Amy and the Orphans
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Amy and the Orphans

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Great acting, Thought-provoking, Funny, Absorbing, Entertaining

About the Show

After their father’s death, two unhinged siblings reunite with Amy, their movie-loving sister who has Down syndrome. Hop in, buckle up, and hold on for dear life in this raucous family road trip.

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100 Reviews | 16 Followers
Intelligent, Relevant, Resonant, Thought-provoking

See it if you are interested in a show about a family, that celebrates those that are differently abled. Family dynamics and Down syndrome.

Don't see it if See it. It’s a powerful story about family and disability.,

73 Reviews | 15 Followers
Absorbing, Edgy, Profound

See it if you like dramas about family dynamics and want to learn more about Down Syndrome in an entertaining, non-preachy way.

Don't see it if you don't want to have your consciousness expanded.

96 Reviews | 30 Followers
Ambitious, Refreshing, Great acting, Entertaining, Funny

See it if you want to see "normal sized" people on stage, an amazing actress/character with down syndrome, beautiful and human play.

Don't see it if you for some weird reason don't like Lindsey Ferrentino's plays. She's the best young playwright around.

94 Reviews | 26 Followers
Profound, Intelligent, Must see, Clever, Great writing

See it if you enjoy short plays that are well written and acted.

Don't see it if you are a closed minded person who only sees musicals.

83 Reviews | 25 Followers
Absorbing, Funny, Great acting, Great writing, Intelligent

See it if you have an open mind.

Don't see it if you're offended by ideas outside the MSNBC mainstream Read more

122 Reviews | 13 Followers
Absorbing, Great acting, Intelligent, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if you enjoy smaller shows with a big impact, that touch on major issues and family dysfunction.

Don't see it if the idea of examining sensitive material and societal topics does not sound like your cup of tea. Read more

273 Reviews | 200 Followers
Emotional, Informative, Absorbing, Great acting

See it if Count on the Laura Pels to bring exciting new work to NYC. I have experience working with mentally challenged population, but I learned

Don't see it if You do not want to be exposed to needs and suffering of others. You do not want to open you heart & understanding to those less fortunate

66 Reviews | 2 Followers
Relevant, Great writing, Great acting

See it if you know how it feels to be lonely

Don't see it if you are too young to understand what loneliness means

Critic Reviews (27)

The New York Times
March 1st, 2018

"Insightful but uneven new play...Ms. Brewer’s presence lends a compelling center of gravity...The problem is much of what surrounds her...Despite eager performances from Mr. Blum and Ms. Monk, their characters feel cut from shiny, synthetic cloth...Wisely, Ms. Ferrentino allows Amy to have the last word in a monologue...While you’ve probably heard most of these words before, it’s unlikely they’ve ever had the defiant, heartbroken resonance they acquire here."
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Time Out New York
March 2nd, 2018

"Jacob and Maggie are forced to reckon with the mistakes of their parents, and Ferrentino gives the audience a leg up on that understanding through flashbacks to their mother and father at a couples-therapy retreat. These scenes carry the bulk of the play’s dramatic weight; otherwise, 'Amy' is slim...The main attraction is Brewer’s presence. It’s not just a gimmick; it’s the point of the play, a statement for visibility. The casting is the message, and Brewer makes it effective."
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New York Daily News
March 1st, 2018

"There’s much to admire about Lindsey Ferrentino’s new play 'Amy and the Orphans' — and just as many nagging issues. Pluses include its big heart and fine-tuned ensemble...On the surface, the play is jammed with laughs and comic relief. But ugly truths lurk underneath. But not all of the jokes or dramatic revelations convince."
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The Hollywood Reporter
March 1st, 2018

"Attempts a delicate balancing act in its audacious blending of pathos and humor. It sometimes falls off its high wire, veering too heavily into sitcom-style characterizations and one-liners. But the consistently powerful beating heart in the writing makes it easy to overlook its tonal inconsistency...Granted, there are times when the play's humor feels a bit too broad, lessening the effect of the dramatic elements...But these are minor quibbles with a play that boasts a rich, aching humanity."
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March 1st, 2018

"Almost everything about the production, directed by Scott Ellis with as many zigzags as a car that missed the exit, feels disappointingly inauthentic...We've seen this story since time immemorial, and considering how deep 'Amy and the Orphans' has the potential to be, her willingness to take the easy route is particularly disappointing. There's a much more stimulating play in here...It's not a total loss, though. There are two actors that keep us — and the play — going."
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Lighting & Sound America
March 2nd, 2018

"So loaded with stellar performances that it might be a little while before you notice what a cunning trap the playwright, Ferrentino, has laid...What this young couple has to do with Amy and her orphaned siblings is not clear for a long time...It raises new questions about their characters and their view of their collective past...A rather raucous, wisecracking comedy is turned into the poignant account of one family's unraveling...She is a writer with many more surprises in store."
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Talkin' Broadway
March 1st, 2018

"A smart and perceptive blend of a laugh-out-loud 'road trip' comedy and a serious examination of the well-intentioned but faulty and potentially harmful assumptions we make about individuals with disabilities...Entertaining, provocative, wonderfully acted play, which has been masterfully directed by Scott Ellis. It is a deeply layered work that provides a sobering lesson on how we as a society have too often failed to provide for the needs of individuals with disabilities."
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March 13th, 2018

"In presenting persons with Down syndrome and how their families deal with them, Lindsey Ferrentino's 'Amy and the Orphans' puts on stage a topic usually avoided by our theater. While the initial comic, vaudeville type scenes belie the serious intent of the play, it eventually packs quite a wallop as it gets to its real message: Down syndrome individuals are capable of being independent and productive members of society if they are given care and education in their formative years."
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