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About the show

This musical extravaganza celebrates the fusion of the best rock songs of the past century with some of the greatest classical music ever written. Now on Broadway through April 29 only.

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'Rocktopia' showcases the works of musical innovators including Mozart, Queen, Beethoven, Journey, Handel, U2, Tchaikovsky, Pink Floyd, Heart, Rachmaninoff, Foreigner, Copland, The Who, and more.  'Rocktopia' delivers one-of-a-kind arrangements with a celebrated, diverse array of rock, Broadway, and opera vocalists, a 5-piece rock band, a choir of 40, and an orchestra of 20. Performers include: Rob Evan (Broadway: 'Les Miserables,' 'Jekyll & Hyde', multi-platinum recording artist), Chloe Lowery (Chris Botti, 'Yanni Voices'), Tony Vincent ('American Idiot,' 'RENT,' NBC’s 'The Voice'), and many more.

Featuring special guest stars Pat Monahan of Train for performances through April 8, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister from April 9-15, and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick for performances April 23-29.

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A $2.00 facility fee is included in the price of each ticket. All sales final. No refunds or exchanges. Dates, times, prices, and cast subject to change without notice. Blackout dates may apply. Offer may be revoked or modified at any time. Pat Monahan performance dates subject to change without notice. He will not appear at performances March 21-22.

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A $2.00 facility fee is included in the price of each ticket. All sales final. No refunds or exchanges. Dates, times, prices, and cast subject to change without notice. Blackout dates may apply. Offer may be revoked or modified at any time. Pat Monahan performance dates subject to change without notice. He will not appear at performances March 21-22.

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The New York Times

"About two hours in, the touring concert...had settled into a benign, dull groove. Then the slide show, which until then had been mostly sunsets and rolling clouds, jolted me awake...The vocalists generally acquit themselves well enough...Ultimately, the real problem is the set list's utter blandness...Taken individually, these songs are in the canon for a reason, of course; one after another, their effect is numbing." Full Review

Broadway News

"Seems more fitting for Las Vegas...Vincent's highflying tenor is a nimble instrument, and he knows how to work a crowd, rock-god style...The connections uniting the selections are sometimes rather vague or hard to discern, although the music is stitched together with some finesse...It's all played live...but the amplification is of such a roof-rattling level that you'd never know if it wasn't...Not a show to my taste." Full Review


"A huge problem with the classical moments is that though were composed to be performed without amplification, 'Rocktopia' blasts them through the sound system with the same lack of finesse used for hits by Elton John and Styx. Perhaps if they pulled a full switcheroo, having the classics performed in rock style with the newer stuff unplugged and given the longhair treatment, 'Rocktopia' would have a little more bite to it." Full Review

The Hollywood Reporter

"A misguided attempt to combine two musical forms...The musical mishmashes on display rarely come off effectively, more often feeling like gimmickry...The snippets from well-known classical pieces followed by bombastic renditions of overly familiar rock songs prove novel for the first few minutes...Over the course of two-and-a-half hours, it becomes a punishing exercise...A few of the numbers work thanks to the sometimes clever arrangements by Fleischer." Full Review

New York Theater

"Some of the song pairings work better than others, for the open-minded 'Rocktopia' is an intriguing idea...No shortage of musical talent. 'Rocktopia' does, however, have a shortage of stagecraft or stage smarts...Godawful tacky projections...Occasionally – maybe a total of 15 minutes out of the two hours – there is video artistry on those screens. But for most of the time, they might as well have written on them: 'we’re trying to save money;' that message came through clearly anyway." Full Review

Theatre's Leiter Side

"One of those odd, crowd-pleasing…shows that occasionally show up on Broadway and drive traditionalists up the wall…The renditions are all traditional, none offering notably original takes…There's nothing here you haven't seen before; too often,…the [video] images distract from the performances in front of them. The idea of including…some artfully created…background on the songs, including composer, original artists, year of creation, and so forth, seems never to have occurred." Full Review

New York Stage Review

"The monumentally silly idea-and not a new one, either is mashing up...rock warhorses with classical music warhorses...The result is both are coarsely cheapened...Most of the blame has to be placed on Fleischer, who carpentered the bloated arrangements and who conducts them for maximum deafening results...Everything is amplified, including, the assaulted arias...Everything from start to finish is obstreperous." Full Review

Times Square Chronicles

"There wasn’t enough aspirin in the house to save what was to be a painful and head-splitting afternoon...The projections design looked like random screen savers and did not connect to the material in one iota or tell a story...The singers seemed more intent on power, than emotional context...There wasn't one moment where the singer and the song became one...Felt like 'Glee' performing live 30 years later...The biggest problem is the arrangements, which are unimpressive and off-base." Full Review

