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Significant Other

Members say: Funny, Great acting, Entertaining, Relevant, Clever
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The comedic and heart-wrenching off-Broadway hit transfers to Broadway. Make a date with Jordan (Gideon Glick) as he navigates friendship and courtship as a terminal single in New York City
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All of Jordan Berman’s best friends are setting a date…and he can’t even get one. Now when he needs brunch plans, emergency dating advice, or just someone to commiserate and eat carbs with, he has to compete for attention with their new significant others. Of course he’s so happy for them, but Jordan is struggling to keep up with how fast everyone else is changing. Starring most of the original Off-Broadway cast.

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Reviews (430)

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Avg Score

The New York Times

"Though there are plenty of details that identify this brightly performed play as belonging to the immediate present, 'Significant Other' often seems to hail from another era...Despite a thoroughly engaging and interdependent ensemble, which conveys the prickly intimacy of longtime acquaintance, 'Significant Other' ultimately talks too much and too explicitly...The play’s structure can start to feel like a sustained musical vamp with only slight variations." Full Review


"The combination of Harmon's script, which nicely glides between hip humor and touching explorations of loneliness, and the leading performance of Glick - tousled, empathetic and cheerfully witty - might be enough to turn the most cynical soul into a hopeless romantic...There's a noticeably new spark in director Cullman's production, that neatly glides from effervescent to emotionally raw...'Significant Other' is a significant contribution to this Broadway season." Full Review


"Cullman repeats his directorial chores with the same insouciant ease while his collaborators make some smart adjustments for the larger Broadway house. Playwright Harmon strikes the perfect balance between comedy and pathos — with the emphasis on comedy...The wonder of his humor is that, while it reflects a youthful sensibility, his clever jokes appeal to all ages...Harmon is that kind of playwright: He makes you laugh, he makes you laugh harder, and then he makes you choke." Full Review

Time Out New York

"Gay characters in mass culture often serve as supportive accessories in the marriage plots of others, but Harmon keeps Jordan in sharp, brutally revealing focus...Glick delivers a star-making, gut-wrenching performance of deep sweetness and quicksilver mood shifts...Directed with ideal snap by Trip Cullman...Don’t underestimate the value of a smart new American romantic comedy on Broadway: It’s a rare thing indeed, and worth celebrating." Full Review


"As skillfully well done as it was before, with director Trip Cullman once again providing a keen, realistic eye to guide the proceedings...A ferociously hilarious, unbearably sad, and astonishingly relatable portrait of the formative friendships we have in our youth...There's a beautiful realness to 'Significant Other.' It's the rare Broadway production that so expertly captures the painful uncertainty of what life is like at the end of an era." Full Review

New York Theater

"If the basic plot were the sum total of 'Significant Other,' it would be easier to dismiss as thin, repetitive and self-pitying. But what 'Significant Other' has going for it is significant, especially some very funny moments and a supremely winning cast...Glick invests the role with just the right notes of comic awkwardness, energy, and warmth, accompanied by a consistent underscoring of melancholy. He makes his character both adorable and irritating." Full Review

The Huffington Post

"A friendly, rollicking, sweet and altogether delectable comedy for today...'Significant Other' is as warm and friendly and lovable as a short-legged, long-eared puppy, and Gideon Glick is just as cuddly...Director Trip Cullman makes a delayed but assured Broadway bow...Mix Harmon’s warm-hearted script with Glick’s superb performance and the artfully flavorful assistance of Mendez and Barrie, and you’ve got an exceedingly winning Broadway comedy." Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

"A touching and delightful play...The terrific actor who plays Jordan, Gideon Glick, imbues him with the kind of warmth, humor, and unsullied pathos that's all but unheard of among even today's brightest young stage stars...Although Harmon has painstakingly chiseled Jordan, he's accomplished no less with the other characters...With all the brilliance at work here, 'Significant Other' passes briskly." Full Review

Theatre's Leiter Side

"Much of the acting, both the highly lauded Glick's and that of the actresses, all of it highly polished, is pushed to unnecessarily energy-consuming extremes, making every moment seem like a this-is-about-me bit where I get to show how charmingly funny or dramatic I can be...Everything about 'Significant Other' has about it a been-there, done-that feeling, reminding us of TV shows, movies, and other plays with similar characters, situations, and dialogue." Full Review

