The Crucible
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The Crucible

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Great acting, Absorbing, Intense, Thought-provoking, Great staging

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Arthur Miller’s 'The Crucible' returns to Broadway in a new production directed by acclaimed Belgian director Ivo van Hove, who has an inventive take on this timeless parable of morality and intolerance.

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294 Reviews | 75 Followers
Ambitious, Confusing, Indulgent, Slow, Banal

See it if you're a fan of directors overdone and under-thought take on a classic you know well to spend the entire time going "huh what?"

Don't see it if you don't want the entire point and thesis of a play to be undermined. Or if bad accents bother you.

167 Reviews | 162 Followers
Indulgent, Intense, Overrated, Overdone, Grey school room setting

See it if you want to see a director overplay his hand: everything is set at the highest level of intensity and expression.

Don't see it if I rarely walk out of a play, did on this. Grey school room setting for all locations, plus smoke as in Ivo van Hove's VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE.

133 Reviews | 38 Followers
Disappointing, Slow, Indulgent, Overrated

See it if Yod don't mind talky pseudo intellectual drama pretentiously staged in an odd way

Don't see it if Dont like the work of the overated and pretentious staging of Ivo Van Hov

66 Reviews | 16 Followers
Disappointing, Great acting, Indulgent, Overrated, Great writing

See it if You like CONCEPT shows over substance.

Don't see it if You're a traditionalist and/or are looking for an emotionally relevant piece rather than anachronistic directorial wank.

66 Reviews | 10 Followers
Trivializing, pointless

See it if You think The Crucible needs “updating”.

Don't see it if If a production that trivializes a great work to no purpose or effect will bore, annoy or distress you.

59 Reviews | 17 Followers
Confusing, Disappointing, Excruciating, Overrated, Terrible

See it if You have seen other Ivan van hoe shows and enjoyed them

Don't see it if You have any respect for Arthur Miller

57 Reviews | 22 Followers
Disappointing, Confusing, Ambitious, Edgy, Great writing

See it if You want great acting in a wonderful play destroyed by an egotistical director who thinks you are not smart enough to think for yourself

Don't see it if you know the show and what Arthur Miller was trying to convey to his audience

51 Reviews | 16 Followers
Dated, Disappointing, Slow

See it if An old tale about witch craft

Don't see it if It was slow and a bit boring.

Critic Reviews (49)

The New York Times
March 31st, 2016

"The director Ivo van Hove and a dazzling international cast have plumbed the raw terror in Arthur Miller’s 'The Crucible'. And an endlessly revived historical drama from 1953 suddenly feels like the freshest, scariest play in town...Mr. van Hove knew exactly what he was doing here. All the members of his large ensemble find revealing new shapes within archetypes and insist that we grasp and even sympathize with their characters’ perspectives."
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Time Out New York
March 31st, 2016

"Van Hove’s electrifying and audacious staging achieves what more revivals should: It makes old work seem new, blows away the dust and exposes caulked cracks...The production avoids overt reference to contemporary headlines, but resonances with today's religious hypocrisy and xenophobia are hard to ignore...Miller’s masterpiece, still a model of post-Ibsenite drama, holds up...'The Crucible' has to be seen—even if not every flourish works...Still, the cast is ridiculously stuffed with talent."
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New York Magazine / Vulture
March 31st, 2016

"Gripping, emotional revival...If van Hove’s directorial choices generally support and enliven the text, and force us to see it fresh, it’s not because he has abandoned his avant-garde armamentarium...I think the mistake teachers often make about 'The Crucible' is that they read it like a novel, and sometimes it’s staged that way. Van Hove sweeps all that away, letting us feel more strongly the role the play’s overwhelming structural brilliance plays in locking us down."
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The Hollywood Reporter
March 31st, 2016

"Almost operatic in their intensity, van Hove's productions are designed to leave audiences agitated and uncomfortable, which is notably the case with this distressing drama, with its steadily amplified sense of horror and indignation...Mesmerizingly acted...The production presents a chilling account of the institutional arrogance and ignorance that are a threat to civil liberties in any age, particularly when the dividing lines separating politics, religion and the judiciary become blurred."
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Entertainment Weekly
March 31st, 2016

"The play’s easy-to-understand themes of mob mentality and mass hysteria have made it Miller’s most produced work, yet the piece is somewhat flat...Thus the prospect of maestro Belgian director Ivo van Hove putting his inimitable stamp on Miller’s work is too tantalizing to resist. Even if the results are mixed...Van Hove has a knack for stagecraft, that’s for sure...Van Hove’s bold, electric production doesn’t quite juice Miller’s morality play with the ambiguity it needs to be truly tragic."
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March 31st, 2016

"There’s bound to be head-scratching over Ivo van Hove’s peculiar Broadway production of 'The Crucible'...The ensemble is superb, and the play sustains its power to shock and thrill. But the directorial concept is baffling...It’s too big, too complex, too philosophical to deconstruct and reduce to its 'essence'...Rather than suggesting a universal time frame, this lack of specificity tells us we’re nowhere.”
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The Wall Street Journal
March 31st, 2016

"It’s amazing how much damage Ivo van Hove, the most pretentious stage director of our time, can do to a good play...He’s attacked 'The Crucible' with a steamroller, turning Miller’s play into a slow-moving study in extreme tedium. Directorial miscalculations abound...To do such a play in modern dress is to take its already over-obvious symbolism and make it clownishly blatant...Van Hove’s staging of the first act is so unvaried in pace that he manages to make it boring."
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March 31st, 2016

"Ivo van Hove’s lucid and often mesmerizing production honors all of those big factors without overwhelming us—unless it’s by the sheer impact of a company so right in nearly every detail, from the major roles to those less so...I think the impact must be quite similar to that felt by theatergoers 63 years ago...The set is the production’s major misstep, a serious one...I have often found his work pretentious and misguided. Not here...This is a definitive production."
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