New York Daily News

"Heads bob. Arms sway. Hands clap. And, frequently, eyes roll - at least mine did...Blurs the lines between famous rock hits and classical ones...Gets old fast because a sameness sets in...Too much lung-busting, facial-distorting 'American Idol' -style singing and a Celtic violin overload...Clearly co-creators Evan, who also sings, and conductor Fleischer like to think big. But they don't always think coherently...Weirder still is the who's who projected on stage." Full Review

Front Mezz Junkies

"Sadly this concert-style event only made me value the originals a thousand times more...I couldn't wait to get out of the theatre and listen to the true rock legends...not these fake posers...This concoction felt phony and misguided...There were a few moments when the concept of what they were trying to do actually worked...Every number feels obvious and standard, sung by some fine vocalists playing stereotypical characterizations of what a 'rock star' should look and sound like." Full Review


"A hokey musical extravaganza that mashes together classical, rock and opera. Singalongs, coerced clapping, dancing in the seats and standing ovations abound. The cheerfully innocuous entertainment level is comparable to that of a bland PBS pledge break concert...Is it awful? Spectacular? Craptastic? Campy? 'Rocktopia' is arguably all of these adjectives in various gradations depending on one’s taste." Full Review

Front Row Center

"'Has some good moments, but it suffers from indecision – rock show or night at the theater – resulting in a mushy show that works too hard and repeatedly gets in its own way...At its best when rock and opera intertwine...The mishmash of styles begins to wear thin, however, long before intermission...The orchestra is very good...They offer a refreshing respite...It’s too loud; it tries too hard; it’s a bit cheesy, but in the end it is good fun. Just bring ear plugs." Full Review


"Uneven attempt to intermingle 'classic rock' with classical music and even a touch of opera with alarming back-and-forth speed...However, here's the good news: when 'Rocktopia' gives the fans what they came for -- what might be termed the ultimate 'jukebox musical' - it can be a truly entertaining experience...As for the show's supposed purpose, the hoped-for connections between the music of true yesteryear and recent decades only rarely take hold." Full Review

Musical Theater Review

"Basically a concert, but with its Broadway trappings, it could be a final step in the evolution of the jukebox musical...Make sure that just about every number gets a tumultuous arrangement, with a compact 20-piece symphony orchestra well amplified, a rock band, an energetic chorus and featured singers...And voila!...You've got yourself a show...'Rocktopia' may well be a shortcut to tinnitus, but it’s also surprisingly inventive and at times exhilarating. Be tempted and be warned." Full Review

DC Metro Theater Arts

"Some major missed opportunities for expanding awareness and appreciation...What 'Rocktopia' does offer, is an array of talent...All of the musicians are impressive, but Bruno’s guitar solos are especially electrifying, and Nesbitt’s featured performances on Celtic violin are the most consistently thrilling highlights...Though 'Rocktopia' has some rousing peaks and powerful performances that will have you rocking and cheering, it isn’t quite the 'classical revolution' it claims to be." Full Review

Cabaret Scenes

"Rachmaninoff is not rock and, with two different species having nothing in common, this marriage is doomed to hit the rocks...Sometimes the images are unseemly...'Rocktopia' is a gimmicky two-and-a-half hour production guaranteed to please very few, although the performers do struggle to urge clap-alongs and arm-waving...As one kind theatergoer remarked, 'It’s not bad enough to walk out, but not good enough to recommend.'" Full Review

New York Stage Review

"The earnest spectacle, the overstated reverence...It knows its audience, and it serves them honestly and without cynicism...Co-creators Evan and Fleischer, respectively featured onstage as vocalist and 'maestro', have not cooked up some cockeyed plot or artist hagiography as an excuse to string together a series of familiar tunes. This is not a jukebox musical but a concert, and as such it can cater unabashedly to baby-boomer nostalgia." Full Review

This Week in New York Blog

"A different kind of jukebox musical, with no narrative, consisting of overly familiar songs...An up-and-down affair, as vocal histrionics get carried away, the setlist is about as standard as it comes, and amateurish, seemingly unrelated visuals are projected onto fifteen large, vertical piano keys...But then something magical happens, where it all suddenly comes together for an absolutely smashing last few numbers that brought the crowd to its feet." Full Review

