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The Terms of My Surrender

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Michael Moore, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker behind 'Bowling for Columbine' and 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' brings his powers of provocation to the stage in this world premiere one-man play. More…

'The Terms of My Surrender' is a hilarious satirical tour through the depraved new world we find ourselves in since appointing a madman as the leader of the free world. The show features insights drawn from Moore's long history as an activist and high-profile pot stirrer, ongoing translations of each day's fresh insanity, and any number of nightly surprises. Directed by Tony winner Michael Mayer ('Spring Awakening,' 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch').

1h 50m | Already closed | Belasco Theatre (Midtown W)

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"Moore makes you laugh at the absurdity of it all so that we can stop breathing in shallow fear for a moment...There is no set script because, to my great pleasure, Moore includes discussion of today’s news...And...there’s a young woman—gorgeous, expressive, and super talented ...and cops...and—SQUEEE!—male strippers!!! So, go get entertained!" Full Review

Gotham Playgoer

"Who knew that indignation could be so entertaining? Moore, with a substantial contribution by director Michael Mayer, has cleverly assembled a varied evening that constantly shifts gears before it can become monotonous...Yes, there are a few rants, but overall, Moore is considerably more subdued than I anticipated. I laughed a lot more than I expected to...Perhaps there is therapeutic value to being surrounded by like-minded people and getting a well-crafted pep talk." Full Review

Theater Life

“Moore’s genius comes out in the way he follows a thread of information as it connects with another, and attaches itself to the bigger picture. Working his way from the biopsy to the disease, his ability to conceptualize, and communicate in simple English, is inspiring to witness…Of course, Moore is here to stir us up, to empower us, and to free us all to play a role in changing the direction our country is taking...Moore sends us into the night, inspired to stand up with courage.” Full Review

The Hollywood Reporter

"'Surrender' reveals Moore to be a warmly funny and engaging raconteur, presiding over an evening of surprising emotional depths...Smart enough not to fall into the trap of simply preaching to the choir, Moore makes the evening partly autobiographical...The evening, cleverly staged by Michael Mayer, is not just an illustrated lecture. It has a vibrantly theatrical, variety-show atmosphere...The joyous finale, which again relies on the element of surprise, sends the audience out on a high." Full Review


"Moore's entertaining, enlightening solo act...The evening—smartly directed by Michael Mayer—admittedly has a 'preaching to the choir' feel...But Moore is savvy enough to not simply harangue against the ruling party for the entire intermissionless two-hours...Better still, Moore shares a number of personal stories that allow us to see a wider side of his personality...Only the completely humorless (or truly Republican) won’t ultimately surrender to the wit and wisdom of Michael Moore." Full Review

Wolf Entertainment Guide

"A political pep rally spiced with Moore’s entertaining persona. It is surprising what an excellent comedian he can be...An unusual—and enjoyable—Broadway theater outing...I wondered how Moore could hold even en enthusiastic crowd for that long. But lo and behold, the time breezed by (with only a slight lull here and there) as Moore held firm command, veering from immensely entertaining and often hilarious segments, to his very serious effort to change the political landscape." Full Review


"No matter your political persuasion, there's no denying that the guy can hold a stage. It's two intermission-less hours consisting, predictably, of Trump-bashing, but there's lots of amusing biographical anecdotes as well. Some of them are extremely moving, while others are insightful, and all of them are delivered by a masterful storyteller who manages to entertain and instruct simultaneously...He hit the target with this one, even if he is preaching to the choir." Full Review

Broadway Blog

"It is this sense of empowerment that ties Moore’s story together (under the deft direction of Michael Mayer)...If there is anything disarming about Moore’s diatribe, it’s that it is delivered with a sense of 'us versus them'...How much are we willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the whole? So far, not much. But with Michael Moore continuing to mix the melting pot, perhaps that will change." Full Review


"I suggest you rush to the Belasco Theatre for a cathartic, amusing and healing evening in the theater...Michael Moore has no filter, he is passionate in telling the truth...The evening is not all Trump-bashing; there are many amusing anecdotes...It is his stories that make the show memorable and it is best that he tells them himself...Michael Mayer, the director, must be given a lot of credit for pacing these tales and the passion of the man telling them." Full Review