The Wall Street Journal

""All this is the stuff of light entertainment...and 'Significant Other' aspires to nothing more for roughly three-quarters of its length...Halfway through the second act, it suddenly metamorphoses into a different play...The cliché tap is shut off and every character becomes touchingly real, the way they should have been all along...Even when he’s being slick and safe, Mr. Harmon knows how to put a script together, and Trip Cullman, the director, has gotten the most out of what’s there." Full Review

AM New York

"On second viewing, I can appreciate it as a fully developed portrait of a shy, sensitive and self-effacing young man confronting social pressure and his own emotional needs. There is a constant fluidity to Trip Cullman’s production, which bounces between short scenes using a tall set that evokes workplace, club and home settings and precise lighting changes. Glick is so adorable and vulnerable that you feel compelled to jump onstage, give him a hug and find him a date." Full Review

The Huffington Post

"Everything about 'Significant Other' is off and deeply confusing...Harmon seems to believe this is a comic drama with something searing to say about the pain of loneliness in the modern world. But because Jordan isn’t just a normal guy with normal hang-ups who is unlucky in love or hasn’t met the right fellow yet, he’s unrelatable...The fault here begins and ends with the playwright...On the bright side, Cullman has honed the cast to fine effect." Full Review

The Hollywood Reporter

"Under playwright Joshua Harmon's compassionate gaze, that potentially mopey, extended sitcom scenario becomes by turns hilarious and poignant, delivering a relatable contemporary take on the old-fashioned theme of waiting with increasing impatience for Mr. Right...A big part of what prevents this delightful play from turning either trite or maudlin is the wonderful performance of Gideon Glick...'Significant Other' is consistently pleasurable, funny-sad entertainment." Full Review

New York Magazine / Vulture

"Although Joshua Harmon’s sour comedy has many fine supporting qualities — wit, a neat structure, lacerating dialogue, and a clutch of terrific performances from a cast led by Gideon Glick — they don’t have very much to support...Director Trip Cullman has tightened the staging tremendously, vanishing the dead spots...Despite all the tightening, and all the emotion, 'Significant Other' is still a lot like one of those rituals: a happy occasion, somehow, yet loud, tiresome, and overlong." Full Review

New York Daily News

"Hilarity comes from spry, occasionally crude one-liners showcased to the max by the fine cast as well as Trip Cullman’s deft direction...The annoying part? Contrivances, cartoonishness and the play’s retro sensibility. Why no same-sex nuptials? And peripheral gays are either 'Hey girl' dopes or pining mopes...Glick gives a stellar performance, but self-loathing Jordan gets the pity party he deserves." Full Review


"The latest play to move from the Roundabout’s off-Broadway truck farm to...Broadway...The play’s strengths and weaknesses both are cast in brighter relief...'Significant Other' is more sensitively drawn than his acrid comedy 'Bad Jews,' though they share a certain glibness and a maddening disconnect from any world outside their own hearts...One of the finer things about 'Significant Other' is that it has in store for us a surprise ending that feels organic, and sad, and true." Full Review


"Harmon once again proved himself to be a wonderful wordsmith and astute chronicler of the quandaries faced by the contemporary young adults...Basically this is an old-fashioned romantic comedy, but with newfangled details and a leading character who's gay...This is a virtuoso performance by Glick. He's on stage throughout, balancing self-absorption and immaturity with vulnerability and charm...Staged with great imagination and style by Trip Cullman." Full Review


"A slick, well-made, funny-sad new Broadway comedy, the kind that doesn’t often get a first-rate commercial production these days...Cullman draws smart, entertaining performances...What lulls us into the comfort of a good-natured, finely crafted party-play has a serious core of loneliness, which is lovely. In the very center of that core, however, are characters with no life...I question whether this is the way things are right now. If so, this could be the saddest comedy I’ve ever seen." Full Review


"Seeing it on Broadway, my feelings about the character, Jordan, had changed. I liked him, and the play, a lot better...Fluidly directed by Trip Cullman...Harmon is a very talented, humane playwright with a sharp eye and ear for the foibles of youth. But I think what made me appreciate his play more this time around was the deepening of Glick’s performance...Jordan still has his annoying qualities, but they’re embedded in a recognizable humanness." Full Review

The Wrap

"The show never feels derivative, even though you might get the impression you’ve seen this distraught hero before through a different prism in an alternate universe...How much real despair you see in this 29-year-old’s situation may depend on whether you’re closer in age to Jordan or Grandma...A more stoic ending would be preferred. Tears are for audiences, not leading men, regardless of their character’s sexual orientation." Full Review


