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Funny, Great acting, Entertaining, Dated, Clever

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Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur’s classic rapid-fire comedy about the newspaper business is revived on Broadway with all an-star cast including two-time Tony winner Nathan Lane, John Slattery, and John Goodman.

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70 Reviews | 1 Follower
Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if What a great surprise. enjoyed the heck out of this play

Don't see it if Fun drama

61 Reviews | 34 Followers
Masterful, Hilarious, Great acting, Slow

See it if You want to see Nathan Lane at his best, with a well-rounded company behind him

Don't see it if you need a fast-paced show through and through; the first act is slow

360 Reviews | 76 Followers
Entertaining, Dated, Hilarious, Great acting, Great writing

See it if you want to see the work of two great masters--MacArthur and Hecht. This is dated, but yet, surprisingly relevant.

Don't see it if A bit of dust on a superior script is bothersome, or if political incorrectness is offensive to you. Read more

98 Reviews | 18 Followers
Clever, Entertaining, Great acting, Funny

See it if Great comedy! The cast is great! Definitely for an older crowd, not for children

Don't see it if If you don't like plays or a comedy! It's also a long show

127 Reviews | 13 Followers
Entertaining, Funny, Great staging

See it if you like classic theatre done with attention to details of the period.

Don't see it if don't appreciate the actors.

324 Reviews | 70 Followers
Ambitious, Entertaining, Hilarious, Great acting, Refreshing

See it if All-star cast, wonderful direction, great set

Don't see it if The inevitable plot wrapup is lacking in suspense, Slattery's MAD MEN role provides an out of context laugh for those in the know

69 Reviews | 20 Followers
Great acting, Clever, Great staging, Hilarious, Intelligent

See it if you appreciate a wonderfully written and acted comedy from the Golden Age of Broadway which is very relavent to today's media & politics.

Don't see it if you don't enjoy long (3 acts) literate straight plays that are not musicals, if you don't like paying close attention to follow the story.

87 Reviews | 31 Followers
Clever, Funny, Dizzying, Hilarious, Great writing

See it if You love classic comedy!

Don't see it if You don't like more old-fashioned plays.

Critic Reviews (50)

The New York Times
October 21st, 2016

"Diverting. Pretty darn good. At moments, very funny indeed...But aside from those moments when Lane is all but setting fire to the stage, it is not the stuff of banner headlines...The problem is that in this production the dirt isn’t so much slung as spun, carefully and thoughtfully, so you can trace the arc of a joke before it lands. The show is pointedly and self-consciously funny, savoring its own raucous wit, which paradoxically means that it just isn’t as funny as it should be."
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Time Out New York
October 20th, 2016

"A 5,000-volt revival...Whipped into a hellacious comic frenzy by one of the best acting ensembles you and I may ever see. Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur’s 1928 evisceration of the newspaper racket is a summit of American screwball comedy...Director Jack O’Brien’s pedal-to-the-metal production is astonishingly true to the spirit and letter of the script...O’Brien’s pacing is masterful, guiding us from belly laughs to a sudden, sickening drop in our stomachs. What seals the deal is the acting."
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New York Magazine / Vulture
October 21st, 2016

"A top-notch production...The slow build, like the play overall, is a masterpiece of construction, the kind that for a hundred reasons shouldn’t work today, but that under O’Brien’s nervy direction undeniably does...Often thought of as a wit or a clown, Lane is really a time bomb onstage, with no fuse and an infinite payload...But one of the very deep pleasures of 'The Front Page' is the chance it provides to watch a large ensemble of character actors do what they’re so good at."
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New Yorker
November 7th, 2016

"O’Brien, who utilizes the best of what Broadway has to offer—a big stage, a solid budget, slick production values—has not only created a milieu in which the performers can shine; he allows them the space to establish their characterizations...It takes a director of O’Brien’s skill to keep all those hoops in the air without losing sight of the story, or of the internal lives of the characters...Although Scott has relatively few scenes, she does a lot to make the play we’re watching credible."
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The Wall Street Journal
October 21st, 2016

"Slack and lackluster, a case study in how to get a good play wrong. Given the high quality of the cast, it’s surprising how ineffective this 'Front Page' is...The biggest problem of all is that O’Brien has softened the tungsten-hard tone...O’Brien’s 'Front Page' is played for laughs, not truth, and that’s why it falls so flat...As for Lane, he’s great. Too great, really...Suddenly you see what was missing up to that point, and realize why you’d come close to nodding off mere minutes before."
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October 20th, 2016

"Lane and Slattery fire on all cylinders...O’Brien is a master at choreographing big casts so that no role seems left out of the limelight...Remains a testament to casual racism and misogyny that makes me feel like a party pooper even to mention. Yet there it is in what’s essentially a wheezy plot whose main reason for continued life is the opportunity for two actors to strut and snap, crackle and pop, surrounded by a gang of experts in their craft."
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New York Daily News
October 20th, 2016

"Nathan Lane saves the day—and the play—again...The only thing wrong with Lane’s performance, which comes with his signature shtick, is that he doesn’t arrive earlier...For the play’s first hour and forty-five minutes, a supporting cast of comic pros who portray hard-boiled reporters are mired in mostly expositional banter that goes in circles and stalls...Director Jack O’Brien’s production is handsomely gritty and well-dressed, but only really catches fire in the third act."
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October 21st, 2016

"Drawing on a starry cast top-lined by Nathan Lane and John Slattery, Jack O’Brien directs an impeccable revival that delights in the tasteless vulgarity of that fabled era...The situation offers a variety of opportunities for farcical comedy, and if O’Brien missed any one of them, I failed to catch it. The production is as close to perfection as it comes...Count yourself lucky if you scored a seat. You won’t forget it."
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