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Anything That Gives Off Light

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Members say: Delightful, Funny, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Great writing

About the show

National mythologies and personal histories collide in this rowdy collaboration between The TEAM and the National Theatre of Scotland.  More…

An American woman and two Scotsmen meet in a London pub, nursing their individual grievances and sense of political betrayal. When the ashes of a legendary social activist and kickass grandmother demand to be laid to rest, the trio head off on a transformative journey between the past and present, the real and imagined, Scottish highlands and Appalachian mountains, in search of a fitting ending. "Anything That Gives Off Light" features a throbbing score by the Bengsons that mixes the Scottish-American folk tradition with stomping punk, and the TEAM’s trademark athletic performance style.

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“A pulsing and melodic performance piece...The transformation works well in its current incantation as it is able to soar...and reach into the hearts, minds and ears of the audience and take them on a thought provoking road trip...An entertainment and a thought piece that focuses on whether we are stuck in our histories, or whether we can cast off the constrictive ties and reinvent new and better histories for ourselves in the modern world.” Full Review

The New York Times

"A collaboration between two adventurous theater companies that ultimately gets lost within its dizzying breadth of aspirations...'Anything' digs beneath contemporary surfaces to uncover social roots and explanations for the fractured here and now...The show’s jumps among different worlds can induce whiplash...If you pay close attention, though, you’ll find some interesting aperçus about the semantics by which the Scottish (and British) and Americans define themselves." Full Review

New York Stage Review

“For a show called 'Anything That Gives Off Light', everything seems awfully hazy...Amid its unclear perimeters, this messy, misty narrative deals out plenty of compare-and-contrast talk...The songs, at least, are lively and are brightly performed...The rest of the show is scarcely so entertaining...Ultimately, I found this to be as didactic and tiresome as it evidently is terribly sincere...Making this production even less viable is some lackluster acting." Full Review

Great writing, Funny, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Delightful

See it if You’d like to be carried away to London, Scotland, and over the ocean to Appalachia. This tiny show feels as big as the world

Don't see it if You need linear shows, don’t want to hear diverse opinions, or can’t handle a full range of powerful emotions onstage

Also The three actors take on their roles so fully it’s as if they’ve stepp... Read more Read less

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