“Unsuccessfully blending comedy and drama, ‘Significant Other’ is a sullen though fitfully compelling take on contemporary romantic life in New York City…It’s well constructed, the dialogue is snappy and filled with some funny one-liners…Moderately entertaining, it attempts to explore a prevalent societal issue, but is undermined by its off-putting main character and its rarified sensibility...An excellent production that cannot compensate for its problematic core." Full Review


"An endearing romantic comedy...Glick has fully realized his character...One word for this performance? Relatable...Barrie’s earning deserved accolades for this role, and it’s because of her unsaccharine performance...These actors have had time to steep in their roles, something we see manifest in silly, spastic, surprisingly well-choreographed dance sequences at assorted bachelorette parties. The piece ends in a sincere fashion." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"Trip Cullman directs these proceedings with laser-like precision, getting every laugh out of Harmon’s sharp-witted yet consistently truthful script...Cullman is to be equally commended for guiding all of his actors so well. But the highest praise goes to Glick, who delivers a truly all-out, no-holds-barred performance, both emotionally and physically, that should be remembered come Tony Awards time. It’s that significant." Full Review

Entertainment Weekly

"Stereotypes are dangled...The dialogue can feel rom-com-ish...But what emerges as this play progresses is something sharper and more unsettling. If Harmon doesn’t eschew cliches — the playwright wields them with surprising wit, in fact — he has crafted, in Jordan, a central character who defies them...Glick’s meticulously shaded, irresistibly human performance is further supported, under Trip Cullman’s nimble direction, by other costars." Full Review


"The kind of work that deftly sneaks up on you, disarming you with laughter, until it darkens and deepens and then leaves you devastated...This is not the starriest or showiest Broadway production right now -- but it might just be the most affecting...Glick delivers an arresting, funny, prickly performance, building to a spectacular meltdown...Glick's final, silent moments in the show are a league beyond -- it's the best male performance I've seen on Broadway this year." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews
Avg Score

Delightful, Great acting, Entertaining, Relatable

See it if If you're looking for a fun, but thought-provoking play about love, friendship and loneliness;

Don't see it if If you're looking for something with a lot of depth or something too light-hearted. This was in between the two factors :)

Raunchy, Resonant, Indulgent, Millenial, Laugh-out-loud

See it if Are a millennial, whether proud or ashamed; have experienced dating in New York; for versatile secondary actors and perfectly tuned leads

Don't see it if Refuse to like or sympathize with flawed characters; expect a tone that is consistently earnest or consistently cynical; don't like swearing

Funny, Entertaining

See it if you enjoy plays about relationships, especifically single women and/or gay men and friendships.

Don't see it if you are not into examining singlehood and related friendships or prefer more serious plays.

Funny, Delightful, Great acting, Relevant, Resonant

See it if You are in your 20's and can relate to all your friends growing up around you. Very poignant, great representation of a gay character

Don't see it if You will be bothered by some more emotional scenes. It tackles some serious topics in a very light way, but the issues are still there.

Banal, Disappointing, Cliched, Overrated

See it if you want a dull night out at the theater. Two dimensional characters, who are not at all able to make an emotional connection.

Don't see it if you want to see good theater. I left at intermission.

Funny, Delightful, Enchanting, Quirky, Romantic

See it if You want a well written delightful story yet a tad sad.

Don't see it if You hate love

Great acting, Entertaining, Great staging

See it if Gideon Glick elevated the show with his sensitive and compelling performance that's worth the price of admission. Great ensemble. Slick set.

Don't see it if I admired the subject matter and focus on Glick's character. The play was a little too long and repetitive at times.

Clever, Hilarious, Entertaining, Affecting

See it if you want an honest to God comedy on Broadway. An insightful, funny and affecting look at a gay man's search for love. LOVE Trip Cullman!

Don't see it if you're not really interested in romantic comedies...and it is a bit long.

Relevant, Slow, Entertaining, Good acting, Good staging

See it if Harmon's clever look at millennial relationships veers between insightful to glib Good ensemble work around Glick's hyper lead performance

Don't see it if Glick works tirelessly to find sympathy in Jordan's overactive, neurotic self-centeredrness but ultimately fails or was that Harmon's point?

Funny, Banal, Insipid, Slow, Great staging

See it if you are 20 something dreading being single when you are 30 something. Clever staging allows quick cut movie-style story telling.

