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Clever, Funny, Entertaining, Great acting, Delightful

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Crowded Outlet's encore production is a dark and whimsical multimedia clown show created by physical comedian Richard Saudek.

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963 Reviews | 338 Followers
Riveting, Funny, Delightful, Clever, Insightful

See it if you have eyes and ears. I laughed often and ahh'ed even more at the wild invention. Saudek is a genius. Perfect length show; so much fun.

Don't see it if you absolutely hate mime...even if you do, Saudek is likely to win you over. And the intimate space means that everyone can see. A treat!

927 Reviews | 379 Followers
Clever, Quirky, Funny, Relevant, Entertaining

See it if You sometime (often?) feel like the world is going mad around you with clicks/likes and all eyes on screens. A fun hour of self examination.

Don't see it if You can’t laugh at the absurdity of life or enjoy seeing it portrayed as complete absurdity.

764 Reviews | 212 Followers
Clever, Ambitious, Entertaining, Funny, Masterful

See it if you like to laugh with a very good mime immersed in the world of today: digital devices, sounds of the city and fearful of human interaction

Don't see it if you want a story. This is a review, without words, of the times we live in and the situations we encounter and how they impact us.

703 Reviews | 213 Followers
Clever, Refreshing, Funny, Enchanting, Quirky

See it if Creative and surprising. Loved the first half. Wonderful expressions. Fun interactions with the sound effect girl and the audience.

Don't see it if You don’t enjoy physical comedy. In the 2nd half there was an extended idea that I’ve seen before, so that part wasn’t as compelling.

668 Reviews | 155 Followers
Inventive, Physical, Skilled, Funny

See it if you'd like to experience some good old-fashioned physical comedy retooled for the digital age.

Don't see it if you are looking for something deeper than very entertaining. Read more

567 Reviews | 147 Followers
Clever, Funny, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if Our host, by his mere presence & his mimicking our tech addictions, reminds us of our loss of vital human interaction. Fascinating 60 mns.

Don't see it if Mime in a box. Stepping inside his world, he gives "mime" a good name. General seating in a small space downstairs. Solo show. One hr.

533 Reviews | 488 Followers
Funny, Resonant, Great acting, Delightful, Compelling

See it if you want to see an enjoyable and satisfying physical comedy show that actually manages to have a lot to say about social media/technology.

Don't see it if you've never used a cell phone.

431 Reviews | 93 Followers
Clever, Delightful, Entertaining, Quirky, Ambitious

See it if You want to see some GREAT clowning in a fun show without dialogue. Great sound design, interesting concept. Funny and smart.

Don't see it if You don't like shows that are a tad repetitive at times. Some of the jokes play well with the concept, others get over done. Read more

Critic Reviews (6)
September 12th, 2018
For a previous production

"'beep boop,' Richard Saudek's hour-long sad-sack romp through modern man's constant love/hate bout with technology, is at HERE, the avant-garde arts center in SoHo. Its deft combination of mime, music, audio-visual effects and-yes-modern technology is worth a visit to this very active performance space, if for nothing else than to see Saudek disappear into his laptop."
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Theatre is Easy
September 11th, 2018
For a previous production

“This multimedia-saturated, fast-paced clowning show is a hilarious yet ultimately poignant exploration of loneliness in this technology-obsessed world...A funhouse mirror that exaggerates...A creative and relentless parody...It dazzles with its ingenious creativity, presents a relevant issue, and at the same time, includes an element of hope...Truly one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking pieces I've seen in a long time.”
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Front Row Center
September 13th, 2018
For a previous production

"What I loved about the experience spending time with Robert’s creations, was that it touched on many levels of the human experience...This mime is not alone: Partnering with his indomitable foley artist (Nora Kaye), who is as much an integral part of the show as anything else, even the goldfish, this wonderful performance could not have been so beautifully carried out without the creative people supporting the production and contributing their enormous audio and visual talents."
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September 10th, 2018
For a previous production

"Amid brilliant physical clowning and laser specific silent action is a pervasive sense of loneliness away from the devices...Saudek is ablaze with unfailing energy and specificity. His expressiveness is unparalleled, and each movement is curated to optimal effect. 'beep boop' is simultaneously a celebration and indictment of our relationship to our devices."
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Stage and Cinema
September 24th, 2018
For a previous production

“A brilliant display of mime and clown craft...Only on two occasions did I feel lost as to precisely what was being communicated...What could use a little work is the drama, specifically around the middle part...Saudek digresses more than once from the central storyline...That said, ‘beep boop’ is a charming invention, and Saudek a delight to watch as he uses his body, his face, and his hands to create a little universe that is lovely and funny and touching and a little bit sad."
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Off Off Online
September 24th, 2018
For a previous production

“While Saudek refrains from speaking, apart from ‘beep boop’, his body is a splendid storyteller; he is a crackerjack physical performer, displaying traits and business that call to mind other clowns, comedians and cartoon characters...For a wordless script, no finer points could have been put onto paper...Will ‘Beep Boop’ change the world? Not likely. Will it make you laugh out loud and think twice next time you text? Without a doubt.”
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