The Observer

“A funny, colorful and totally entertaining one-man show…I expected to be challenged, embarrassed, provoked and possibly enraged by so many condensed and concentrated opinions at one sitting. What I did not expect, in the bargain, was to have such a good time…Regardless of your politics, he’s so persuasive and charming that you end up agreeing with him in spite of yourself. You also learn things.” Full Review

Drama Queen NYC

“An often funny, often disturbing dolled-up political rally. Because, make no mistake about it, much of ‘Terms’ is what you’d expect: an anti-Trump screed, by turns despairing and gleeful. But ultimately it is more than that, it’s a call to action in the most general of terms…Definitely go see ‘Terms of My Surrender,’ it is a marvelous and surprisingly entertaining bit of encouragement in these dark days.” Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"There’s a lot to take in on this ride, most of it thought-provoking and decidedly positive...It’s all done with a great deal of humor as well as personal stories that successfully soften and add relevance to the message...Moore has crafted a clever narrative with a certifiably impeccable dramatic arc...A variety pack of laughs, facts, ruminations, and exhortations, superbly directed by Michael Mayer." Full Review


“Regardless of what you think of his opinions, Moore can really tell a story that touches the heart…Yes, it’s entertaining; he’s a gifted storyteller, and some of the stories are enchanting. He’s a showman, and inserts a game show (hilarious), a hypothetical campaign rally (funny and thought-provoking), and some unexpected Broadway-style razzle-dazzle here and there. But most of all, he’s a hugely successful provocateur, and can move a despairing audience to be activists.” Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

"'Surrender' has been dismissed by some as an example of 'preaching to the converted'...I for one welcome Moore to the historic Belasco Theatre...'Surrender' has its share of laughs...Still...comedy is not the main goal of this endeavor. Highly unnerving are Moore's stories of the many death threats and attacks he has suffered...Most unnerving, amazing, and heartbreaking of all is his detailed account of how the people in his hometown of Flint were denied drinkable tap water." Full Review

Lighting & Sound America

"A free-form, ripped-from-the-headlines affair, marked by a wild, anything-goes vibe...Moore is an adept stand-up comic....He wisecracks with élan...earning his fair share of laughs...Moore was smart enough to sign up a team of theatrical professionals for his Broadway debut, which has a pleasing slickness...All of this is orchestrated with admirable skill by the director Michael Mayer; however, he would do well to trim about ten minutes from the running time." Full Review


"Moore makes his revolutionary pitch with surprising sweetness...Although he charms the audience into a group sing, he’s determined not to preach to the choir, preferring to make his political points through stealth...One terrific effect really puts across his best story, about a librarian who saved his bacon...The personal anecdotes are interesting, but that librarian story illustrates the main message of this rally—that 'one person out of nowhere can make a revolution.'" Full Review

AM New York

"It can’t be denied that Michael Moore is preaching to the choir by presenting his new one-man show, 'The Terms of My Surrender,' on Broadway...But is that such a bad thing? After all, this is supposed to be a Broadway show, not a political rally...The show is a fun and freewheeling night of theater for Moore’s fans and anyone else who wants to attend." Full Review

The Huffington Post

"Moore speaks his mind, and subtlety is not in his lexicon. Now, precisely how you’re likely to feel about 'The Terms of My Surrender' kind of depends, as they say...The play is not all Trump-bash, all the time. Moore goes through fifteen set-pieces, most drawn from his life adventures. These turn out to be fascinating and engrossing; many of the strongest sections of the evening, which runs an intermissionless two hours or so, are about the author." Full Review


"Directed by Michael Mayer, whose penchant for pizazz pairs nicely with Moore’s Lefties-Home-Companion storytelling style, 'Surrender' is a slick and engaging mash-up of entertainment and politics. It’s also very much a call-to-arms for civic involvement, in a room where Moore is preaching to the more-or-less converted...I can think of a few places the audience wouldn’t be nearly as friendly as New York, which would make for an even more electrifying event." Full Review

