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Around the World in 80 Days
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Entertaining, Clever, Funny, Delightful, Great acting

About the Show

This new take on the classic story is a fast-paced, globe-trotting theatrical romp jam-packed with slapstick comedy and comic book-style action scenes. Recommended for everyone 7 and up.

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Member Reviews (33)

Delightful, Clever, Great staging, Funny, Great acting

See it if You appreciate shows with lots of imagination as well as great talent from all. Good family show-maybe a little too involved for wee ones.

Don't see it if You can’t handle fidgety kids in the audience. Also it’s scenery/props done on a dime. So don’t expect lots of bells and whistles. Read more

Absorbing, Entertaining, Funny, Great staging, Great acting

See it if A realky entertaining show. Great lighting, costumes and directting. A fun story with good acting.

Don't see it if If you dont want a kids show. Kids and parents talking during show. Had an usher in second act pacing up and down the isle... it was very di Read more

Critic Reviews (9)

May 14th, 2019

“Ingeniously directed...and stylishly designed...At its best, it has a childlike sensibility, creating a delightful elephant out of a cloak, a credible shipboard scene with just a couple of tilting chairs and a life preserver...Not all of the secondary figures are fully realized...But it’s still a neat trick, as is the deft stage magic...The show sometimes takes the adventure plot so seriously that it forgets to allow for silliness, though the giddy moments...seemed to delight the children most.”
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May 11th, 2019

"Eason’s faithful and funny adaptation of Jules Verne’s 1873 adventure yarn packs plenty of entertainment for everyone...What’s particularly winning about Eason’s smart text and Heskins’ lively production is that they encourage youngsters to use their imaginations...Slapstick shenanigans, silent movie-style chases, and native dance gestures further animate the swift two-act proceedings, which Heskins paces beautifully...Sterling entertainment for kids and their families."
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May 12th, 2019

"Laughter and oohs and ahs abound from an audience of all ages during this exuberant and wildly theatrical stage adaptation...Playwright Laura Eason’s inspired treatment is witty, smart and playfully reimagines this episodic saga for the stage...There’s old-fashioned wizardry galore due to director Theresa Heskins’ phenomenal staging. With breakneck pacing Ms. Heskins’ has the cast delightfully enact vignette after vignette with slapstick, verbal panache, and physical flair."
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May 19th, 2019

"This play is a fun play enjoyed by people of all ages. Wonderful costumes, lighting and direction with fine acting makes it worthwhile to see. 'Around the World in 80 Days' has a little of something for everyone. Whether it is the adult reliving his childhood or that young person with a wonderment of a good story about a man who circles the globe in order to fulfill his wager, stories like this are always fun and spark one's inner youth."
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May 13th, 2019

“Theatrical re-imaging of Verne’s timeless story...A talented over 125 characters in this high-caliber, globe-trotting tale. The interactions between the cast is phenomenal...I felt as if I was truly transported to other continents...The moments of comic relief were well-timed and had the audience roaring with laughter...The show did not feel dated...This whirlwind adventure offers something for everyone. There’s danger, comedy, romance, dance and theatrical magic mix."
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July 2nd, 2017

"While all this is indubitably rollicking good fun, I missed Verne’s sly, ironic sideswipes at stock market and empire (comments on colonialism given to Mrs Aouda came across as forced)...That aside, Theresa Heskins’s direction lacks nothing in verve and elan. James Atherton’s music is so much part of the action it is almost a character in itself, and the main roles are just as you could wish them."
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September 21st, 2018

"In the beginning, the staging takes some getting used to. The first segment is a seemingly endless repetition of the entire cast shouting their every movement as they turn and step in unison...Overall, 'Around the World in 80 Days' is an enjoyable, professional, fast-paced, and funny show. It is far from profound, but it is delightfully charming, and a fine example of what the National Players can do as they journey around the country in 300 days."
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September 17th, 2018

"A madcap romp lovingly directed by Philip Lehl, who taps into a sense of playfulness and delicious imagination, whizzing the five actors playing 39 parts around the George Theatre stage...It’s delightfully campy and often sweetly sincere in the hands of the half-dozen artists realizing the story...This is a show that entertains, that showcases the power of imagination, that reminds us what it is to play and explore."
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September 16th, 2018

"It's all so clever and fun-filled. This production laughs with us, poking us that theater doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. It can be silly and goofy, anything your mind imagines...This is all wonderful fun, a child's view of theater, and one we must never grow out of. Director Philip Lehl deftly handles the light touch of it all, giving the show an improvisational, antic tone that is just right."
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