Don't see it if you have a fully rounded life. These characters have limited their life choices to romantic partnership or death.

Funny, Entertaining, Fluffy

See it if you want a somewhat light evening with some laughs and to catch several good performances.

Don't see it if you aren't up for a long pity party for the lead character (who ultimately grows a bit).

Absorbing, Intelligent, Romantic, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if You are a NYer. We can all relate. to the struggle with loneliness and wanting someone in our lives who loves us and cares about us.

Don't see it if You are a tourist looking for a musical. Otherwise, see it.

Also I saw this show off-broadway and it seemed funnier now. The audience w... Read more Read less

Funny, Absorbing, Great acting, Relevant, Entertaining

See it if Want a night of good theTre that breaks down the fear of growing older alone. Funny moments abound.

Don't see it if Are uncomfortable with gay lead characters and clicky friendship angst.

Absorbing, Clever, Great acting, Fluffy

See it if You want a story based comedy and slight sadness as you get older and your friends start to marry off, where do you stand as their friend.

Don't see it if You are looking for a night away from youths. The story can come off as cliched as it deals with today's generation growing up.

Cliched, Dated, Great staging, Insignificant, Unnecessarily crude

See it if You enjoy almost teen-aged banter about boyfriends and wedding prep and other meaningless chat. If you love Lindsey Mendez--she's great!

Don't see it if You must pay for your ticket. My sense is that Real Housewives of whatever is equally as entertaining. People 50+ may miss many references.

Quirky, Indulgent, Disappointing, Cliched, Overbaked

See it if U don't mind knowing where the plot/characters are going to end up by the end of the 1st scene + it takes it's repetitive time to get there.

Don't see it if None of the above scares you off and you don't mind a been there/seen that feel to it all that goes all weepy without earning it.

Also Add to my remark in "Don't see it if..." that my daughter told me she ... Read more Read less

Great acting, Banal, Disappointing, Excruciating, Entertaining

See it if Superb cast; Barbara Barrie needs to be everyone's grandma; artful construction and character arcs of main and lead supporting characters

Don't see it if Appreciated play more after seeing at earlier Pels run but still represents the shrill and bitchy kind of show that turns me off

Funny, Great acting, Relevant, Great writing, Entertaining

See it if You enjoy great ensemble acting,with a terrific lead performance by Gideon Glick. I saw the play at the Pels and enjoyed this just as much.

Don't see it if You don't want to be thoroughly entertained. Everyone can relate to the humanity of the characters.It wil make you laugh and cry.

Funny, Clever, Great acting, Relevant, Entertaining

See it if you like relevant comedy writing with great acting.

Don't see it if you are more into deep drama.

Also Intelligent look at relationships and the feeling of needing to be wit... Read more Read less

Great acting, Refreshing, Great writing, Hilarious, Moving

See it if for sure if you've ever felt like the last single person at a party, but also just for a pitch-perfect ensemble in a very funny, lovely play

Don't see it if You need something that feels deeply serious or thematically grandiose. It's an intimate play that runs like a near-perfect sitcom.

Funny, Banal, Disappointing, Cliched, Insipid

See it if You enjoy time spent with a whiney puerile gwm wallowing about his singleness and his superficial f. friends who"abandon"him as they marry

Don't see it if You want a deep discussion of loneliness and alienation in contemporary life, and are content to pay B'way prices for a few funny one liners

Also This whole enterprise is vapid and quite insignificant. Barbara Barrie... Read more Read less

Great acting, Entertaining

See it if you've ever felt left out, if you've been to too many weddings, or if you've had trouble finding dates.

Don't see it if you mind your good guys acting selfishly, are looking for something groundbreaking or new or are afraid of the gays.

Also All of the actors, Gideon Glick and Lindsey Mendez, were great.

Refreshing, Relevant, Resonant

See it if If you were the last of your friends to get married this will really resonate with you. It's hilarious and heart-breaking.

Don't see it if Don't see this if you can't deal with real issues and the heart-ache of life.

Great acting, Quirky, Relevant, Resonant, Great writing

See it if you're 25 to 35 and want to have a good cry about your life. Or if you want to see a well-done show with excellent lighting and sets.

Don't see it if you want something fun and frivolous. Definitely gets a little intense.

Funny, Great acting, Cliched

See it if You're single and want to feel bad about it, or you want a more or less lighter/funny look at dating in NY.

Don't see it if You hate millenials/relationships/rom coms. Or if you want a show with a bit more heft.