Reflections in the Light

"It's fun to hear some favorites, whether you're into rock or the classics, but it's the twist that raises some questions...Just because it can be played with a rock beat -- and very, very loudly, which seems to be the theme of most of this show's sound design -- doesn't mean it should be. Less is more might be a good philosophy to follow here...The idea of a concert fusing different musical styles is good. It just needs a bit more orchestration, pun intended." Full Review


"Much of the evening is basically like watching an enormously talented cover band performing classic rock oldies, it is nonetheless consistently entertaining. However, although most of the mash-ups are melodic and innovative, not everything works...Gifted singers...Not really a Broadway show. It's also nothing like a traditional rock concert or a classical recital at Carnegie Hall. Whatever it is, it's certainly unique and that must be why the show has such a following worldwide." Full Review


"Turns out to be far more on the rock side of the concept than on the classical side...The result is thoroughly half-baked...Even when the mash-ups sounds more or less smooth there's nothing new to be gained...More invested in pandering to baby boomer nostalgia...Whatever crumbs of pleasure are to be found...come solely from the singers...Considering how unevenly balanced the acoustic is, one can't help but wonder if it was even worth bringing in the orchestral elements." Full Review

The Wrap

"A misbegotten new concert mashup...The very concept feels so dated...Fleischer and Evan stick mostly to obvious choices...Some of Fleischer's mashups don't really work...The upstage LED screens...offer the silliest and most on-the-nose visuals imaginable...The singers are mostly solid, and there are some genuine highlights...But on the whole, this is one classical-rock collaboration that would have more than just Beethoven rolling over." Full Review

Drama Queen NYC

"A whole lot of cliched yet still powerful classic rock fun...The evening as a whole leans toward the pleasantly accessible...The only real failure is a too-gentle version of Led Zeppelin powerhouse 'Kashmir' accompanied by images, not of the region of India that gives the song its name and sound, but of Egypt...The most rock-solid part of the show: the vocals...The most consistently magnificent - and versatile - singer is Chloe Lowery...Recommended." Full Review


"A classical revolution...Everybody works. Hard. Conductor, musicians, soloists, vocalists...Nothing looks easy, nobody holds back. Every number builds to wall shaking. It's seventy percent an old fashioned outdoor arena type rock show brought to Broadway welded to a road show classical concert...Applause is summoned - and earned during the first act, after which there seems to be a general sorting in the audience, from the standing ovationers, to the bolters, and the snoozers." Full Review

Says Me Says Mom

"If you enjoy both rock and classical music and you want to see them combined in a unique way, you may enjoy this show. If you are looking for a show with a story or any sort of plot, this is not it. This is basically a glorified concert. The voices are good and the songs should be recognizable...This is not a show for young children who probably could not sit through it. Older children who are particularly interested in rock and classical music might enjoy it." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews

Edgy, Intense, Disappointing, Loud, Disjointed

See it if you want a loud, lackluster rock concert, with some classical music disjointedly mixed in.

Don't see it if you want an actual theatrical production with a plot.

Ambitious, Indulgent, Disappointing, Overrated, Gimmicky

See it if you want to be surrounded by middle-aged, half-drunk concertgoers singing along and conducting the classical sections from their seats.

Don't see it if you have anything better to do than sit through gimmicky, self-indulgent, self-aggrandized karaoke. Cool concept, poor execution.

Also I was excited about the concept and there is SO much potential in the ... Read more Read less

Excruciating, Great singing, Unnecessary

See it if you want to hear rock combined with classical music or if you want to see some of the strangest projections ever on a Broadway stage.

Don't see it if there's any other show you've been meaning to see. This is a concert you could probably see anywhere on tour.

Indulgent, Disappointing, Cliched, Tedious,

See it if you get charged up watching a guy make orgasmic faces/gyrations playing electric guitar all evening, as if that were great accomplishment,

Don't see it if you expect a story line, or any sort of coherence of any nature. This is just something to listen to, and there is nothing exceptional.

Banal, Overrated, Fluffy

See it if If you like a corny story with okay/ average music.

Don't see it if It is not really worth seeing, Dee Snider is washed up and tired in this production. If you like a good musical with a good story.

Dizzying, Entertaining, Great music, Great singing, Uneven

See it if you love all music, classical, opera or popular rock. Some numbers were amazing, others less so.

Don't see it if you want a typical Broadway musical with a plot and dance choreography.