The Telegraph (UK)

"The show isn’t entirely an anti-Trump rally. Moore has collaborated with Michael Mayer to create a colorful and affecting political variety show that toggles between monologues, comedic bits and pontification about the state of the nation...While Moore still has a flair for the dramatic, this onetime enfant terrible now sounds like the voice of reason...It’s a lot to pack into a two-hour show, but Moore is a fairly sturdy anchor, and he can certainly inspire a crowd." Full Review

Act Three - The Reviews

“Theater? Only in the abstract sense. Entertainment, most certainly…A blistering one-man show with a purpose and theme…Moore regales us with stories of his youth, middle age, and current time that proves that message and entertains all in his cantankerous and humorous manner we are accustomed to…In my opinion he was not as blistering or mean as I think he could be…I was pleasantly surprised and even a bit motivated myself after leaving the theater.” Full Review


"Some have taken this personal story approach to be 'bragging' or self-aggrandizing. But that criticism misses Moore’s point. These stories are designed to show his congregants that each one of them, as single person, can make a difference...There are times when things seem to drag a bit and other times where Moore and director Mayer mistakenly try to 'Broadway-ize' the presentation...Moore’s on-the-mark musings are insightful, frequently funny, and definitely worth heeding." Full Review

DC Theatre Scene

"Moore's playful, pointed and partisan one-man show...Too diffuse to fit Moore’s usual formula. It’s like a scattershot variety show. But the puckish sense of humor will be enough for most of his fans, the driving engine behind an unusual but surprisingly satisfying entertainment...You need not be a partisan to find many of Moore’s stories both amusing and inspiring." Full Review

Broadway News

"Comes as close to being a campaign rally as anything you are likely to see on Broadway...And yet this shaggy but enjoyable evening, an autobiographical solo show spliced with a rabble-rousing call to arms against the reigning political regime, contains more surprises—and more funny diversions—than I expected...Moore's film persona, the goofy comic pest with a serious mission, translates with surprising ease to the stage." Full Review


"Moore's solo is an impressively well-structured script, an assured performance that, thanks to director Mayer, is presented with enough Broadway-ish theatricality...Some of the personal stuff is less familiar and very effectively used to tie in with his 'you are the majority' as a call-to-action mantra...While Moore has the audience pretty much responding to his every word with enthusiastic laughs and hurrahs, the show sometimes goes from a bubbling boil to a very slow simmer." Full Review

Absorbing, Entertaining, Resonant, Must see

See it if You want to see a captivating one man performance that effortlessly transitions from hysterical to poignant to crushingly sad to inspiring!

Don't see it if You disagree with Michael Moore's politics or are only interested in big spectacle!

Edgy, Intelligent, Must see, Relevant



Absorbing, Clever, Entertaining, Funny, Profound

See it if U r not a Trump fan, like Michael Moore, want to laugh a lot & be thoroughly entertained. Enjoy the surprise ending. Learn a bit of history

Don't see it if U r a Trump fan and don't want to see the light about him and his presidency

Funny, Entertaining, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Masterful

See it if U like fun & are open minded to see what else Michael Moore can do on a Bway stage that is not his usual turf. U can respect different views

Don't see it if U cannot tolerate the right to free speech & different political viewpoints but this show has so much more interesting entertainment.

Also Regardless of political leaning, many will agree that Michael Moore ca... Read more Read less

Masterful, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Profound

See it if You are against Trump and his agenda you will be riveted by Michael Moore's take on our country's perspective

Don't see it if If you are a trump supported you will be amused by this play

Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Absorbing, Entertaining, Funny

See it if You think you know who Michael Moore is or what he is about. You will be surprised to learn how he got where he is and how funny karma is.

Don't see it if You are a constipated conservative with a tightly closed mind. If you are a conservative who is willing to hear the truth about Moore, go!

Entertaining, Funny, Hilarious, Relevant, Must see

See it if You are a Moore fan and can handle his unfiltered comments on politics.

Don't see it if If you are a conservative. (Although you need to!)

