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Entertaining, Great singing, Disappointing, Ambitious, Indulgent

About the Show

This musical extravaganza celebrates the fusion of the best rock songs of the past century with some of the greatest classical music ever written. Now on Broadway through April 29 only.

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109 Reviews | 7 Followers
Absorbing, Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging, Must see

See it if You want to see a brilliant, multi faceted production that fuses rock songs we all know with classical music.

Don't see it if This is a concert and not for you if you want to see a play or musical.

65 Reviews | 7 Followers
Entertaining, Refreshing, Masterful, Epic, Must see

See it if you love classic rock in symphony if you love that quirky violinist from Celtic Woman

Don't see it if you don't like loud

65 Reviews | 87 Followers
Great singing, Must see, Entertaining, Concert style

See it if You love and appreciate music concerts, rock music mashed with classical and opera, and innovation.

Don't see it if You are looking for a typical Broadway musical or juke box musical. Read more

70 Reviews | 15 Followers
Delightful, Exquisite, Entertaining, Great singing



73 Reviews | 17 Followers
Great singing, Must see, Masterful, Intelligent, Entertaining

See it if This felt like a concert, hearing these typical broadway actresses and actors belt out these songs, I was truly moved

Don't see it if If loud shows aren’t for you, if you want a typical broadway experience

313 Reviews | 46 Followers
Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging, Must see

See it if you want to see an amazing display of sight and sound. This is a concert with great video as a background. Singing was outstanding

Don't see it if Absolutely no reason to not see it. It's only on for six weeks - make sure to see it!!!!

289 Reviews | 91 Followers
Clever, Delightful, Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging

See it if You love Rock and classical music and enjoy fun ways to listen and watch. I had a blast!!!

Don't see it if You want a musical with a story...

111 Reviews | 44 Followers
Entertaining, Great singing, Edgy, Ambitious

See it if If you like classical and rock. Think Barcelona! Interesting fusion of music and a concert not a Broadway show per sae

Don't see it if If you want a story. If you don’t like rock or jazz. If you want a book, set, costume traditional musical

Critic Reviews (33)

The New York Times
March 27th, 2018

"About two hours in, the touring concert...had settled into a benign, dull groove. Then the slide show, which until then had been mostly sunsets and rolling clouds, jolted me awake...The vocalists generally acquit themselves well enough...Ultimately, the real problem is the set list's utter blandness...Taken individually, these songs are in the canon for a reason, of course; one after another, their effect is numbing."
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The Hollywood Reporter
March 27th, 2018

"A misguided attempt to combine two musical forms...The musical mishmashes on display rarely come off effectively, more often feeling like gimmickry...The snippets from well-known classical pieces followed by bombastic renditions of overly familiar rock songs prove novel for the first few minutes...Over the course of two-and-a-half hours, it becomes a punishing exercise...A few of the numbers work thanks to the sometimes clever arrangements by Fleischer."
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New York Daily News
March 27th, 2018

"Heads bob. Arms sway. Hands clap. And, frequently, eyes roll - at least mine did...Blurs the lines between famous rock hits and classical ones...Gets old fast because a sameness sets in...Too much lung-busting, facial-distorting 'American Idol' -style singing and a Celtic violin overload...Clearly co-creators Evan, who also sings, and conductor Fleischer like to think big. But they don't always think coherently...Weirder still is the who's who projected on stage."
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March 27th, 2018

"Turns out to be far more on the rock side of the concept than on the classical side...The result is thoroughly half-baked...Even when the mash-ups sounds more or less smooth there's nothing new to be gained...More invested in pandering to baby boomer nostalgia...Whatever crumbs of pleasure are to be found...come solely from the singers...Considering how unevenly balanced the acoustic is, one can't help but wonder if it was even worth bringing in the orchestral elements."
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March 29th, 2018

"A huge problem with the classical moments is that though were composed to be performed without amplification, 'Rocktopia' blasts them through the sound system with the same lack of finesse used for hits by Elton John and Styx. Perhaps if they pulled a full switcheroo, having the classics performed in rock style with the newer stuff unplugged and given the longhair treatment, 'Rocktopia' would have a little more bite to it."
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March 30th, 2018

"A big, loud, in-your-face, knock-down-drag-out evening of very well-known classical melodies, very-well known classic rock tunes...A lot of the mash ups were less than graceful. Yes, the setlist was all arena rock anthems. Yes it caters to baby-boomer nostalgia. Yes, some of the projections were just silly...It is, however, a hell of a lot of fun! What it may lack in sophistication, it makes up for in pure exuberance. It is two plus hours of loud, ruckus, joyful noise."
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New York Stage Review
March 27th, 2018

"The monumentally silly idea-and not a new one, either is mashing up...rock warhorses with classical music warhorses...The result is both are coarsely cheapened...Most of the blame has to be placed on Fleischer, who carpentered the bloated arrangements and who conducts them for maximum deafening results...Everything is amplified, including, the assaulted arias...Everything from start to finish is obstreperous."
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New York Stage Review
March 27th, 2018

"The earnest spectacle, the overstated reverence...It knows its audience, and it serves them honestly and without cynicism...Co-creators Evan and Fleischer, respectively featured onstage as vocalist and 'maestro', have not cooked up some cockeyed plot or artist hagiography as an excuse to string together a series of familiar tunes. This is not a jukebox musical but a concert, and as such it can cater unabashedly to baby-boomer nostalgia."
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