Also I am not an opera fan and so I did not enjoy the pure operatic numbers... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Indulgent, Entertaining, Great singing, Fluffy

See it if You like classic rock; to hear some epic Classical–Rock mashups;

Don't see it if You're expecting a jukebox Musical with acting and story. This is a concert

Also This was a fun and moving fusion of classic rock and classical/opera. ... Read more Read less

Disappointing, Entertaining

See it if You want to have a fun, easy time jamming to classic rock and classic music

Don't see it if You are expecting more of a blend/mashup of the two musical styles, with the exception of a couple songs, they mostly just alternated songs

Entertaining, Great singing, Loud, Great musicians, Too much tech

See it if Great variety to the music. A mix of rock and classic that works. Saw Pat Monahan's last night. He was amazing.

Don't see it if you don't like loud music. Opening song was "Sail Away." Image on screen looked like a tsunami wave! Made me laugh.

Also Too much competition between video and rock and roll lighting. Sometim... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging

See it if You enjoy rock music and just want a night of entertaining. I was very blown away by how good the production was. Definitely see it!

Don't see it if You do not like rock music or a "concert" setting for a Broadway show.

Ambitious, Clever, Entertaining, Fun, Great singing

See it if You love classical music and rock, and want to have a different but fun night on Broadway!

Don't see it if You can’t tolerate loud music, bright lights shining in your eyes, or having fellow audience members singing and dancing along.

Rocking expectations

See it if Not hungry for a conventional drama or musical. Solid lineup of guest vocalists check in weekly. Great lobby photo ops.

Don't see it if You need basics like plot to justify the price. You hate concession sales in aisles. Too many obnoxious entitled Boomers in crowd.

Also Tony Bruno is a superb musical director and guitarist. I sat fifteenth... Read more Read less

Pointless, Excruciating, Tourist trap, Noisy, Blinding

See it if There's nothing else on TKTS and you want two hours of mindless noise.

Don't see it if Judging the audience before a show makes you wish you hadn't bothered or if you value great theater and art.

Also I should have judged by the number of mullets on members of the audien... Read more Read less

Clever, Entertaining, Fun, Great singing, Loud

See it if You rocked in the 80's with loud. Used, are still a rock fan, still sing rock songs, want to see a concert

Don't see it if You hated rock, still hate rock, hate loud music, want to see a play, a musical or a drama. Stay home in your flannels, this isn't for you

Also I had a blast! Loved the combination of rock and classical music. Remi... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Interesting, Entertaining, Great singing, Loud

See it if you would like to see rock music interspersed with classical.

Don't see it if you are expecting a broadway show, it's a concert.

Also it's really very good for what it is. But many probably didn't know wh... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Indulgent, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if you enjoy classic rock juxtaposed with classical music. Great voices, great musicians

Don't see it if loud rock music crossed with classical is not of interest to you

Delightful, Refreshing, Entertaining, Great staging

See it if Not what one would expect on Broadway Great visuals, great lighting, great sound. Superb violinist, Our fav. the 3 Freddie Mercury . songs

Don't see it if wonder if a Classic aficionado or Rock aficionado would enjoy the mix

Ambitious, Edgy, Great singing, Fun concert

See it if You’re looking for a fun concert to attend. Loud rock music greatest hits mixed with a Celtic violinist and an opera singer.

Don't see it if You’re looking for a musical with a plot. While it is interesting/fun twist with the Celtic violinist &opera singer does not belong on Bway

Ambitious, Disappointing, Cliched

See it if you're a greatest hits kind of person, if you have a high threshold for tourist fodder ("Hey New York how are you feeling tonight?").

Don't see it if you really care about classical music or cringe when singer doesn't hit all the notes. Bunch of raw talent but misdirected.

Edgy, Fun concert

See it if you like concerts with Rock; Classical and Operatic music...

Don't see it if you are looking for an Broadway Show, as there is no story line...

Indulgent, Disappointing, Overrated

See it if you dont have anything else to do.

Don't see it if you are a fan of big flashy productions.

Great singing

See it if If you love rock music! Great singers!

Don't see it if There is no story line, it’s more like a concert so if you don’t like the concert feel.

Disappointing, Overrated, Something in vegas, Some good singing

See it if You want to see classic and different music playing. If you like a big production remind me of a Vegas show.

Don't see it if No story line there's just classical music with rock music.

Also Kind of funny because this is Broadway I didn't feel like this should ... Read more Read less

Just.a loud glorified concert. not a broadway worth vehicle

See it if You like concert loud versions of songs.

Don't see it if You don't like loud concerts.

Nice try, Mixed bag, "some" great singing, Much better than "home for the holidays"

See it if you're up for a mildly entertaining evening that some how manages not to connect out to the house.

Don't see it if you want an all out Rock concert.

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