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Mytho? Lure of Wildness
Lower E Side

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About the Show

Abrons Arts Center presents Anna Kohler's new interdisciplinary performance piece exploring the relationship between muse and artist, subject and object, and what is at the center of the creative mind.

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Critic Reviews (2)

December 18th, 2016

"Using extensive video and a cast of five, the piece is overcrowded and scattershot. Intermittently, though, it is an incisive meditation on age and youth, the female body as an object of art and desire…Kohler is also experimenting with evoking a phenomenon known as A.S.M.R., a tingling relaxation...Still, it’s hard to imagine that a show as frenetic and unfocused as 'Mytho?' could bring about any sense of relaxation, let alone a heightened one. Meaning to be layered, it’s a jumble instead."
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December 16th, 2016

"It fails to ensnare us in the emotional journey or engage us creatively. ‘MYTHO?’ feels forced and in some ways juvenile as it tries to push the boundaries of sensory interactions and stimuli…The focus hasn’t been crafted well enough to keep us fully engaged. The writing feels messy, self-indulgent, and not fully fleshed out. The multiple storylines layered on top of each other only create noise and dysfunction, leaving little room for contemplation."
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