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A Regular Little Houdini

Members say: Great acting, Talky, Heartwarming, Entertaining, Slow
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59E59 presents this one-man play from Daniel LLewelyn-Williams about a Welsh dockworker's son at the turn of the last century, who, smitten by Harry Houdini, dreams of a life of magic.

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His parents struggle with their son’s eccentricity, but doggedly training himself to emulate his hero on the industrial detritus, his relentless ambition finally brings him face-to-face with the world’s greatest showman - and one of the most terrifying events in British industrial history. Is it possible to follow one’s dreams when poverty weighs you down like mud? An story that blends childhood imagination with the cynicism of adulthood. A tale of hope, determination, and magic.

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Avg Score

Theatre's Leiter Side

“A generally intriguing, charismatically performed, 65-minute solo…Llewelyn-Davis's minimalist, vocally and physically highly expressive performance, well-directed by Joshua Richards, has toured the world…With its familiar but always pertinent message about following your dream, regardless of your circumstances, 'A Regular Little Houdini' pulls a rabbit out of a hat to create a moment of entertaining theatrical magic. A little more conventional magic, though, would have made it even better.” Full Review


for a previous production "Llewelyn-Williams shows us the man, and the boy, looking back at past times, and reliving them. His performance is riveting, and he occasionally punctuates his narrative with some very well-executed sleight of hand...The script is beautifully written and Llewelyn-Williams weaves his fictional story and the real events together so cleverly that one could easily believe that the entire tale was factual...Llewelyn-Williams is captivating, and a great storyteller." Full Review

The Barefoot Review

for a previous production "Llewelyn-Williams is appealing on many levels...The lad grows up as we watch. He tells of his dreams and fears. He tells of his hope to impress against the odds with an impossible feat. Audience members hold their breath as the narrative becomes more graphic and frightening. The performer has us in his spell. And suddenly an hour has gone and we have been treated to yet another brilliant piece of Fringe theatre." Full Review

A Younger Theatre

for a previous production "Credit must be given to Llewelyn-Williams for holding the narrative together and masterfully switching between characters...Despite the latter part of Alan’s story feeling a bit rushed, everything generally meshes together nicely...Where 'Little Houdini' shines the brightest, however, is in its beautifully tender moments...The pace is perfectly measured in these instances, and the audience is enveloped in tense silence as we enjoy every word of the narrative unfolding before us." Full Review

The Reviews Hub

for a previous production "Brings together magic and history in an engaging one-man show...Llewelyn-Williams’ solo performance of his own clever writing is mesmerising. He commands the attention of the audience from start to finish with his skilful storytelling...Llewelyn-Williams might be the only actor on stage but he ably conjures many more characters in the imagination of the audience–you will leave feeling like you have met the whole family...Absolutely captivating." Full Review

British Theatre Guide

for a previous production "The show is directed, with admirable attention played to narrative light and shade, by Joshua Richards, but the charm of this hour-long production hangs on the undoubted warmth and affability of Llewelyn-Williams’s portrayal not only of the irrepressible young Alan but also his centred adult incarnation...While there is a modicum of prestidigitation, the spectacular illusion to which the piece seems to be building never materializes. This is only a minor disappointment, however...A heartenin... Full Review

The Advertiser

for a previous production "By turn social history, comedy, theatre with a touch of magic thrown in — the story surrounds the excitement of the young boy discovering Harry Houdini and then discovering the escapologist is to visit his hometown. It’s the capacity though that Llewelyn-Williams has to immerse us in his story, to make you believe, feel and pull for him that sets the sole performer, and play, apart. A touch too long maybe and unsure of genre but an excellent 60 minutes." Full Review

Broadway Baby

for a previous production "Llewelyn-Williams masterfully turns back the clock to portray Alan’s childhood...He flows between characters, never letting the transformation stunt the rhythm of the story. The pacing of the story itself seems a little odd...To race so quickly through so many formative years adds a rushed feel to the second half of the play...That's not to say the emotional wealth of the play's second half doesn't come across...Not necessarily the most artful, but definitely a thoroughly warming piece." Full Review

The Stage (UK)

for a previous production "This pacy one-man show with a strong sense of place...Llewelyn-Williams’s gabby protagonist is like a bright lantern lowered into a dark pocket of Welsh history...There’s little space for reflection or unification of these themes. Instead 'A Regular Little Houdini' is a show full of youthful momentum. Alan’s own daredevil stunt is grippingly told...Making a merit of the Warren’s claustrophobic space, this is both a breathless yarn and a dynamic account of Welsh history." Full Review

Wales Arts Review

for a previous production "Llewelyn-Williams manages to shrink the stage to an intimate space. His conveying of Newport’s working life in the early part of the last century carries a warm conviviality...Although Houdini’s visits and reputation provide the foundation for the play, his true role is as the hook on which to hang this fascinating hour spent in a time gone by...In this wholly engaging piece of work, Daniel Llewelyn-Williams has succeeded in performing an amazing feat of his own." Full Review


for a previous production "A spell-binding one-man show...With few props and lots of imagination, it transports you back to the tough working-class world of a family...It starts slowly but, through the strength of Llewelyn-Williams' performance and writing, you are soon gripped by his tale as it builds in excitement, mixing heart-breaking tragedy with uplifting hope about human endurance...A beautifully crafted show that casts a spell that stays with you long after it is over." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews
Avg Score

Disappointing, Slow, Talky

See it if you don't like one person shows or expecting a show with a lot of magic.

Don't see it if you like one character shows that are very focused on one topic.

Enchanting, Refreshing, Heartwarming

See it if -you are looking for a story of family, a perfect complement to this time of year; -you like the storytelling craft; -you believe in magic.

Don't see it if - you don't like one person shows - you want fluffy, noisy, boisterous diversional entertainment

During previews
Great acting, Entertaining

See it if You like 1 man shows, stories,good acting in65 minutes with a bit of Irish magic

Don't see it if You want a big production with music ,sets, big cast this is simplicity in a black box