An Arrangement of Euphoric Illusions
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An Arrangement of Euphoric Illusions

An Arrangement of Euphoric Illusions NYC Reviews and Tickets

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Slow, Disappointing, Confusing, Excruciating, Banal

About the Show

Told from two perspectives with distinct narratives, Hanging Cow Productions' new play examines a couple's relationship and the aftermath of a secret revealed.

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754 Reviews | 124 Followers
Confusing, Indulgent, Slow, Banal, Disappointing

See it if you are interested in productions with developmental potential. The cast works hard with an uneven, sometimes incomprehensible script.

Don't see it if the title leads you to expect a magic show. There is no magic here on any level. The author's salacious concepts fail to be sexy or amusing.

563 Reviews | 194 Followers
Disappointing, Badly structured, Good idea ruined by baffling "twist" at play's end, Feels like a 1st draft, Insipid

See it if You know someone in the cast or crew. You want to see a play in a VERY early stage of development. You need to kill some time.

Don't see it if You value logic in a play. You want a fully developed play. You have anything better to do with your time.

434 Reviews | 127 Followers
Cliched, Confusing, Slow, Thought-provoking, Relevant

See it if you can overlook mediocre acting and sometimes tedious script to find a few thought-provoking ideas.

Don't see it if you have no tolerance for over-thought and drawn out theatrics. While the idea of the show has promise, it was not ready for "prime time".

434 Reviews | 95 Followers
Confusing, Disappointing, Amateur, Indulgent, Original

See it if You know someone in the play. Or want to see one good actress among a plethora of bad ones.

Don't see it if You like well acted plays, this is not one. Or if you don't like to be confused or bored. This was disappointing and melodramatic

399 Reviews | 203 Followers
Banal, Cliched, Disappointing, Excruciating, Insipid

See it if You enjoy watching student actors learning their craft.

Don't see it if I feel badly for criticizing this show. The actors aren't really professionals. They're learning. They shouldn't charge for it.

379 Reviews | 69 Followers
Banal, Confusing, Quirky

See it if you do not mind amateurish plays about personal relationships dealt with in a somewhat banal manner. OK acting.

Don't see it if you like profound subjects dealt with in though-provoking ways.

353 Reviews | 89 Followers
Ambitious, Slow, Unclear, Flat, Wordy

See it if You haven't seen Rashomon & don't mind sitting through an unfocused, unclear, at times lecturing, rumination on individual truth & reality.

Don't see it if You bore easily; or, if seated House Left, want a clear view of actors completely blocked by a prop computer screen for all of Act 1.

322 Reviews | 74 Followers
Disappointing, Excruciating, Bad writing

See it if I really can't think of any reason to see this. The actors tried their best but the writing was so bad that it was painful at times.

Don't see it if Just don't see it.