singing, Great writing

See it if very today issues, well written (this should win best book of a musical), well staged and performed. for adults and serious theater goers.

Don't see it if want light fluff and flash. you may know some of the songs but they are well treated. not a typical jukebox musical

Great staging, Great singing, Entertaining, Clever, Ambitious

See it if you are a fan of Alanis Morissette's 1995 album of the same name. The story crafted using these songs is pure genius.

Don't see it if you don't who Alanis Morissette is and are not a fan of musicals. This show is NOT for you, but U are missing out on something special!!!!!

Also I was skeptical about having one of my favorite albums of all times in... Read more Read less

Thought-provoking, Resonant, Great singing, Ambitious, Absorbing

See it if A powerful musical dealing with prominent societal issues using the songs of Morissette as the score.The cast astounds, especially L.Patten

Don't see it if The book, dealing with drug addiction, dysfunctional family, race and adoption, gender identity, and sexual assault, plays like a soap opera

Much better act two, Thought-provoking, Intense, Great singing

See it if you like your musicals to have a clear and modern point of view; you're a fan of Alanis; you like musicals about familial disintegration

Don't see it if you're fundamentally opposed to new shows built on existing music; you don't want to see sexual violence on stage; you don't like Alanis

Also I went in to this show with really high expectations. I'm exactly thei... Read more Read less

Profound, Resonant, Refreshing, Relevant, Slow

See it if You love alanis morissette music and coming of age musical

Don't see it if you want to see a traditional show

Cliched, Cluttered, Indulgent, Ambitious, Great music

See it if You like musicals. The musical numbers aren't copies of the trackseveryone knows, making it more exciting at the expense of fan service.

Don't see it if You don't like shows throwing social issues at the plot wall like spaghetti to see what sticks. There's a LOT going on, but mostly works.

Also The orchestrations are interesting, inventive, and largely successful.... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Resonant, Relevant, Great staging, Great singing

See it if Fine-tuned musical that deals with tough subjects, but does not pander. Alanis’s heart, soul and brain lives in this musical.

Don't see it if This is not a rock concert, nor should it be. Put your expectations, and see JLP with an open mind and heart.

Profound, Great staging, Great acting, Clever, Absorbing

See it if you like the music or you want to see a musical that is completely relevant to our times.

Don't see it if you don't like musicals. I can't think of another reason not to see it.

Great singing, Intense, Relevant, Resonant, Absorbing

See it if You are a fan of the source material. You like the idea of Next To Normal meets Alanis Morissette.

Don't see it if You dislike jukebox musicals. Even though it's not Mama Mia, it's still a jukebox musical.

Also "I like to think I might act again at some point, but it's definitely ... Read more Read less

Wow, Great writing, Great staging, Great singing, Great acting

See it if you want to experience perfection on broadway

Don't see it if absolutely no reason not to see it - this is a MUST SEE!!!!

Great talent wasted by a paulus production

See it if a talented cast performing Morisette music with great choreography is enough to satisfy you in an overdone, stereotype heavy show

Don't see it if over amplification that makes it impossible to discern important lyrics drives you nuts; or if multiple, confused story lines is too much

Dark, Intense, Clever, Ambitious, Absorbing

See it if fans of Alanis and/or Jagged will not be disappointed; deft integration of lyrics to storyline; fierce cast matches music & direction

Don't see it if plot can feel relentlessly dark so non-Alanis/Jagged fans or those looking for throwback happy musicals should consider carefully

December 5th, 2019
CRITIC’S PICK "With ‘Jagged Little Pill,’ They Finally Fixed the Jukebox: Alanis Morissette’s 'ironic' fury finds a perfect Broadway musical setting in Diablo Cody’s fiery indictment of, well, everything."
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December 5th, 2019
3/5 stars. "Directed by Diane Paulus, Jagged Little Pill has moments of exciting stagecraft and performance…But the show has a faintly medicinal flavor...What gets lost in the mix is Morissette's individual voice-the sound of one person insisting on the right to be different things at the same ti...
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December 5th, 2019
"'Jagged Little Pill' Is Missing the Essence of Alanis"
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December 5th, 2019
"Diablo Cody spins an original feminist story of heartache, hurt, anger and activism around Alanis Morissette's smash 1995 album in this musical ensemble drama directed by Tony winner Diane Paulus."
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