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A Walk With Mr. Heifetz

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Members say: Intelligent, Slow, Thought-provoking, Absorbing, Great acting

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Based on true events, Primary Stages's world premiere drama tells the story of how music helped Israel find its cultural identity during its formative years. More…

In 1925, an unforgettable event occurred when Jascha Heifetz, the most celebrated violinist in the world, played a concert in pre-Israel Palestine. People flocked from all over the globe to see this performance, including Yehuda Sharett, composer and brother of future Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett. Legend has it that after the performance, Heifetz and Yehuda walked together and shared a remarkable conversation that resonated twenty years later when, in 1945, Moshe echoed Heifetz’s experience with his brother in a similar exchange that changed the world as we know it. 

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Intelligent, Slow, Thought-provoking, Absorbing, Great acting
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Ambitious, Great acting, Great staging, Relevant

See it if you want to see some good acting a beautiful set, an interesting topic & some nice background violin work. Pre Israel, Israel ..the setting

Don't see it if you need a history lesson. It sometimes gets bogged down in the minutia.

Ambitious, Absorbing, Slow, Thought-provoking, Inadequate

See it if you are interested in the violent development of the Israeli state, the role of art in politics, the impact of grief, brotherly relationship

Don't see it if you're not interested in 20th century history of the Israeli state, don't know much about the Sharret brothers, not into Israeli music

Intelligent, Profound, Ambitious, Disappointing, Slow

See it if Covers an important time in world history, and gives an insight into the early days of Israel. I found the first act compelling.

Don't see it if But the second act was disappointing. It didn’t really go anywhere, and ultimately didn’t have much to say. However...

Also After the show, there was a mini-concert (which I understand they’ll b... Read more Read less

Intense, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Interesting

See it if you're interested in a play that ties music with the formation of the State of Israel with personal stories.

Don't see it if you're impatient; you don't like talky plays.


See it if you are so fascinated with the modern history of Palestine that you don't need much of a story. Acting was excellent but did not save it.

Don't see it if You require a basic plot and not just arm-waving about principles.

Not surprised it's the playwright's 1st play, Boring, Fails to make us care, Disappointing

See it if you're strongly pro-Israel &/or would enjoy anything to do with Israeli history, even if the play itself is poorly written & constructed.

Don't see it if you want an interesting, cohesive play that gives you a reason to care about what's onstage, esp if you're not already strongly pro-Israel.

Also 1st act was poorly done, except for the violin playing. Actor playing ... Read more Read less

Cliched, Dated, Disappointing, Slow, Fluffy

See it if you really want to see something about the history of Israel/Zionism

Don't see it if you're looking for an interesting, engaging way to learn history. this is quite boring

Confusing, Ambitious, Clever, Entertaining

See it if You know about the History of Israel in 1926 and have a understanding of what transpired and you understand Hebrew.

Don't see it if If you are looking for an easy understanding of what is happening between characters.

Absorbing, Ambitious, Great acting

See it if Wonderful acting, good writing, loved the story.

Don't see it if You have no interest in the history of the Jewish culture.

Absorbing, Entertaining, Intelligent, Quirky, Clever

See it if You want to know more about Heifetz.

Don't see it if History and biographical shows bore you.

Dated, Indulgent, Slow

See it if You have an affection for all stories Jewish and WW2 -y

Don't see it if You are over easy tropes used to tell antiquated stories.

Quirky, Great staging, Clever

See it if you like Israeli history,if you like pivotal lesser known characters in Israeli history, if you like being transported in time to a kibbutz.

Don't see it if you like plays that spoon feed you, if you are uninterested in the Israeli politics of the 1930's and 1940's.

Great acting, Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Entertaining

See it if you're interested in seeing great acting

Don't see it if you are not interested in the historical perspective

Absorbing, Exquisite, Great acting, Profound, Reflective

See it if You like character dramas; you love classical music, history, psychology, or exploring the depths of human experience

Don't see it if You aren't deep or contemplative, you don't care much for art or classical music or cultural or world history

Also Even more than a exploration of the role art can play in the formation... Read more Read less

During previews
Slow, Talky, Stilted, Ambitious, Disappointing

See it if you're interested in the formation of Israel or in classical music. Interesting historical figures.

Don't see it if you want lively, engaging theater. WALK is, sadly, dull. Staging w/violinist falls flat. Moshe's accent varies wildly. Long set change.

