Take Me Out (Broadway)
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Take Me Out (Broadway)

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Great acting, Absorbing, Entertaining, Relevant, Thought-provoking

Tony Award-winning play starring Jesse Williams and Jesse Tyler Ferguson about the ramifications of coming out as gay as a sportsman.

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80 Reviews | 18 Followers
Riveting, Great writing, Great acting, Exquisite, Absorbing

See it if you love profound theater with lots of substance, amazing acting and timeless topics. Gorgeous, talented cast. This play isn't about sports.

Don't see it if you prefer comedy or only want to see it for the full frontal nudity

111 Reviews | 28 Followers
Intense, Great acting, Entertaining, Ambitious, Absorbing

See it if The show is powerful, well acted and the themes it talks about are as relevant today as they were when the play premiered.

Don't see it if Some might not like the nudity or the gay theme.

73 Reviews | 10 Followers
Relevant, Riveting, Thought-provoking

See it if you like riveting dramas, and lgbtq+ themed works. Lots of naked men also.

Don't see it if you're homophobic, or below the age of 18.

286 Reviews | 23 Followers
Masterful, Great acting, Exquisite, Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if You want to see a masterclass in acting and storytelling. Best show I've seen.

Don't see it if Literally no reason not to.

90 Reviews | 34 Followers
Resonant, Intelligent, Great acting, Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if you love a very well written thought provoking revival. Great acting! Not a weak link in the cast. JTF’s monologues are genius.

Don't see it if you are a prude.

95 Reviews | 11 Followers
Must see, Masterful, Hilarious, Great acting, Clever

See it if You want to be entertained, made to laugh and cry, and get angry

Don't see it if You don't like to deal with your emotions

64 Reviews | 17 Followers
Masterful, Intelligent, Great acting, Clever, Absorbing

See it if You are interested in a smart and well performed story that faces homosexuality inside baseball

Don't see it if You are sensitive towards nudity

149 Reviews | 22 Followers
Relevant, Must see, Great writing, Great staging, Great acting

See it if You want to witness the best that Broadway can be. It is pure theater perfection. Brilliant writing, staging and acting. A MUST SEE!!!

Don't see it if You're crazy...RUN TO SEE THIS SHOW ASAP. I can't begin to express how profoundly brilliant, powerful & moving it is. Go see this show!!!

Critic Reviews (26)

The New York Times
April 4th, 2022
For a previous production

"It’s not the kind of work that benefits much from postgame analysis, which reveals flaws in construction and logic. But in performance, now no less than in 2002...it is mostly delightful and provocative. Perhaps especially for gay men, it is also a useful corrective to the feeling of banishment from a necessary sport...But as Lemming and Marzac form a bond — not romantic but not untender, either — the ideas that Greenberg is juggling, about integration on the ball field and integration of the psyche, fully pay off."
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Time Out New York
April 4th, 2022
For a previous production

"Nearly 20 years after its Tony-winning run in 2003, Take Me Out has returned to Broadway at Second Stage’s up-close-and-personal Helen Hayes Theater. Directed by Scott Ellis, it remains provocative, intelligent and engaging. [Richard] Greenberg likes big words, big themes and messy complications."
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New York Theatre Guide
April 4th, 2022
For a previous production

"3/5 stars...Unfortunately for this disjointed slow burn, the play’s X-rated factor becomes the audience’s talk point, a major distraction that causes some to miss the message or overlook it entirely...Under the uneven direction of Scott Ellis, 'Take Me Out' becomes a cluster of both remarkable and insignificant performances pieced together inside a scattered plot. The story’s dramatic turns quickly evolve into humor and fluff...What 'Take Me Out' does right is highlight how sportsmen, entrenched in a business that boasts the traditional expectations of masculinity, respond to a team member’s homosexuality."
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New York Magazine / Vulture
April 4th, 2022
For a previous production

"Under Scott Ellis’s direction, the clownish characters go extremely silly and broad: the Spanish-speaking ballplayers in particular ask for easy (and ugly) laughs...Ferguson as Mason breathes in the smell of the grass at the stadium, and his face transforms, blissing out, starting to shine. He does a lovely job with the role, and Greenberg’s lyricism is at its strongest in his scenes, but he’s playing against a ghost runner...Luckily, there is Dirden. He appears in only two scenes, rolling into them with a low-rider gait that establishes his dominance over the others."
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The Wall Street Journal
April 8th, 2022
For a previous production

"Mr. Ellis, a veteran Broadway director here at the top of his form, has in fact fielded an entirely terrific all-male cast, almost a dozen actors who, as with the best pro sports teams, work smoothly together even as they shine individually."
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April 4th, 2022
For a previous production

"With an impeccable cast headed by Jesse Williams, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Patrick J. Adams, 'Take Me Out' just might be a revelation even to those who saw the original Broadway production nearly 20 years ago...Directed by Scott Ellis with an attention to pace and nuance that locates every thought of a thoughtful play, 'Take Me Out' does nothing gratuitously, including the abundant full-frontal nudity of the locker room shower scenes."
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New York Daily News
April 14th, 2022
For a previous production

"'Take Me Out' now feels like a period piece, with no comment on transgender issues, queerness or any of the other political hot potatoes today. The same is true of the racial dynamic...'Take Me Out' is a very smart play, a cleverly structured piece that uses sport — and, yes, nudity — to explore salient questions well worth a couple of hours in the theater. It’s also a gentle and humanistic piece of work...The production is, for sure, broad and embracing of an exuberant kind of theatricality, occasionally at the expense of the pace of a show that has to maintain a rush of ideas. Many of the laughs that come are as intended, but a few feel gratuitous...That said, you’re watching a skilled and earnest ensemble."
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April 4th, 2022
For a previous production

"Directed by Scott Ellis, this revival, too, is a solid hit, despite a few grounding errors...Despite some new tweaks, Greenberg’s ambitious script still has a pile-on of themes, dealing with gender, race, sexuality, celebrity and spirituality, not to mention major league sports. But the playwright and this production still manage to bring it home in the play’s ninth inning with a graceful, bittersweet denouement that leaves characters still searching, still discovering and still in play for another season."
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