Absorbing, Intelligent, Relevant

See it if you're open-minded and enjoy thought provoking shows. I'm not a big Michael Moore fan, but after seeing this show, I have newfound respect!

Don't see it if are a die-hard conservative and/or close-minded. You probably won't like it.

Also I was really impressed with what a great story-teller Michael Moore is... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Absorbing, Edgy, Intense, Masterful

See it if If you need to be educated in how an individual can effect change. You like to laugh and be inspired to do something. You like insight

Don't see it if If you want a simple evening of laughs and don't care to learn. If you don't like one person shows or love Trump

Clever, Relevant, Entertaining

See it if You like Michael Moore. You are interested and/or disturbed by our current political situation.

Don't see it if You are a Rigid Trump Republican with no sense of humor

Relevant, Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Clever, Entertaining

See it if You care about our country and can use some truly humorous, while serious, inspiration to help effect change.

Don't see it if You prefer to remain ignorant about the reality of the state of our country and love the havoc DT reaps daily.

Also Though not a Moore groupie, I thought his ideas in the film "Where to ... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Funny, Great staging, Must see, Relevant

See it if A must see for progressives to come together and plan working to make tRump a one term president. Funny, smart and necessary!

Don't see it if You voted for tRump.

Clever, Great writing, Intelligent

See it if You can think for yourself and you like educated, biting, thoughtful discussions.

Don't see it if Believe everything you hear on Fox News.

Clever, Entertaining, Funny, Great writing, Intelligent

See it if You like Michael Moore, or great stories on making a difference. Liberals will love while conservatives likely condemn. Fantastic show

Don't see it if You are a conservative or don't like liberal leanings of Michael Moore. Great show though!

Clever, Entertaining, Profound, Thought-provoking, Relevant

See it if You are intelligent and therefore are anti-Trump and those like him!

Don't see it if You like Trump and think he is honest and moral— for you might be annoyed at the truth!

Relevant, Intelligent, Must see, Absorbing

See it if you like politics and social analysis. you want to experience Michael Moore live. Want to be fed something political but also entertained

Don't see it if you can't stand Michael Moore. He actually come across as much more likable, charismatic than I imagined. Not arrogant but 100 % authentic

Also this was fantastic - not simply a Trump etc. bashing play but highly m... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Entertaining, Funny, Great writing, Intelligent

See it if you like Real News....Michael Moore's autobiography and current events.

Don't see it if If you are not open to hearing the Political facts.

Clever, Funny, Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if You are a fan of Michael Moore. Backstory of his youth is quite interesting and funny bits included. See if you are not a fan of Trump!

Don't see it if Love trump and think he's a perfect fit for being POTUS.

Clever, Entertaining, Intelligent, Must see, Profound

See it if You are woke and understand what's happening in America and are not happy about it.

Don't see it if Like Donald Trump and racism.

Clever, Entertaining, Funny, Must see, Brllliant

See it if you are a liberal democrat & like to be surrounded by like minded folks.Moore is funny, angry, and 100% right on. Staging is well done.

Don't see it if you voted for Trump and still think you did the right thing.

Clever, Entertaining, Funny, Intelligent, Must see

See it if He is a great story teller. If you need to be inspired to become more involved this is for you

Don't see it if Not for the Trump CULT. Unless you are starting to wake up then go.

Absorbing, Entertaining, Inspiring

See it if You are upset with what's happening in America and the world and want to do something about it.

Don't see it if You love Trump and are not open to new ideas.

Clever, Intelligent, Resonant, Thought-provoking, Absorbing

See it if You want to know all the facts of today's politics. If you want to laugh

Don't see it if You are a total right wing fascist

Clever, Funny, Great acting

See it if You like Michael Moores style and his out of the box thinking . He is clever, crude and funny. The F word is used as an adjective frequent

Don't see it if You love Trump . If you are uptight this show not for you.

Thought-provoking, Relevant, Intelligent, Quirky, Funny

See it if You are having trouble dealing with the results of the current election and want to be inspired to do something about it.

Don't see it if You voted for Trump, own guns, or are thinking of it.

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