Also I wanted to like WALK, but the script never came to life. I applaud th... Read more Read less

During previews
Indulgent, Unfocused, Aimless, Slow, Cliched

See it if No reason to go. You will learn nothing interesting about any of the characters.

Don't see it if Slow, unfocused and choppy. A little vanity project touching very respectful topics with a lightness that borderlines on levity.

Also More confusing and shallow than informative and enlightening. ... Read more Read less

During previews
Disappointing, Excruciating, Indulgent, Slow, Boring

See it if You don't value you time or money.

Don't see it if You dislike slow, indulgent shows with little action or point. I would have rather stayed home and stared at the wall and talked to myself.

During previews
Disappointing, Slow, Confusing, Excruciating, Predictable

See it if You really want to see another historical play based on a true character’s life learning how to live with the horrors of the Holocaust.

Don't see it if You don’t have an intense interest in Jewish history. There’s not enough story here to make it acccessable to most.

During previews
Disappointing, Slow, Intelligent, Well acted, Banal

See it if Despite good acting (esp Lochtefeld's Moshe) play is slow & legubrious Ostensibly about music its really about the creation of Isreali state

Don't see it if A didactic history lesson lacking drama. For a play concerning Jascha Heifetz & the creative power of music, its tone deaf

During previews
Absorbing, Resonant, Intelligent, Modest, Nostalgic

See it if you're interested in the prehistory of the Jewish state, the sometimes uneasy relation of art to public service, or 20th century music.

Don't see it if you have no interest in seeing a simple, story with a single focus modestly told.

Also I admire that the playwright -- a veteran writer who is having the 1st... Read more Read less

During previews
Heifetz should have stayed home; so should you

See it if OK concept: show how music is key to building the foundation of the new state of Israel; persuasive acting

Don't see it if concept not developed in coherent or compelling manner; historical characters spout cliches about music; violin accompaniment is meh

During previews
Ambitious, Great acting, Slow, Confusing, Thought-provoking

See it if You have some familiarity with the founding of Israel. You like plays about big ideas. You enjoy plays that use music to tell the story.

Don't see it if You have little/no familiarity w/the founding of Israel:there's no backstory given.You want good pacing:odd intermission doesn't help.

During previews
Great acting, Disappointing, Slow, Great violin playing

See it if Very slow the first act had violin playing and I think it was more active than the second act it was just brothers talking in a room.

Don't see it if looking for a musical or dancing this is not the play to see.

During previews
Absorbing, Great acting, Intelligent, Thought-provoking

See it if you enjoy a well set drama about a meeting of two people and the long term effects. Very intense and well acted.

Don't see it if you are not interested in discussions of how music can change the world or the beginnings of the state of Israel.

Also The meeting of the two brothers in the second act was really intense a... Read more Read less

During previews
Slow, Thought-provoking, Interesting premise

See it if You enjoy thinking about art/music's influence on culture, have some curiosity about the birth of modern day Israel, like polemic debate.

Don't see it if Want action or expect to hear "Heifetz" play music. This is talky, slow, & has little story arc. A mix of accents (even between brothers!)

Also There's a talented female violinist whose "role" is to underscore the ... Read more Read less

February 20th, 2018
"A play constructed for the sake of an argument...Mr. Inverne wants to make a point about the vital role of music in establishing a culture...But for all the biography in it, this play is an awkward amalgam of hastily sketched history, which will read clearly only to those who already know it, an...
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February 20th, 2018
"These are all astute observations made by a writer who has thought deeply about Israeli history and the role music had in shaping it. Inverne, however, forgets to infuse his thoughts with dramatic stakes to make his characters more than just mouthpieces for his reflections...Violinist Mariella H...
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February 21st, 2018
"Inverne's rather chatty and sedate drama about art, history, and politics...Its dramatic boiling point remains so high that it never escapes a certain quietude...Leynse's direction maintains a civil tone throughout, which may be a mistake...'A Walk with Mr. Heifetz' has a lot on its mind, and mo...
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February 22nd, 2018
“Although an interesting idea, James Inverne's ‘A Walk With Mr. Heifetz’ has lofty ambitions which it is unable to fulfill. While the advertisement proclaims that these two encounters ‘changed the world as we know it,’ none of that comes through in the play. The thinness of the material and the t...
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